bob mccaffrey <mccbob52@aol.com>
    henderson, nv USA - Sunday, December 31, 2006 at 21:01:07 (EST)

    I served in B company 2/1 196th LIB in July, August, and September of 1969. If anyone remembers me please send an email especially Fox.
    Bob Livingstone <livingrock49@comcast.net>
    Puyallup, WA USA - Sunday, December 31, 2006 at 01:12:37 (EST)

    I went through basic and ait with a few guys that I am looking for. Bill West, he went to the 101st aiborne. He sent me a picture. He was from Fort Worth, Tx. Another, was Larry McMahon and he too was from Fort Worth, Tx. He was wounded in a mine field working with the 198th division. He became a company clerk after that I think. He had scares all across his chest. Another, was Robert Picnic who served in Charlie Company of the 3/21 of the 196th. I have pictures of him and me in Fort Ord, California. I have a couple from Nam. Anyway, if you know him, or if you are him, call me brother. It has been along time since 69. Robert Noland, who was in Alpha Company in 70. Fought in Heip Duc and lived. Anybody, know these guys. Call, write, anything. Thank you Roy
    Roy G. Stephens <grddlyman@ hughes.net>
    Silsbee, Tx USA - Friday, December 29, 2006 at 00:45:06 (EST)

    HENDERSON, NV USA - Thursday, December 28, 2006 at 23:10:21 (EST)

    bob mccaffrey <mccbob52@aol.com>
    henderson, nv USA - Thursday, December 28, 2006 at 22:51:52 (EST)

    I served in Vietnam from November of 1970 with Delta Company, 3/21st, 196th LIB. In April or May of 1971 I was transferred to Echo Company, 3/21st, 196th LIB. I am looking for anyone from Echo Company who served during the same time I was at LZ Yonkers from April or May of 1971 until August 1971. Please give me a call 563-735-5532. I would like to hear from anyone who would have been at LZ Yonkers. I will be attending the reunion this summer. Bert T. Selness (Baby Ranger, Delta and Echo Companies, 3/21st, 196th LIB, LZ Center and LZ Yonkers).
    Bert T. Selness <bts@mabeltel.com>
    Decorah, IA USA - Thursday, December 28, 2006 at 11:54:21 (EST)

    Dave I also carried the M-14 sniper rifle with the leather cover to cover the steel butt plate for awhile. Also the M-79, and the shotgun. Man what ever we could get our hands on we would try it out. Sure use to like the LAW too. E 3/21 Recon Assassins 1968
    Skip <smenard"at"hanover-co.com>
    Lafayette, La USA - Thursday, December 28, 2006 at 11:50:53 (EST)

    Is there any other 196th ers out there that were a part of the sniper experiment in 1967 around the Chu Lai area?
    dave cater <d-katchartermi.net>
    Oscoda, MI USA - Thursday, December 28, 2006 at 10:54:48 (EST)

    I watched the news today and I saw Jerald Ford a President and the King of Soul James Brown passed within the last few days. Then, I got a phone call. It was from a wife of a man that walked my slack many times. His name, Dan Frisch, he served with the 3/21 of the 196th. He had lung cancer. He had been fighting it for the last couple of years. I called him a few months back. I could hardly understand his verbage with me. He was wounded in the neck in 70. He had a small bar in Sioux City, Iowa and his wife said since I contacted him it gave him a boost. He said to me, if his health would hold up he would be at the reunion I am hosting for the Recon 3/21 of the 196th next year. I was hoping he would be present. So, my brothers, take this time, 30 seconds is all I ask. Say a prayer, for support to his loved ones. I know, he is up there. He waits without pain on us to make the journey to the other side. He was a good man. I remember more. A prayer, is all I ask. Bless you for your concern. Thankyou my brothers Roy
    Roy G. Stephens <grddlyman@ hughes.net>
    Silsbee, Tx USA - Wednesday, December 27, 2006 at 23:16:57 (EST)

    Carter again , I didn't give my unit, A co 4/31 My original comment is a few below.
    Dave Carter <d-katchartermi.net>
    Oscoda, MI USA - Wednesday, December 27, 2006 at 17:16:00 (EST)

    Merrychristmas to all 196ers and all our armed sisters & brothers. And a special HOLIDAY greeting to the nurses from the Vietnam era and anyone who has or is helping to save the lives or our wounded brothers & sisters. Also happy holidays to everyone who was on LZ WEST Christmas 1968, I hope your Christmas dinner was better than the one I fixed in ths C3/82 mess, as I recall it wasn't much. I think it may have been heated C RATS. Any one that served C3/82 10-68 12-69 pls contact me.
    Tom Munroe <tommunroe at sbcglobal.net>
    grass valley, ca USA - Wednesday, December 27, 2006 at 16:00:40 (EST)

    Wishing everyone a HAPPY NEW YEAR [john Aco 4/31 196th 70-71]
    John Webre <swampy70_71"at"yahoo.com>
    Pensacola , Fl USA - Wednesday, December 27, 2006 at 14:56:32 (EST)

    like to find members from co.c 8th support
    carter towne <nascarter at mysite.com>
    playa del rey, ca USA - Wednesday, December 27, 2006 at 14:19:03 (EST)

    Navy Unit Commendation information that was submitted by Roger W. Starr thank you. The only problem I have is I have not found a simple way to get the information from and to send it to. If anyone can condense this for me it will make my life easer. Happy Holiday and New Year to all from Bill (wildchild) Linnartz 3/21 Recon 67-68-69
    Bill Linnartz <blinnartz"AT"westlakehardware.com>
    CENTERVIEW, MO USA - Wednesday, December 27, 2006 at 14:01:29 (EST)

    Got Chu Lia April of 67 1sgt Keyes, then to sniper school M14 w/2.2 power scope. Didn't get to use it much, was riding on top of a loaded deuce which rolled into paddy on our way to "Purple Heart Hill". Got to work in supply thanks to 1st Sgt Keyes. Got back into the sh.. as and assistant gunner with a big fella named Morgan. He rotated out within a couple months and I got the 60. Carried it til I got to come home. My assistant was named Abe Cannot remember his last name. I can remember a lot of 1st or nick names but as to the places we walked and fought, I guess I never payed a lot of attention. I Have been reluctant to get involved but as I am pushing 60 now I am having a change of heart. Would like to here from anyone who remembers me. Christmas just pasted hope yours were Merry. Hear comes another new year 07 can you believe it. where did they go. I see your faces in my memories, all barely 20 years old. god love you and take care of you. Carter
    Dave carter <d-k@chartermi.net>
    Oscoda, MI USA - Wednesday, December 27, 2006 at 10:16:20 (EST)

    Wishing all 196's and their loved ones a very blessed Christmas and Happy and Healthy New year. Jack Quinn 2nd Plt Co B 3/21 1965-1966
    John (Jack) quinn <quinnfamily"at"msn.com>
    East Falmouth, ma USA - Monday, December 25, 2006 at 12:04:49 (EST)

    isn't it great. here we are much later in our lives trying to remember the things that a few years ago we were trying to forget. i know that we will always remember the good and the bad. i hope and pray that everyone will have a great Christmas and a very good new year. may god watch over all of us and our brothers that are now serving
    jim gray d 3/21 and hhc196 67/68 <mrtirejpgatmsn.com>
    bradenton, fl USA - Sunday, December 24, 2006 at 19:51:43 (EST)

    Just want to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Healthy and Happy New Years! God Bless
    Ray Schmitt D Co 3/21 2/68-3/69 <raymon"at"optonline.net>
    Parsippany, NJ USA - Sunday, December 24, 2006 at 16:49:49 (EST)

    HENDERSON, NV USA - Sunday, December 24, 2006 at 14:39:45 (EST)

    Looking for a guy nicknamed Crazy John who served with 4th/31st, Charlie Co, 3rd Plt. Don't recall your last name John just remember your nickname being Crazy John. Walked slack for you when you would walk point. You and I were the LP one night in Kham Duc. That night our mechanical claymore that we set up went off. A boar I think tripped it. If by chance you see this and put this together please make a post. I am in contact with Harvey Van Hoven, Ron Heimerel, Barry Everett, Jim Mann and a few others who were short timers that had served within our time frame of 1970 to 1971.
    Greg O'Neil <goneil90804 at yahoo.com>
    Long Beach, CA USA - Sunday, December 24, 2006 at 14:04:55 (EST)

    HENDERSON, NV USA - Sunday, December 24, 2006 at 13:43:43 (EST)

    It has been noted that in recorded history, two people have died to set people free, one was Jesus Christ and the other was the individual American soldier. God Bless our soldiers, sailors, marines, airmen and their families and God Bless the United States of America.
    Michael Wicke <michaelwicke*optonline.net>
    Ocean, NJ USA - Sunday, December 24, 2006 at 10:53:56 (EST)

    Hello and MERRY CHRISTMAS to all 196th LIB...Thank you for your help in locating the names etc. of the guys I served with in Nam.The memories are coming back and rest assured their not all bad. God Bless and may you find the peace you deserve. You are my Brothers forever,Thank you. And I will not forget the care and giving from our sisters(nurses etc.)especially the 91st evac. You helped save my life, and helped me heal. Provided a smile when one was needed most. Thank you and Merry Christmas. Pete Sargent C co. (3) 1/46- 196th LIB
    Peter B Sargent <Psargentatmaine.rr.com>
    New Gloucester, ME USA - Sunday, December 24, 2006 at 10:30:35 (EST)

    To all "Chargers" of the 196th and especially the "Polar Bears" of the 4th of the 31st, Merry Christmas and please always remember that "Jesus is the reason for the Season" ~ this concept is fading fast. God Bless each and every one of you always ~ we were/are the lucky ones ! Was with Alpha and Delta 4th/31st .. September 68 to August 69...
    Eddie W. Zuleger <eddiezuleger@msn.com>
    Litchfield Park, Az USA - Sunday, December 24, 2006 at 09:47:15 (EST)

    BOB MCCAFFREY <mccbob52@aol.com>
    HENDERSON, NV USA - Saturday, December 23, 2006 at 22:08:13 (EST)

    I forgot a minor/trivial detail...after liberating the C-Rats in Camp Evans several times they got wind of C Rats being liberated by some misfits so they decided to have dogs on guard behind THEIR barbed wire...baaad bad on us...then they noticed the empty pile of cans and they made us dig and dig and dig...we never found whatever we were digging for...turned out the area we were was an old dump.
    GILBERT "FRENCHIE" MANASSELIAN <namratsathotmaildotcom>
    fresno, ca USA - Friday, December 22, 2006 at 21:19:41 (EST)

    Gentlemen, That means you too Frenchie ..... Hey La Palio i am flattered....ahhhh the memories...walking in the boonies, raiding the chopper pads of some other company in Camp Evans for some newer c-rats, babysitting the big wigs in Da Nang (Camp Horn), taking laundry and mail to the guys on circus day...showering in the field during a rain storm, being buzzed by the F-4 on LZ West(i have proof), Marines in Antenna Valley testing their 50 Cal on Co C, having the luxury of riding the APCs a couple times.....ahhh the memories.........best of all? The permanent bond we have with each other....
    GILBERT "FRENCHIE" MANASSELIAN <namratsathotmaildotcom>
    fresno, ca USA - Friday, December 22, 2006 at 21:11:25 (EST)

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Recon and Delta Co 2/1
    Jim Collier <jmrcollier at hotmail.com>
    Washington, DC USA - Friday, December 22, 2006 at 20:53:14 (EST)

    I too, extend my best wishes to all Chargers, Merry Christmas. A healthy and happy New Year. Pro Patria, ED.
    Ed Latini <sargent196infantry"at"msn.com>
    evergreen, Co USA - Friday, December 22, 2006 at 18:39:52 (EST)

    Gentlemen, That means you too Frenchie all of you guys in HHC, Delta, and Charlie companies, I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a happy holiday season... Thank you all and God Bless you and your familes. Doc La Palio
    Tony "Doc" La Palio <aml at vglabs.com>
    Long Beach, Ca USA - Friday, December 22, 2006 at 15:58:35 (EST)

    Wishing all my brothers a very Merry Christmas, Bob Dunphy B 2/1 1970.
    Bob Dunphy <mdunphy1@msn.com>
    Phila, pa USA - Friday, December 22, 2006 at 09:04:12 (EST)

    I read what you post most everyday and it makes me proud just to have been a small part of it. With what I read I feel that many of you are really heroes in my mind. Like, Frenchie, Webre, Stoney, Buelher, and Captain Jack, you are the men that care. You hang with it. You touch the men. My hat is off to you. I do not have a clue where you have been but you do make a difference now. Keep it up. I do feel like a small part. I am proud to have served with you. So merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I hope there are many more. Keep it coming. Until then, may God Bless you for all the trials you have been in. Roy
    Roy G. Stephens <grddlyman@ hughes.net>
    Silsbee, Tx USA - Thursday, December 21, 2006 at 21:56:25 (EST)

    For the past three years I have been activly involved, along with others, in trying to locate former members of Echo Co, 1st Bn, 46th Inf, 198th & 196th LIB. We have met with great success and as of tody we have made contact with over 150 former members of our unit. I have had a couple of really great success stories, the one that is most rewarding is locating an entire Recon squad for someone that, when I first spoke with them stated that they didn't think they would ever want to get involved with our group or any reunions. There have also been some really negative responses from members when they are located. This week I have found two former members, one has cancer and the other has a heart problem, and both have told me that they do not want any contact with anyone from our group, and that I am not to pass on their information. One of the guys told me that it was too late in his life to try to rekindle any friendships that happened over thirty years ago. He did tell me that he would have someone notify me when he is gone so we can add him to our memorial service. It is an honor for me to be involved in locating these guys, coordinating the reunions, and just being a part of this in general. I think that there is a great deal of healing that takes place at our reunions, or at any military reunion. We came home, one at a time, and for the most part hid the fact that we were even over there. I am proud of our generation for what we did, some because we were told to and some of us volunteered, but none of us refused. We all need to be proud of what we did as well as be proud and supportive of the kids that have taken over for us. God bless and watch over those that are still in harms way throughout the world. Merry Christmas to all.
    Paul Gildner, Echo 1/46th <pgildner"at"sbcglobal.net>
    Cadillac, MI USA - Wednesday, December 20, 2006 at 12:28:12 (EST)

    Anyone out there who may have ran into a SFC George Mills from Oklahoma during their army stint. He was in A 3/21 and was wounded in March 68, left the Company and never saw him again. It was a minor wound of the foot. He was a career soldier. Sure would like to locate him as I have tried over the years with no success. Stoney
    Stoney <jstone10(at)msn.com>
    Lexington, Ne USA - Wednesday, December 20, 2006 at 08:02:58 (EST)

    I do want to wish everyone from C 4/31 196th LIB a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year....La Palio, Ralph, Richard Martinez...and all of you too. REQUEST My buddy Richard Martinez in Dallas is looking for Sgt Guiterez(3rd platoon) (Spel) email address...email me please if you have it. Ill forward it to my buddy Richard.. What a guy that Sgt G...whooooohoo!!! Anyone here heard from Tony Vigil? Thank you all for the info in regards to the Reunion. Please dont send me any more... Lastly i do wish all our troops a safe return. We been there and know what sacrifice means.
    GILBERT "FRENCHIE" MANASSELIAN <namratsathotmaildotcom>
    fresno, ca USA - Tuesday, December 19, 2006 at 19:53:58 (EST)

    frenchie. you need abobe reader to open the file. i emailed the file to you. hope that you can open it.
    jim gray d 3/21 and hhc196 67/68 <mrtirejpg>
    fl USA - Tuesday, December 19, 2006 at 19:35:13 (EST)

    Frenchie, Ralph Urrutia,Jeff Miller,Jerry Josey,Doc LaPalio,Bob Hermann,... Nui Chom, LZ West chopper crash, LZ West gook assault, Sgt G's sapper squads,humping, weather, eating chicken... I still remember most... Happy holidays to all 196ers. Doc Mercer
    Doc Mercer
    USA - Tuesday, December 19, 2006 at 15:23:55 (EST)

    Brotheres, Just finished reading the 31st. Inf newsletter. I was disconcerted to find out that, on 9/19/o6, Spec. Bobby Callahan from Jamestown, N.C was killed in iraq, when the vehicle he was in turned over. On Oct.1st.P.F.C Satieon V "T" Greenleewas killed by sniper fire in Baghdad, he was from Pemdleton, S.C. Also on the 1st., Lt. Scott Quilty lost an arm and leg (improvised explosive device) while on dismounted patrol. These men were and are with A/4/31, the unit, since 2001, has had four combat tours. Our' brother Polar Bears are still under the hammer. With deep regret, Ed. Pro Patria.
    ed latini <sargent196infantry"at"msn.com>
    evergreen, co USA - Tuesday, December 19, 2006 at 12:25:55 (EST)

    I am trying to access the reunion information and so far I am not getting anywhere. Ive used Internet Explorer and FIREFOX...nothing is happening. I even tried sendind the webmaster a note and nothing is happening. I dont believe the problem is on my end. Could someone email me the Reunion (Kentucky) information? Thank you.
    Gilbert "Frenchie" Manasselian <namratsathormaildotcom>
    Fresno, Ca USA - Tuesday, December 19, 2006 at 05:36:01 (EST)

    MERRY CHRISTMAS to all my grunt friends from C 4/31 68/69
    Ralph Urrutia <Reefraft"at"bellsouth.net>
    Miami, Fl USA - Monday, December 18, 2006 at 20:33:13 (EST)

    Wishing all the brothers from the 196th MERRY CHRISTMAS to all,and health ,and all the guys that served with me , co. B 2/1 in 1966.Anyone from second platoon ?
    George Papachronis
    Portage, in USA - Monday, December 18, 2006 at 10:28:07 (EST)

    Joseph Edward Hogue my Uncle, served in the 196th 2/1 Americal Division, Headquarters Company, from August 1968 to January 1970. He was at both LZ Baldy and Hawk Hill. He was a Colonel’s Driver. He lives in Central Florida now and doesn’t have a computer. He would really like to hear from anyone who remembers him. If you do please give him a call at 863-422-8550. Also if there are family members or friends that have questions he may have answers for you since he was a driver he got around. May God Bless all who have served and those who still do!!
    HAINES CITY, FL USA - Sunday, December 17, 2006 at 22:02:23 (EST)

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all my brothers in the 196th...may we all exprience the piece of the season and extend prayers for those and their families who never made it home...the attached e-mail is to the web site ( https://thor.aafes.com/scs/default.aspx )that allows us to send prepaid calling cards to all those in iraq and afgahnistan...this is a way to offer them some comfort...we all remember what its like...vince.
    vincent scalese <vscsalese"at"adelphia.net>
    thornton, nh USA - Sunday, December 17, 2006 at 16:01:23 (EST)

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all 196th brothers. Woody Glaudel B/4/31 July 66- Feb. 67
    woody glaudel <woodyglaudel at cox.net>
    scottsdale, AZ USA - Sunday, December 17, 2006 at 14:29:40 (EST)

    Dave, this is D-2-1. I hear you lima-charlie. Roger that Merry Christmas and same-same to you. Sit-Rep-Neg here,over Ron
    Ron <ronniepayne"at"adelphia.net>
    Va USA - Sunday, December 17, 2006 at 09:38:24 (EST)

    Just wishing all my brothers in the 196th a ver"Merry Christmas" and "Thanks to all" Sit Rep Neg, over
    Dave Frierson <"at">
    Roxbury, VT USA - Sunday, December 17, 2006 at 07:19:32 (EST)

    At this holiday season, and as I have gotten older, I think back to the days when I was younger. The finest people I have ever met, have been those with Delta Comapany, 4th Battalion, 3lst Infantry, 196th Light Infantry Brigade, Americal Division. I was an R.T.O. for several months in 1970, with Delta Company, before being reassigned back to Chu Lai. Over the years, I have attempted to locate several old friends, with no results. Particularly, I remember Micahel Kelley from Missouri, and Doc Rhodes from New Jersey, and Sgt. Waterberry from Rhode Island. My father was involved with the invasion of Europe during W.W. II, and also received his C.I.B. He once told be that it was best to forget those friends of old. I find that hard to do. If anyone was with Delta Company, 4/31st Infantry, 196th Infantry Brigade, Americal Division, from April 1970 to May 197l, please send me an e-mail. I look forward to hearing from you. Take care. Ray Bess, R.T.O., 2nd platoon, Delta Company, 4/31st, 196th, Americal Divison. RB
    ray bess <ray bess "a" myway.com>
    houston, tx USA - Saturday, December 16, 2006 at 17:58:31 (EST)

    Wishing all fellow 196 GRUNTS a Very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Slick Burns
    Jon Burns <jonkburns@verizon.net>
    Wimberley, TX USA - Friday, December 15, 2006 at 17:22:32 (EST)

    Wishing all a safe and Happy Holidays for you and your loved ones. Special wishes to my brothers of C/321 196th 68-69. Thanks
    Rodney Bryant Green <rodney@colliersf.com>
    San Francisco, Ca USA - Friday, December 15, 2006 at 13:05:05 (EST)

    Wishing all my 196th brothers a MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR.[ John Aco 4/31 196TH 1970]
    John Webre <swampy70_71"at"yahoo.com>
    Pensacola , Fl USA - Friday, December 15, 2006 at 11:13:05 (EST)

    Just want to wish you all a very merry Christmas and remember the reason for the season. Bob Hammond, B,4/31, 1969
    robert hammond <rwhammond@fairburn.com>
    Douglasville, GA USA - Friday, December 15, 2006 at 10:54:28 (EST)

    looking for anyone that may remember me. Was stationed in CHU LIA. 1968 1969 was in motor pool B co. attached to. the first of the 14th artillery. It was a jump battery. Most of the time we were on LZ Dottie. was also in the motor pool, headquarters Co. LZ bayonet.both of the LZ's were off of Highway 1.hope to hear from someone. SPC 4 PARIS
    GLENN PARIS <brovo6golf"at"aol.com>
    wedgefield, sc USA - Thursday, December 14, 2006 at 20:11:49 (EST)

    Christmas Eve 1967 a Vietmanese preist did midnight mass @ Arvin Arty. Familiar tunes strange words and fog rolled down the Valley . Six months in and six to go.'' Peace & Happiness to all
    Bob Kelly <lib196bob@aol.com>
    Millsboro, De USA - Wednesday, December 13, 2006 at 16:15:01 (EST)

    merry xmas to all of the men i served with in b co 2/1st inf 196th inf bde.i wish you and your families a happy, prosperous and good health for the new year.to i was fortunate this past year to know that some of the men i served with are doing well and i was happy to hear that they rememberd me, after all these years.
    joseph genereux <jgenereux@cfl.rr.com>
    ormond beach, fl USA - Sunday, December 10, 2006 at 15:34:06 (EST)

    looking for anyone that served with a 2/1 3rd plt from nov 67-oct 68,
    larry furr <larry_furr@bellsouth.net>
    stanfield , nc USA - Sunday, December 10, 2006 at 15:18:14 (EST)

    The name Michael Myers seemed familiar, so I did a little research. It turns out he was in C 4/31 (I was in A 2/1), so I didn't know him. In the process of looking for his unit, I came across a webpage I hadn't seen for a while called The Virtual Wall (www.virtualwall.org). This is really a great resource, with pages dedicated to information about names on The Wall, including about 5000 of the 38000 Army dead, these the ones friends and family have posted memorials for. It is too bad that 33000 are not there, including many from the 196th. The website is searchable by unit, so it is easy to find out more about who you knew, as well as who needs to be added. I would like to suggest that we all look at the project and think about the brothers we can remember there.
    Jim Armstrong <jimarmatpacific.net>
    CA USA - Sunday, December 10, 2006 at 12:00:24 (EST)

    looking for anyone who knew my brother, michael myers. kia feb 28,1967 operation junction city.
    tim myers <timbevmyers@comcast.net>
    USA - Saturday, December 09, 2006 at 23:41:32 (EST)

    happy holidays to all former and present chargers.our next reunion is going to be another great time for all. hope to see everyone there. dave, if you see this try to make it this time you will not regret it.
    don maxfield
    prospect pk., nj. USA - Saturday, December 09, 2006 at 22:42:11 (EST)

    Best wishes to all of the great guys who were with me in 1st platoon of A/2/1 from January thru September of 1970. LT MAC
    Ron McClarnon <RonAMc@sbcglobal.net>
    indianapolis, IN USA - Saturday, December 09, 2006 at 20:54:46 (EST)

    I had one of my friends I served with write me tonight. He ask why I should bring things up talking with all of Recon 3/21 of the 196th. He said it should all be left in the past. I thought about it awhile and I finally figured it out in my mind. It is not the war, or the hard things we did. It is the men that I served with. A bond. Knowing they would be there when the shit hit the fan. Like Frenchie said you do not have to say the words. The feeling is still there. I agree. The feeling, a bond, it is still very strong in my heart. The war now, does not mean a thing but Recon was the only thing in my life I felt a part of. So go figure why after 36 years of keeping it bottled up inside I go to find my brothers. Some like what I have done, finding Recon. Some said I should not talk about it. Why Not? How else can you write history? This is American History at its best. Who, but we, can make it clear, What Happened? Now that we are older and all I do is piddle around. I feel like man, I'd like to go another round but I know that is out of the question but it would be a good way to go out. Now, I feel like I am lingering, just waiting for a time even though we thought everyday would be gravy after Nam. So as Stoney said I will relinqish the hammer now. These were just thoughts running through my head. I could be wrong. Heaven help us. Roy
    Roy G. Stephens <grddlyman@ hughes.net>
    Silsbee, Tx USA - Saturday, December 09, 2006 at 02:37:58 (EST)

    Looking for antone who was with the 48th Scout Dogs- 196th LT INF. Especially 1967-1968. My dogs name was Tina 19x7
    Jim Gregoire <Jmoontoo@aol.com>
    Steamboat Springs, CO USA - Friday, December 08, 2006 at 08:35:42 (EST)

    I believe Lt. Ransbottom's call sigh was Snoppy-6.There was a memorial painted on a rock at LZ Ross in honor of him and the Recon Plt. It was a picture of Snoopy the Beagle from the Peanuts Gang. I believe he is the one that called in and said he was the last one alive and he was killing them as they came in his bunker. They were all heros. D-2-1, 196th. Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong. Ron
    Ron <ronniepayne"at"adelphia.net>
    Martinsville , Va USA - Thursday, December 07, 2006 at 07:55:20 (EST)

    Looking for anybody who served with my father Samuel Robert Springs in vietnam {Da Nang} in the 196th or ft.carlson co. or panzer kerzerne germany and FT Lewis WA. I have not heard from him since 1982 belived to be in charlotte NC area, He has grand kids now Thankyou
    michael springs <fox93@excite.com>
    puyallup, wa USA - Thursday, December 07, 2006 at 01:40:32 (EST)

    looking for John Webre found message from dec swampy70-71
    mac <byrnesjm@comcast.net>
    USA - Wednesday, December 06, 2006 at 20:18:24 (EST)

    swampy70-71 John Webre Looking for mac byrnes pls e-mail
    mac <byrnesjm@comcast.net>
    USA - Wednesday, December 06, 2006 at 20:12:18 (EST)

    KHAM DUC: Mrs Ransbottom has picked 13 Jan 2007 1:00 pm at the Henderson Hills Church ,in Edmund OK.for her son's burial. Lt. Ransbottom's remains were recently returned from OP-2 at Kham Duc where they have been since 12 may 1968 , Mother's Day. He was the Plt Ldr of the Reconn Plt manning OP's at Kham Duc and they were overrun. He was in "E" Co. 2/1st Inf. Skip Skivington's, from same OP-2 bunker, remains were also returned and an Arlington burial is planned ,,but no firm date yet. "God Bless the Infantry",,, and their families
    Bill Schneider <wschnei591@aol.com>
    Bull Town, Mo USA - Wednesday, December 06, 2006 at 14:49:43 (EST)

    KHAM DUC Mrs Ransbottom has set the date of 13 Jan 2007 at 1:00pm for Burial of her son Frederick whose remains were recently returned from OP-2 at Kham Duc, they ahve been there sindce 12 May 1968, Mother's Day. Lt Ransbottom was the Plt Ldr of the Rconn Plt "E" Co 2/1st Inf
    Bill Schneider <wschnei591@aol.com>
    Bulltown, Mo USA - Wednesday, December 06, 2006 at 14:47:22 (EST)

    If any of you are interested on December 14 12:00 noon, programs are being held at most if not all National Cemetaries called WREATH'S ACROSS AMERICA to honor all vetrans - especially those no longer with us. Should you want more information check out WREATHS ACROSS AMERICA and click on the site. Wishing all of you a very safe and merry Christmas as well as a Happy New Year.
    Peggy <plreider at aol.com>
    Dover, PA USA - Tuesday, December 05, 2006 at 16:56:39 (EST)

    For those of you considering what to do with your memorabilia from your Vietnam experience, I ask you wait until after the reunion to decide. We will have Dr. Richard Verrone from the Vietnam Center of Texas Tech University as our guest speaker. Dr. Verrone will explain the Vietnam Project which will offer all of us the opportunity to donate our stuff, under our names and indvidual units, to the University for use in promoting the study of the Vietnam War and preserving our history for future generations. All of our material will be converted to electronic media as a Virtual Vietnam Archive that will be available for viewing on-line. Anything you send to the Project, they will keep under your name as the "John Doe Collection" and all will be recorded on CD's, free of charge and sent to you. The University also has an Oral History Project to preserve our voices and stories. Thousands of individuals and many units to include the Americal Division Association are already involved with this project. There is much more to this than I can remember to tell you at his time. Again, I ask you to please hold off on your plans until after the reunion. I think you will be glad you did. The email address for the Vietnam Archive is www.vietnam.ttu.edu. The reunion flyer will be in the mail shortly. I look forward to seeing you all there. I wish you all a happy and healthy holiday season.
    Warren <President, 196th>
    Cicero, IN USA - Sunday, December 03, 2006 at 19:16:23 (EST)

    Both are excellent suggestions...I was hoping for suggestions that would keep the stuff locally....so that Frenchie Jr etc etc would be able to take family to view history made. Hope you know what i mean.
    GILBERT "FRENCHIE" MANASSELIAN <namratsathotmaildotcom>
    fresno, ca USA - Sunday, December 03, 2006 at 19:00:29 (EST)

    Frenchie I think the 196th at Ft. Shaftner in Hawaii has some type of museum for the 196th, pictures and memerobelia.
    john coombs <jrcoombs@comcast.net>
    salem, nh USA - Sunday, December 03, 2006 at 18:17:59 (EST)

    Frenchie - An option is to check with the army bases. Ft Benning was in the process of opening a new Infantry museum and was requesting donations of memorabilia. I'm sure others may do the same. Hope that helps
    Mary <webmaster@31stinfantry.org>
    - Sunday, December 03, 2006 at 10:23:26 (EST)

    Most of us are about 60. Some of us have many pictures, slides, silent movies, memorabilia of our tour over there. I dont want my slides to end up on Ebay because no one wants to mess with them.... my question is: what are some of you going to do with your stuff...ok, treasures. I am thinking of donating my stuff to a local veterans organization. They have a nice local museum...any other options? besides the next of kin.
    GILBERT "FRENCHIE" MANASSELIAN <namratsathotmaildotcom>
    fresno, ca USA - Sunday, December 03, 2006 at 10:08:03 (EST)

    Ken, I know that you read these comments and delete the spam, keep up the work.. but could you post a date as to when we can start making resv. for the 2007 reunion... D/4/31/ 68
    Butch Harris <hwh66"at"mindspring.com>
    arlington, tx USA - Wednesday, November 29, 2006 at 20:23:42 (EST)

    Roy I was with E-3/21 Recon Assassins 1968, where are you planning this reunion
    Skip <smenardathanover-codotcom>
    Lafayette, La USA - Tuesday, November 28, 2006 at 12:36:45 (EST)

    It's been awhile since i was last on im still looking for you guys in bco3rd21st71/72 ive have a bunch of pics from then i have contacted a few guys preacher animal and a few more have a merry merry !!!
    mike campbell <sgtcampb"at" yahoo.com>
    sun prairie, wi USA - Monday, November 27, 2006 at 23:55:05 (EST)

    Recon 3/21 was coming off the side of a hill one day in 1970. I do not know the date. The point man tripped a booby trap with a delayed fuse. An explosion. I was in the drag of the platoon but I ran to the front to see what had taken place. Our LT was laying on his back in the middle of the trail. I ran to him and cradled his head in my lap. As I held him I said " you have got the million dollar wound". " You are going back to the world". He looked at me with the dazed eyes. He could not talk. He blew me a kiss. I said " I love you man". We carried him down to a rice paddy when the dust off came in. We sloshed through the rice paddy carrying the LT. We had to hold him up over our heads to slid him in the dust off. It was over then. I never saw him again. Years later, my wife and I were visiting my parents. My father was in WW2. He was talking to me about coming home from the service. He came into Whitewright, Texas on a train. He decided to get his hair cut before he went home. It was a small town and the news spread fast. By the time he got out of the barber shop my fathers parents pulled up in a old vehicle. I guess it would have been pretty imotional but as the story goes. He opened the door of the vehicle and had a short conversation with his dad. My dad sad that was the first time his dad ever said I love you. He broke down and cried and I did too. Since then, that is the ending to any visit with family or friends. Three little words that mean so much. I have found 28 of Recon from E3/21 of the 196th. I am still looking. I am hosting a reunion May 4, 5, 6th of 2007. Any I have not found please get in touch. The words though. Just the three little words. Go to all my brothers in arms. It is from my heart. Gods speed to you all. Happy Thanksgiving Roy
    Roy G. Stephens <grddlyman@ hughes.net>
    Silsbee, Tx USA - Monday, November 27, 2006 at 00:55:13 (EST)

    I knew of the finding of the remains of Lt. Ransbottom and others. VERY unofficially, the services for Lt. (Maj) Ransbottom will be in Edmond, OK on Saturday, January 13, 2007. What is the latest on Skivington and the other three remains found? Bill. e-mail me. Jim Quisenberry Co B, 2/1, 196 LIB Kham Duc, Mother's day, 1968
    Jim Quisenberry <Okie196 "at" earthlink.net>
    Plano, TX USA - Monday, November 27, 2006 at 00:32:25 (EST)

    George Papachronis, i was in the 1st. platoon 2/1 when your buddies got hit. they walked into a chinese claymore mine which was a 50 gallon drum filled with nut, bolts, razers ect.ect.ect. i was in base camp when the incident happened. my job was to wash there gear from the blood and guts to be handed out to there replacements. i also collected there personal items to be shipped home. i will never forget that assignment because there names were on there backpacks. i still think about it. george, i always thought you were killed in action during the war. thank God for this web site. now i know you're alive. please write back to me. thanks and welcome home brother...
    Phil Conrad <fastphilatrochester.rr.com>
    rochester 14622, NY USA - Sunday, November 26, 2006 at 19:39:12 (EST)

    nov 26. oklahoman.com has the story of the return of Frederick Ransbottom's remains after 38 years. He was killed at Kham Duc while a member of E Co.,2/1.Will print the article,and mail a copy to anyone who wishes one.
    bill russell <rwill62atmptelco.com>
    medicine park , ok USA - Sunday, November 26, 2006 at 09:50:27 (EST)

    Regarding fungus on your feet. I have a friend who's nephew had this problem and we were sitting in the Dr's waiting room talking about my foot problems. I had a fungus on my toe nails. Well the Dr had tried several expensive methods including wanting to remove toenails. Well this guy said to just soak my feet in a bleach and warm water solution, it cured his nephew's problems after several Dr's trys. I asked the Dr and he said it would kill about anything so I went home and gave it a try. It cured it in a hurry and still have all my toenails in tact. It's cheap but the Dr's wont prescribe it. No money in it I guess. Stoney
    Jim <jstone10(at)msn.com>
    Ne USA - Saturday, November 25, 2006 at 10:55:49 (EST)

    Joe: Re Trench Foot. I have a friend who served in another unit in Vietnam that has suffered for years with some kind fungus or other foot disease that is nearly incapcitating and should rate some VA disability. I have searched the internet and gotten lots of information about foot problems, but never seen anything relating them to Vietnam and/or the VA. I would like to see what your efforts have turned up. Thanks. C, Hq, A 2/1 '65-'67
    Jim Armstrong <jimarmatpacific.net>
    CA USA - Friday, November 24, 2006 at 15:41:56 (EST)

    On Nov 20 1968 I was wounded on Nui Chom. I was helping carry another wounded soldier out. I was carried out, and did not know what happened to him. After four days in LZ Baldy, Da Nang, then to 245th Evac in Tokyo, on Thanksgiving day, in what I thought was another nightmare, I heard Dave Larrick's vouce calling out to me. We had been shipped to not only the same hosptal, but to the same wardand beds next to each other. Now, THAT wqas a Thanksgiving to remember! Dave, if you are out ther and reading this, I'm glad that you made it. Get in touch, leave an e-mail address and I'll get back to you. Welcome home, and Happy Thanksgiving. Jim, "gunner Wil" Willard
    Jim Willard <jimwillard"at"charter.net>
    Walla Wala, WA USA - Friday, November 24, 2006 at 01:56:13 (EST)

    In honor of the men of the 196th "Thanksgiving Day Battle, Taskforce Dorlan Hill 63, Nov 23rd 1967. Phillip Adams, Ken Adams, Ron Essler, Robt. Waddell, Rod Loatman (D 4/31): Joe Cloud (F Troop 7th Cav): Calvin Strong (B 3/21). They fought beside us and gave their all, may God bless them and all of us and this country.
    Ron Morenz <Chgosouthsidemo at aol.com>
    Mesa, AZ USA - Thursday, November 23, 2006 at 11:45:42 (EST)

    Happy Thanksgiving-its a depressing rainy day here-Does anybody remember the day when the 198th dropped a granade in the chow line?
    will whalen <wwwillymonatcs.com>
    Boston, Ma USA - Thursday, November 23, 2006 at 11:22:02 (EST)

    David Estrada: I could send you dozens of links about trench foot. Get a DAV officer and get the VA to take care of it. Trench foot (immersion foot) caused 20+ percent of the casualties in WWI and as lately as the Faulkland war , 14 % of those.As you already know it causes long term nerve damage, pain or numbness and a dozen other things over time.
    USA - Tuesday, November 21, 2006 at 20:19:06 (EST)

    Ken! You made my day! It is always nice when someone recognizes my dad. I have no idea what Track he was on but I do know that his hearing was impaired after the track he was on was blown up. He told my sister that they lost their driver that day as well.
    Kristen Schoonover <misskrisaz71 "at" mac.com>
    Surprise, AZ USA - Tuesday, November 21, 2006 at 13:15:22 (EST)

    Does anyone know where I could get some information on Jungle Rot/emersion foot. I would like to know the long term effect of this condition. I got a really bad case in Vietnam in 1968. The doctor at the field hospital on LZ Center informed me at the time that if I had been there 48 hours later I would have had both feet amputated. I have had extreme pain on both feet for about 30 years.
    David A. Estrada <dae7746@sbcglobal.net>
    Hockley, TX USA - Tuesday, November 21, 2006 at 04:15:11 (EST)

    Kristen, I recognize your Dad. Although I was an original 196er, I was also shipped down to the 5th Mech in January '67. I was on Track 22 "Track of Fools". Nice to see the photos on your web site.
    Ken McKenzie - Editor, 196th Assoc
    Eaton, NH USA - Monday, November 20, 2006 at 14:50:39 (EST)

    My dad Ric "The Logger" Schoonover served in B Co. 3/21 196th LIB 1966 - Jan 1967 before being transfered to C Co. of the 1/5 [Mech] 2 25 (from 1/67-7/67). Anyway.. I just posted a bunch of new photos from a photo album that my mom created when my dad was in the 196th on my website. I also have some photos of his time in the 1/5. I have no idea who anyone is except for my dad of course. He doesn't want to explain the photos to me yet so I am on my own. Feel free to check them out at http://web.mac.com/misskrisaz71/iWeb/NewSite/Vietnam.html. Let me know if anyone looks familiar. Thanks and God Bless. Kristen
    Kristen Schoonover <misskrisaz71@mac.com>
    Surprise, AZ USA - Sunday, November 19, 2006 at 23:46:02 (EST)

    My brother was Sp4 Richard Lee Moss. At the time of his death he was serving as senior company aidman with A/4-31. Killed on May 16, 1968 by hostile mortar fire. Just finished reading Col Humphries "Through the Valley" which fills in a lot of big picture stuff. I highly recommend this book. I would be particularly interested in hearing from anyone who knew my brother, or could fill me in as to the operations of A/4-31 through April and May of 1968, or could tell me about the action in which my brother died. Thanks to all.
    Jeff Moss <moss1201@bellsouth.net>
    Dublin, GA USA - Sunday, November 19, 2006 at 14:29:38 (EST)

    To: Dave Kruger/ Read your messsage Re: Wormdahl/ Wendowlowski. I was with the both of them the day that they died. I was a Forward Observer.(Wormdahl) He swung his machete and hit a booby trap. Re : Wendowlowski ,There were 3 of us that retrieved his body from the jungle.Stratazar(can't remember his 1st name) Joe Caldwell(medic) Deceased 12-27-05. We had been in that jungle 3 times that day, were under heavy fire each time. We took a head count and Wendowlowski was missing. We didn't play leaving our boys out in that Sh... He was married before we went over and I don't think he had to go. But all of those guys from Ill. wanted to go. John Crandall from the same area was also killed. Write back if there is more you or someone in his family needs to know. Freeman
    JOHN FREEMAN <johnnyfree"at"adelphia.net>
    Cleveland, OH USA - Sunday, November 19, 2006 at 00:21:56 (EST)

    Hello, Ed, I'm doing well. Abit too busy, but, oh well, that's just the way it is. I am starting to get several Gulf War vets as patients in our VA hospital. They seem so young, but they are older that we were when we were in the Nam!. I am surprized at the similarities of their post-war problems and our's. I encourage all Viet vets to reach out to the new, young brothers who are coming home "damaged goods". Tom Gimble, Tom Stanley, are you still reading the guest book? I havn't heard from you in a while. I'm looking forward to next reunion, see you there. Gunner Wil
    Jim Willard <jimwillard"at"charter.net>
    Walla Walla, WA USA - Friday, November 17, 2006 at 15:24:53 (EST)

    Hey "gunner" Will, how are you? I remember Nui Chom all to well. You were hit eight times! A miracle you're still with us. Looking forward to seeing you again at the reunion. Pro Patria. Ed.
    Edward Latini <sargent196infantry"at"msn.com>
    evergreen, Co. USA - Friday, November 17, 2006 at 12:38:49 (EST)

    The VAMC and Vets Center staff in Syracuse, NY are terrific. They could not be more helpful, respectful and cooperative. Not sure all us vets are always equally respectful with them, however. I served with Echo Recon, HHC and Delta 1/46 in 1970 - 71.
    Tom Schmitz <Tom Schmitz AT use.salvationarmy.org>
    Oneida , NY USA - Friday, November 17, 2006 at 11:09:24 (EST)

    It saddens me to see so many postings from fellow 196ers who are not getting quality care in our VA hospitals. It is criminal that any veteran not have the best care available anywhere in America. I was in A4/31 196 from May to Nov 1968. I carried the"60" and was wounded on Nui Chom. I spent a full year recovering from those wounds, and still have pain 24/7 (not to mention the nightmares etc. from my PTSD). I choose to get all my needs met through the VA. Our local VAMC in Walla Walla WA is a small facility with most of its staff also being veterans (many in Nam). As a result of the quality of care I got here, late in life, I went back to school and became a RN, and am now working in the VA here in Walla Walla, making sure that every veteran who comes through our doors is treated with respect and given state of the art care. Please do not give up on the VA, although you have had a bad experience, not all VAs are the same. Most are dedicated to our vets and to giving them the care they deserve. To all who served, "Welcome home!" Jim "Gunner Wil" willard
    Jim Willard <jimwillard(at)charter.net>
    Walla Walla, WA USA - Thursday, November 16, 2006 at 16:16:03 (EST)

    Hey Brother Vincent Scalese...Happy Thanksgiving from Marna & I. We have now moved to Ft. Worth Tx. God Love Ya Man!! All is going great....Go Bears!! Ken
    Ken (Robbie) Robinson "B" Co. 4/31st Inf. <rken22@hotmail.com>
    Keller, Tx. USA - Thursday, November 16, 2006 at 14:16:26 (EST)

    Very good site, and very the interesting, is a lot of helpful information for me. But many spam in guestbook...:( With best wishes, Max
    George Winkle <George Winkle>
    London, England - Thursday, November 16, 2006 at 12:33:38 (EST)

    CHARLIE CO.,3rd platoon,4/31 Nov.67-Nov.68. Stiglitz died May 25th, 1968. I heard Gutsfield died later. I have found Fitz and am still looking for Willie Taylor, Alvie Schmidt,Earl Ward, and any others that served with me. I was originally from Ohio. Bob Johnston
    Bob Johnston <mjohns1@tampabay.rr.com>
    Saint Petersburg, FL USA - Wednesday, November 15, 2006 at 21:53:38 (EST)

    Served with recon plt in E.co,D.co& HHC,in 1972 with 3/21 also in TASK FORCE GIMLET.
    Dennis R McPeak <drmcpeak48@yahoo.com>
    Scottsville, Ky USA - Wednesday, November 15, 2006 at 21:04:52 (EST)

    I just submitted a photo in the Bix website that Harvey Harrison mentioned in his post. It's of my brother Donald Cook, c 3/21, KIA 10/27/68 and his buddies sharing a beer in or around 7/68. I have no desire to win a contest that is not why I posted this picture, I just want to make sure that people don't forget any of you guys who served in Vietnam and to pay tribute to the men in the picture who helped make at least one day over there a good one. To all of you I thank you from my heart!
    Renee Diroff <Redir67athotmail.com>
    Canton, MI USA - Wednesday, November 15, 2006 at 12:52:34 (EST)

    Hello Brother Chargers. It's been awhile since I last posted, I hope all is well. It's been 39 yrs. since arriving in the Nam. I can't quite recall where these decades went so quickly. I still wonder why I'm still around to witness them! Can't wait to see you all again at the reunion. Ed A/4/31, 2nd.Plt. 2nd.Squad. 11/67-11/68.
    Edward Latini <sargent196infantry"at"msn.com>
    evergreen, Co. USA - Wednesday, November 15, 2006 at 01:15:23 (EST)

    Sorry about misspelling its Nhi Ha not Nho Ha in previous post. Stoney
    Jim Stone <jstone10(at)msn.com>
    Lexington, Ne USA - Tuesday, November 14, 2006 at 14:50:36 (EST)

    This is a long shot, so here goes. I was in the battle for Nho Ha in early May of 68. I was in A 3/21. On the first day of the battle I led a squad across the small paddy to retrieve dead and wounded around an old house foundation. The guys were in C 3/21. Anyway I was awarded the Bronze Star w/v for this. I received the medal at an awards ceremony but none of this got in my records, hence not on my DD214. My question is, is anyone out there who might have gotten a medal at the same time and my name might be on your set of orders. It's no big deal but would like to get it corrected. Thanks Jim Stone
    Jim Stone <jstone10(at)msn.com>
    Lexington, Ne USA - Tuesday, November 14, 2006 at 14:46:34 (EST)

    Fred Startz, You'll need to go to the Army Board for the Corrections of Military Records in Washington, DC 20310,Rm 1E-517 The Pentegon or call this no. 301-837-1699.You'll have to send them the DD214 and other pertinent info. Let me know if you were successful. D4/31 67-68
    Ron Morenz <chgosouthsidemo at aol.com>
    Mesa, Az USA - Tuesday, November 14, 2006 at 12:06:32 (EST)

    I am an ORIGINAL CHARGER from back in October of 1965 at Fort Devens where The Brigade was initially formed. Note: I recently read that our 'Old Home', Fort Devens was sold to the pharmaceutical 'giant' Bristol Myers Squibb.
    Gene Hutmaker <genehut"at"comcast.net>
    Monmouth Junction, NJ USA - Tuesday, November 14, 2006 at 00:08:42 (EST)

    DOC LOUGH <wlhammer2@aol.com>
    USA - Monday, November 13, 2006 at 23:38:11 (EST)

    It is not possible to thank our veterans adequately. Their service, sacrifice, heroism, and humanity is above any expression or acknowledgment. Yet, we must try. Specifically but not exclusively, we must try with respect to our Brothers and Sisters who served in Vietnam because they, unlike other generations, were neglected (or worse) upon their return home. Please check out the AoG (http://www.bix.com/person/AoG) and the Voices of Veterans. Please post a story or a photo if you can. And please pass along to your Brothers, Sisters, friends and family.
    Harvey E Harrison <jasper@ix.netcom.com>
    Westlake Village, CA USA - Monday, November 13, 2006 at 21:12:12 (EST)

    will whalen 196th hats try www.cafepress.com/196th
    jim gray d 3/21 and hhc196 67/68 <mrtirejpg>
    bradenton, fl USA - Monday, November 13, 2006 at 18:44:21 (EST)

    Fred Strtz read about john simpers problem, here's a suggestioh. Have john go to a VA office and request a form 180 "requsst for military records. Send form to St. Louis MO requesting his DD-214 a DD215 plus all his medals ribbons and citations awarded him during his military career and list the date. Ifthat doesn't work he will have to search the National Archives in VA or DC,(memory a little vague), and research the date of the event and the date he was supposed to receive the medal. Also try searching the 196th for a morning report of such an event or thy searching the other WO name and reference his date of award. He may be able to research the archives on line but it may cost a few bucks. Good luck. I am a retired Veteran Service Officer for the state of Mass. Good luck
    paul flynn <peflynn1at yahoo.com>
    stoughton, ma USA - Monday, November 13, 2006 at 16:30:25 (EST)

    the project soldier tree went very well our church's goal was to fill 150 boxes. we filled just over 300. at least a few guys in iraq will be getting a nice surprise. i heard on the news that so far the great people of the USA have sent a total of 1 million of these boxes to date to our troops in iraq
    jim gray <mrtirejpg>
    bradenton, fl USA - Monday, November 13, 2006 at 06:34:18 (EST)

    Hope all had a quiet Veterans Day--including the Shake and Bakes. Methinks that "Grunt Medic" should take a deep breath, bend way over, and pull the stick out of his ass. Get a life, man!
    Grunt Gunner, '68
    USA - Sunday, November 12, 2006 at 21:44:22 (EST)

    I found 196th hats on ebay. Try searching for 196th Infantry hat or just search for this item number. 280043114205 on ebay.
    whiskey two zero
    USA - Sunday, November 12, 2006 at 21:26:23 (EST)

    Joe, sorry to hear you found it necessary to honor a VAMC with your presence, I truly mean that. A VAMC is not a cheery place, especially during holiday. Thanks for posting the VN Era music address. Doc Crawford put another one up, but I could not get to it, might have something to do with my PC skills or lack there of. Take care! "out, here"
    'Grunt Medic'
    USA - Sunday, November 12, 2006 at 18:02:32 (EST)

    Speaking of Veterans Day I ended up at the VA Hospital that day as a patient. Huge place with empty halls and no visitors anywhere. A few Korean War vets in the room with me ,one Vietnam Vet. The Korean War vets had just given up, packing it in, not eating anymore. The Vietnam Vet had a botched exam which resulted in septicemia and surgery , he wasn't expected to make it. I heard he was a medic in Nam .No visitors , no one cared , a grateful nation and all that.
    USA - Sunday, November 12, 2006 at 16:22:02 (EST)

    Have seen nothing but post's in the last 3-5 days wishing everyone well. Here you come again, dumping on the Shake-N-Bakes! When I went, we got orders from Ft. Ord to go to Benning for NCOC. I didn't ask for it and the 190-220 others guys in the AIT Company didn't either, 4-5 guys refused to go and went to Nam in the next few weeks to get it over with. After my 3-4 months with the Ranger Company then sent to the 1/46th, it was a real awakening, they operated differently than the 6 man teams I was used to, but we mainly worked in platoon size elements from the Arizonas to Charlie Ridge up to the Southern Old Shit valley. From Sept. 71-March 72, then had the surprise Easter Offensive. Worked with an Lt and Capt ounce in awhile, and e-6 every now and then, everyone else was e-3's to e-5's. All others were in the rear or REMF's as we called them, never heard any BS about SNB's the whole time I was there.
    Jon Burns <jonkburns@verizon.net>
    Wimberley, TX USA - Sunday, November 12, 2006 at 15:48:52 (EST)

    "I believe" Fox News has Ollie North's "War Stories" on at 1600 hrs (EST) this evening (11.12.06) with the subject matter being "the Battle for Dong Ha". The era is later than the May 68 snafu in which 'some' of 196th's best were involved 'helping out the Marines near Dong Ha. The story IS related to an Army unit.------In regards to my posts regarding the S&Bs, the last post by a 'buck' Sgt proves my point, went to VN as a school trained 11Beat-um-up, "leader of men" and left there as a Supply Sgt. I now relinquish the 'hammer'to whomever wishes to crack my nuts. "out' here"
    'Grunt Medic'
    USA - Sunday, November 12, 2006 at 12:44:45 (EST)

    Hope all 196 had a nice and peace full week end and all vets everwhere
    john p flynn <shooter685at cox.net>
    USA - Sunday, November 12, 2006 at 11:21:16 (EST)

    My hat is looking pretty bad-any ideas where to find a FNH
    will whalen <wwwillymonatcs.com>
    Boston, Ma USA - Sunday, November 12, 2006 at 09:32:19 (EST)

    A big thanks to all my brothers from C Co, 4/31 with whom I served in 68-69. I thank God for you all and for the sacrifices you made for our great country. God Bless!
    Richard Dixon <rwdixonathotmail.com>
    Houston, TX USA - Saturday, November 11, 2006 at 18:55:09 (EST)

    Thank you all for serving our country.
    Linda <lcdgr "at" comcast.net>
    WA USA - Saturday, November 11, 2006 at 17:07:05 (EST)

    I wish all my 196th brothers a happy VETERANS DAY. I would like to share something with all. Yesterday i went to an airshow and to my surprize i saw a Huey man did that bring back a lot of memorys it even brought a tear to my eye. to see a Huey after 35 years.
    John Webre <swampy70_71"at"yahoo.com>
    Pensacola , Fl. USA - Saturday, November 11, 2006 at 08:54:36 (EST)

    Yesterday September 10th I was invited to a local school to talk about our Vietnam vet brothers.For the first time I accepted.I must tell you all that it was a VERY emotional expierence for me!I was so proud of those 7th & 8th graders.We have a GOOD crop of young people taking over for us!I told them all about the 196th LIB and all my brothers I lost over there.They asked some pretty tough questions.If I didn't know better I would have thought they were High School Seniors.I thought I did terrible but the principal and the history teacher came up to me after the ceremonies and Thanked me and said I did a wonderful job.They are the best. God Bless you all this Veterans Day and I miss all of my comrads lost in Nam.A special tip of the hat to Lt. Robert Scottie Byrnes our FO from the 82nd artillery who was KIA after I came home.I'm so proud of you ALL! Hope to see you ALL in Kentucky! God Bless.Tim Martin (Sgt.Marty D/2/1 12/66'-12/67')
    Timothy L. Martin <marty196th"at"yahoo.com>
    Nashville, OH USA - Saturday, November 11, 2006 at 06:10:12 (EST)

    good morning men . hope that all of you have a very good veterans day. i know that i will. i am going to watch my grandson play in a soccer game today. i will be wearing my 196th lib t shirt to show my colors
    jim gray d 3/21 and hhc196 67/68 <mrtirejpg>
    bradenton, fl USA - Saturday, November 11, 2006 at 05:15:41 (EST)

    Vincent---Just noted your post, have a great time in Boston. See you in July!
    Don Campbell <donc"at"cebridge.net>
    Wellington, MO USA - Friday, November 10, 2006 at 20:37:25 (EST)

    Happy Veterans Day to all. The Veterans Affairs is asking ALL VETERANS TO WEAR THEIR RIBBONS AND AWARDS TOMORROW. To start a Pride Day for all Veterans, What do you all Think. Let's do it and be proud. We did our Service to this Country LET'S BE PROUD.
    Ralph <ralphurrutia"at" bellsouth.net>
    Miami, Fl USA - Friday, November 10, 2006 at 17:19:29 (EST)

    Happy Veterans Day MY Brothers! May each and every one of you have a Very Good Day today and may every day from now on be the best it can possibly be! If any one deserves it! You Guys Do! My Brothers of the "ROPE". May God Bless!
    Jon Burns <jonkburns@verizon.net>
    Wimberley, TX USA - Friday, November 10, 2006 at 14:45:00 (EST)

    I just wanted to wish our Veterans a Happpy Veterans Day, and THANK THEM All for what they done for are country and for all of us. Esp. the Viet Nam Vets that really never got thanked for all that they done, and all they went through. THANK YOU ALL.
    Mrs. Dennis Wrubel <wrubel48432@Yahoo.com>
    Filion, MI USA - Friday, November 10, 2006 at 12:22:36 (EST)

    sorry about that i am thinking about the 196th and all who never made it home on this veteran's day weekend...i will be in boston this weekend and looking for chargers...hope to intoduce my son to all i see...vince
    vincent scalese A 2/1 <vscalese"at"adelphia.net>
    thornton, nh USA - Thursday, November 09, 2006 at 14:41:53 (EST)

    Just my usual hello and search for anyone who was with the 2/1, C co., 67/68. Thanks and GOD be with you all.
    bill <wilfrf5@aol>
    ny USA - Thursday, November 09, 2006 at 11:13:16 (EST)

    Douglas Brown, you stated that you were with the 1/46th but did not list a company. Please give me a call at 231.876.0468 or send me an e-mail. I was with Echo Co, 1/46th from Nov 69 thru Nov 70. Welcome Home to all my Brother.
    Paul Gildner <pgildner'at'sbcglobal.net>
    Cadillac, MI USA - Wednesday, November 08, 2006 at 18:11:35 (EST)

    I finally have the nerve to sign the guest book, Iwas with the 3/21 Da Nang 1972 a,c and d company's, happy to see you guys are still doing a job with the 196th LIB, I want to thank each and evey one of you for your service to country, Sincerly Steven A Fuchs
    Steven Fuchs <e411bravo@hotmail.com>
    Eugene, OR USA - Tuesday, November 07, 2006 at 01:40:51 (EST)

    Is Vance still in the hat business??
    will whale <wwwillymonatcs.com>
    Boston, Ma USA - Monday, November 06, 2006 at 19:12:10 (EST)

    Fred Startz Re Jim Van D's bronze star. If you can get a copy of the general order for his BSM it may have both names on it. Good luck.
    Tom Munroe <tommunroe at sbcglobal.net>
    Grass Valley, Ca USA - Monday, November 06, 2006 at 12:38:36 (EST)

    joseph genereux <jgenereux@cfl.rr.com>
    ormond beach, florida USA - Monday, November 06, 2006 at 09:58:18 (EST)

    Still looking for guys who were with Aco.4/31 196th lib.70-71. I found 20 guys so far.
    John Webre <swampy70_71"at"yahoo.com>
    Pensacola , Fl USA - Sunday, November 05, 2006 at 18:15:38 (EST)

    George, I was the 1st Platoon Medic, and I remeber Nov 3rd, it is more of a night mare to me. That day on the trail, with all the men down. And Lt Dale Perkins, I remeber a caring officer, and I wish to this day, there was more I could have done for him, and the others. I pray they rest in peace. George email me if you want to share information on that day. Don "Doc" OBrien
    Don OBrien <uncledonsept46"at"yahoo.com>
    Alsip, Il USA - Sunday, November 05, 2006 at 16:56:48 (EST)

    George: The 2/1 platoon leader's tent lost three guys in a little over a month: Jim Panzarella on 9/20, Ron Van Sessen on 10/31 and Dale Perkins on 11/3. Dale's home of record was Oregon City, but he actually came from a little place called Scotts Mills, where my great-gandmother lived all of her life. If you want contacts, you need to put an email address.
    Jim Armstrong <jimarmatpacific.net>
    CA USA - Sunday, November 05, 2006 at 11:36:44 (EST)

    It was 40 years ago yesterday that my co. got ambush. co B 2/1 LT Perkins,Fawble,Klink,Hesson, they all got killed.Anybody from co B outhere. drop me a line. George ((the greek)) Papachronis
    George Papachronis
    Portage, IN USA - Saturday, November 04, 2006 at 12:38:10 (EST)

    Hi, I am writing to you on behalf of someone at the P.O.W. Network (http://www.pownetwork.org/). The directors Chuck and Mary Schantag are trying to help a friend from the 196th LIB. After Christmas, December 1967, two warrant officer pilots of the 196th were scheduled to receive Bronze Star Medals for their service in VN. Then, at just the same time the ceremony was due to begin at the 196th BTOC, the brigade commander, Col. Gelling, was called out for a brigade emergency. He told the pilots that their awards would be presented properly at their next duty stations. One pilot, Jim VanDuzee, got his BSM presented later in the USA. The second pilot, John Simpers, never got his. For years this probably didn't matter, but now it would be good if we could close a circle for someone who worked his rear end off in VN flying everyone around inside - and sometimes outside - the AO. Checks of John Simpers' military records in St. Louis, MO do not show authorization for that BSM. Somehow his paperwork must have dropped through the cracks. Remember, two pilots were scheduled to be awarded the medal that day and only one got his. Unfortunately, Col. Gelling is deceased. Other major participants of the cancelled ceremony aren't known. First, I would like to ask if anyone stopping in at this forum remembers the cancelled ceremony or even more importantly, handling the Bronze Star paperwork for this pilot. Finally, any ideas that you may have about how we might get John Simpers his medal authorized, but then forgotten, long ago would be much appreciated. You can post here, write me (expat3@start.mailshell.com), or write Mary Schantag directly at the POW Network (info@pownetwork.org). Thanks for any help. Sincerely, Fred Startz HHC, 196th LIB Tay Ninh and Cu Lai, SVN 1966-1967
    Fred Startz <expat3@start.mailshell.com>
    Jakarta, Indonesia - Saturday, November 04, 2006 at 02:05:27 (EST)

    1btn46 inf 196th. would like to here from anyone as i was on lz pro and helped start lz maryann i was there from aug.69 to aug of 70.
    douglas brown <iamtopgun21>
    niles, mi USA - Thursday, November 02, 2006 at 15:51:42 (EST)

    Roy: I few months back I was eating out with friends and spotted a young Marine next table over wearing a combat action ribbon. It's hard to describe the feeling I had. I had a beer ordered for him and sent to him. He came over and shook my hand, I wished him luck. A few weeks earlier I had ordered a few shots of whiskey to sit on the table for a Marine that died on that date many years ago in Vietnam.When I say "I wished him luck", what I was feeling was, I hope it all turns out better for you then it did my generation.
    USA - Wednesday, November 01, 2006 at 20:29:20 (EST)

    Tonight I went to dinner with my youngest son. Afterwards we went to Fast Eddies which is a pool hall. We had a couple of drinks and played a few games of pool. I saw a soldier with camo on at the bar. I told my son he was just back from Iraq. I approached the soldier and said " Did you just get back from Iraq". He said " Yes Sir" and ducked his head. He did not want to talk. I said " I served in the Nam and welcome home son" He said "Thankyou" and turned and left the place. I came back to the pool table and my son ask me how I knew he was just back from Iraq. He ask me " Dad was his fatiques" I said no son. He ask again "How did you know?". I said " Son it was his boots. There was no polish on them at all." I was proud that I had no polish on my boots. They were brown and worn. I remember the feeling. Do you? This was just a thought tonight. Yes, I have the tears in my eyes now. I can not help it. Peace to you my brothers.
    Roy G. Stephens <grddlyman@ hughes.net>
    Silsbee, Tx USA - Wednesday, November 01, 2006 at 00:39:57 (EST)

    Tonight I found the 28th man that I served with in Recon 3/21 of the 196th. He was wounded November 15, 1970. My LT left me back with the cp because I was a short timer. The squad went to the top of the hill to look for the enemy. They were ambushed and the man I found tonight was the one that was wounded. A special find for me. He took my place. I called the fire missions in on top of that hill while they were coming off of it. I was very scared but we all made it threw it. This is just a reflection from the past and I am up tonight. I wish you the best my brothers and I will talk again. Later Roy
    Roy G. Stephens <grddlyman@ hughes.net>
    Silsbee, Tx USA - Tuesday, October 31, 2006 at 01:42:08 (EST)

    Does anyone remember the (tropical chocolate bars) that were given out in mid to late 1967. They were in white wrappers and were everywhere you looked when I got there in Oct of 67. They absolutely would not melt no matter what. They would just turn a chalky white and tasted awful. No one ate them, even the gooks would throw them back at you. I just remember them laying on sandbags, in and on bunkers, on the ground, man they were everywhere you looked. Some one made a big sale to uncle sam that was a big flop. Stoney
    Stoney <jstone10(at)msn.com>
    Lexington, Ne USA - Thursday, October 26, 2006 at 17:34:51 (EDT)

    Does anyone have info on SSF. Robert Murray of Bravo Co. 4/31-third platoon.He was Killed on june 1969,I need to find someone who was there or wrote him up for his award. Thanks, Jim
    Jim Sebestyen <jsebesty@hotmail.com>
    West Hartford, CT USA - Thursday, October 26, 2006 at 16:31:01 (EDT)

    I was on the quad 50 when we got overrun 28 March 1971 27 March was my birthday I had a pallet of beer and dint get any,Cco. 1/46 was back for a small stand down,We played penuckle in our hutch with some of the guys that were back for a stand down.
    Daniel R. Bergeon <dbergeon@web.de>
    Burgbernheim, Bav Germany - Wednesday, October 25, 2006 at 16:53:56 (EDT)

    mr. kruger, i believe you have the year incorrect for their death. it was 1966. please contact me at my email address
    larry mladek <larrygranny1 at yahoo>
    el paso, tx USA - Sunday, October 22, 2006 at 09:16:51 (EDT)

    The internet is really amazing in some ways. The other night I spent a few minutes looking up information on my Dad and some uncles concerning World War Two. I had heard the story maybe one time from my Dad, Army Aircorps, shot down over Italy, Pow camp etc. Same with my Uncle Harry. Anyway there are public records on all enlistment data, units served with at time of incidents for almost all military personnel. I go to the website for the bomber group mentioned in an incident report and there is a group photo with my Dad sitting in the front row. I wonder what they'll have listed for us as the computer age advances in the coming years? Everyone mentioned has passed on now but these computer archives remain.
    USA - Saturday, October 21, 2006 at 23:41:18 (EDT)

    Hello everyone from 1/46 196LIB. would like to know the guys in my unit Charlie co 1/46 196LIB (3rd PLt). I was a short timer because I was wounded in a minefield (bt) along with 3 others. My name is Peter Sargent. I was near lz young Dec 12,1970 , when we wandered into a minefield the others wounded were Robert Mooneyham,sgt Austin Oliphant,and ssgElwin Aultman. The only others i can remember were LT.Frank M. Brosnan and Capt. Knight. I was there from Oct. - Dec.12,1970. If you were there and/or know the guys with me at that time,then please contact me. Thank You...Pete
    Peter B. Sargent <psargent@maine.rr./com>
    New Gloucester, ME. USA - Saturday, October 21, 2006 at 23:32:01 (EDT)

    Hello everyone from 196 LIB This is the first time I have posted to this guestbook.I was with C co. 1/46 196(third PLt) Oct,.-Dec.12,1970. Short timer as I was wounded in a minefield Dec.12,1970 along with 3 others-Robert Mooneyham, Austin Oliphant(sgt),Edwin Aultman(ssg) the only others I remember were LT.Frank M.Brosnan and Capt. Knight. I would like to know the others in my platoon. I would like to hear from someone as I have never had any contact with the unit.Pete.... psargent@maine.rr.com
    Peter B. Sargent <psargent@maine.rr.com>
    New Gloucester, ME. USA - Saturday, October 21, 2006 at 22:34:56 (EDT)

    Grunt medic, here is another website for you. http://www.aclassicvoicefilms.com/aclassicvoicemilitaryfilms.htm This one has short videos, many with music from the Nam era (I remember hearing CCR's Who'll stop the rain on one, and that one always takes me back. One of these videos about halfway down the website is from my company when I was in the Nam (1970-1, 196th, 3/21, B Company) but of another platoon. Shows a platoon picture with everyone sitting on like stadium type bleachers. Also, I think at one time there was a picture showing Lurch holding up a 7-ft Monitor Lizard someone had shot. Only Lurch was tall enough to get the darn thing off the ground. Every now and then I look through these to see if there any new ones which might have guys I recognize.
    Doc Crawford <Crawford.Dave@epa.gov>
    Arlington, VA USA - Friday, October 20, 2006 at 10:57:37 (EDT)

    does anybody have any idea how many 196th nam vets there are? it would be interesting to find out
    jim gray d 3/21 and hhc196 67/68 <mrtirejpg>
    bradenton, USA - Thursday, October 19, 2006 at 18:50:01 (EDT)

    Is there anyone who was there or with 2 friends of mine from basic at Devens that were KIA in Dec.'67, they were with C company 2/1. Their names were Richard Wormdahl, and James Wendolowski. Both were KIA on the same day.
    Dave Kruger <tobydaveatexcite.com>
    Lindenhurst, Il USA - Thursday, October 19, 2006 at 12:18:06 (EDT)

    Nice to see this website. I was stationed at Ft Devens and was waiting in line at the post theater when I happened to see a friend of mine from Indiana also in line. He was a no striper (Pvt E-2) and he was very happy to see me. He had been drafted. We had worked in a steel mill together in Northern Indiana. I had enlisted about a year earlier. We talked of home and I stated I would call on him at his barracts later. When I arrived at his barracts I was amazed at the professionalism these troops displayed. At the time I was only a young buck sergeant (E-5), but when I entered the company area I was given every courtesy. Every sentence was 'Yes Sergeant' 'No Sergeant', even my friend exhibited this behaviour. I then learned that they were being trained as a unit from basic training through advanced infantry training and would be deployed as a unit. The officers and NCOs were to be assigned later. After about 2 hours I left as it was way past lights out. It was soon after that I watched the unit fly out of Devens into harms way. But one thing that I was sure of was that my friend was with some of the most well trained well disiplined soldiers I had seen in my army service. Thank you 196th.
    Dr Michael E. Solan MAJ MC USAR <solanm@hotmail.com>
    San Gwann, EU Malta - Thursday, October 19, 2006 at 04:05:53 (EDT)

    Here's the link http://chu65nang67.us/nam/vietnam.html
    USA - Wednesday, October 18, 2006 at 01:47:06 (EDT)

    Joe; try (chu65nang67@yahoo.com). I previously posted what I see on the site. I'm a total novice on the PC, first started 2 years ago this month; was necessary as my health "went south" and was confined to home. My Son set me up and taught me what I have retained since he left. I have the 'Vietnam Era (60's, 70's) in my favorites. If this doesn't get you to the 'site' please let me know; we will work something out as I'm sure many would appreciate what is available. I'm doing much better now after several surgeries so don't spend as much time on the PC as I once did. I would ask that you post a clear web address for the site in question if you get there. Thanks! "Out, here".
    'Grunt Medic'
    USA - Tuesday, October 17, 2006 at 05:44:29 (EDT)

    http://chu65nang67.us/nam/vietnam.html ?
    USA - Tuesday, October 17, 2006 at 02:08:03 (EDT)

    Grunt Medic: you forgot the link, but I've been there before, nice site. All the music from the era that means something.I always enjoy your posts.
    USA - Tuesday, October 17, 2006 at 01:00:11 (EDT)

    Grunt medic: You never did link the site you're talking about.
    Gary Capshaw <kiteria"at"cablerocket.com>
    Denison, TX - Tuesday, October 17, 2006 at 00:54:28 (EDT)

    Reference my last post, the Marines served in the mid 60's, please excuse the typo.
    'Grunt Medic' E/C/3/21; 67-68
    USA - Tuesday, October 17, 2006 at 00:01:43 (EDT)

    Now that I have sufficiently stirred the pot, I will now present all with something I have found to be useful when taking that stroll thru the memories of VN and that "era". It is a Web Site put together by a couple of Marines who served in the Chu Lai and Da Nnang AO's in the mid-70's. The site has leads to numerous others and has tons of music you probably haven't heard in a 'long time. Hope you go there and enjoy it to the extent possible. Some folks were able to come 'home', put it all behind them and got on with their lives; others did not and others 'could not' as they left their lives in VN. I saw too many of the latter. Take heart tho, American Forces and Allies wasted a whole generation of N. VN males; I hope the word "satire" comes to mind now. Here is the address for the site: . In retrospect, I resent nothing anyone has EVER called me, I've become numb (yes it rhymes with dumb) to the disdane from others. To all, I wish you well. "Out, here"
    'Grunt Medic';Recon &'C'/3/21(67-68)
    USA - Monday, October 16, 2006 at 23:57:19 (EDT)

    In late August or early September I was coming back to LZ center from a week in the hospital. I had a wallet full of money to go on R&R with. Things were looking up for me. I was on one of the refueling pads on Hawk Hill. There was a man there refueling the choppers as they came in. Inbetween refueling we struck up a conversation. I do not recall exactly what we talked about but I think he ask me about my unit. I was very proud of Recon E 3/21 of the 196th. I was part of it. Anyway, during the conversation the man ask me if I would smoke one with him and I said yes. It was some good shit. Then the slick came in and I headed out. After I got back to Center I was missing my billfold with all my R&R money. I was crushed. Man I was not even going to get an R&R without money. The next day I got word from my LT to go to Hawk Hill because my billfold was turned in. I caught the next bird out and found this Captain. He gave me my billfold and it had every cent in it. Nothing missing. I ask him if I could talk to the guy that turned it in. The Captain said he had already left to go back to the world. I do not even know his name. He was just my brother. Life is good. Roy
    Roy G. Stephens <grddlyman@ hughes.net>
    Silsbee, t USA - Monday, October 16, 2006 at 23:30:59 (EDT)

    I agree with John on the SNB's. When I got in county and out to the field as squad leader. I was assigned to another squad leader Sergeant Ikiebie for several weeks to learn the ropes of squad leader. Then I was asigned my squad where I learned from the school of hard knocks and from the members of my squad. Everytime we went out on ambush I had coordnates ready to call a fire mission if needed. Just some of the things I learned at the Shake and Bake School. Seems that the company commander tried to have us walking point several days in a row and told him it was not right. He respected my wishes. Our squad was good and maybe the best of the company at the time. My mission in the war was NOT to make more rank, but to not get anyone killed and I did that. I was made supply sargent towards the end of my tour. The top sergeant came to the rear and ask me if I would come back to the field and the co would make me E6. I ask if it was an order or just asking and Top said just asking. I did not want the responsibility of a platoon. Seems that some know it all and I am still learning. I resent anyone calling me a shake and bake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sergeant George Sanders PS: Have not used this title since 1969.
    George Sanders <gsanders@kans.com>
    Stafford, Ks USA - Monday, October 16, 2006 at 22:29:10 (EDT)

    In another couple of weeks The Gimlet will go to press and then be mailed to members of the Gimlet Association 21st Infantry Regiment, many former 3/21 Gimlets from the Vietnam era. You guys that served in the 3/21 with the 196th in Vietnam ought to consider joining the association as a way of staying connect to your brother Gimlets that you fought with in Vietnam. Contact the association at gimletmail21 "at" yahoo.com No dues, yep it's free.
    Membership Comm
    USA - Monday, October 16, 2006 at 20:41:39 (EDT)

    grunt medic- we all learned as we went. we learned from everybody in the unit. it was really a very humbling experiance. i know that it was not all fun. i did mine sweeps, walked point,carried m79, carried m60,carried radio for Lt seibert and any other job i was given. i guess it was all part of the learning. when i came back to the states i became a di. in 27 months of service i was an e6 and still learning. i do not regret a thing that i did nor would i change anything. would i do it over? probably. after all i was RA i do not want this to sound critical please do not take it that way. after all we had a lot of LT's that were fresh out of OCS school and did not know what to do . they also learned thru OJT remember we all learn something new everyday
    jim gray d 3/21 and hhc196 67/68 <mrtirejpg>
    bradenton, fl USA - Monday, October 16, 2006 at 18:12:12 (EDT)

    Jon Burns; My problem with the 'system' was that the knowledge and skill of the OJTs was wasted and time was of the essence. The OJT got the short end of the stick in regards to promotions as well. I may not have walked in your shoes, but I walked much of the same ground as you did. Following my VN 'grunt' experiemce with the 196th, I was Flight Medic with Chu Lai Dust-off for 18 months. Having been 'dusted-off' myself, I thought flying was better than walking AND the air temperature was nice. I had the dubious 'pleasure' of "picking up the pices" of many a mistake and listening to guys screaming about 'a lot of things'. A follow on to that was and extended tour with 1st Field Force Spec Ops and an association with the ROK White Horse Division; it was difficult to believe that the Koreans were once a 'rag tag' army; only after YEARS of training (post Korean War) by the Americam 'dough-boy' did they become the professionals they were. I did not say ALL S&Bs were useless, but most were a 'one trick poney' as few extended (lets get some feed-back on this). Where did you think you were going when you were offered NCOS? S&Bs also took the place of the lifers who found a way to avoid VN or the bush if assigned to VN. Your statements regarding that you 'learned' each step of the way makes my point; my thinking is if an on the job guy was offered a promotion to E-5 or 6, it would have been a hugh incentive for many to 'remain on station' and a time saver in regards to getting 'slots' filled with experienced people. As I said, I just wanted to 'stir the pot',; you may have the spoon now. I miss Missouri, especially the SW. "Out, here".
    'Grunt Medic';Recon &'C'/3/21(67-68)
    USA - Monday, October 16, 2006 at 09:08:16 (EDT)

    I would really like to hear from some of the Lrrps. I have met a few of them. Got to have had a big set to do the thing. Talk to us. Thanks, Roy
    Roy G. Stephens <grddlyman@ hughes.net>
    Silsbee, Tx USA - Sunday, October 15, 2006 at 20:49:01 (EDT)

    As a Shake-N-Bake I can say not all showed up thinking we knew everything, I came, I listened, I learned and kept my mouth shut and my eyes and ears open and learned from the old guys....who 80% were E-4's and below. After a few weeks they let me have the reins and I still learned as I went on. Like almost all of the other SNB's, I didn't ask to go, I got orders and went and did the best I could. If you were upset by us being there, you should have walked a few clicks in our boots.....we knew if we screwed up that someone would get hurt, and we kept that at the top of our list. We didn't mind something happening to ourselves....our guys were another matter.....we were scared all the time....mainly that we would screw up and get someone hurt! Maybe you had an asshole of a SNB, but I can bet that was the exception not the rule? I had SNB's come into the company after I was there some 3-5 months and made sure they went by the same rules that I did! I came to A 1/46th after 3 months with the Ranger Company down in Chu Lai, even so...I still had to relearn a whole hell-of-alot cause a Line Company and a Ranger Team do not operate the same in the bush. Maybe you ought to take it easy and not judge all by a few, I know that usually one only saw what their squad/Platoon and company experienced in their tour.....I hope your perception is not the rule as to your feelings of Shake-N-Bakes. Just my 2 cents! Sgt. Jon K. Burns USA Retired
    Jon Burns <jonkburnsatverizon.net>
    Wimberley, TX USA - Sunday, October 15, 2006 at 17:14:52 (EDT)

    Can anyone tell me the value of "shake & bake" officers and NCOs. I never understood the rationale for this concept, peace-time OCS yes, as the 'newby' can gain 'some' experience without killing anybody; sending a 'green' Officer/NCO from school to combat did nothing but cause turmoil in the Plt/Co, especially when they showed up believing they had the answer prior to the question and often rejected the counsel of the E-4/5s who had learned by OJT. What an incentive it would have been for those 'combat tested' E-4s and E-5s to remain on the job if they were given the same opportunity for promotion as the 'shake & bake'. Continuity of the units would have been maintained and, consequently, been more effective. A junior grade officer served at most 6 months in the 'bush' unless they asked to stay (something I never heard of) and when they were just beginning to have a clue---they left. I would venture to say that more Pfcs and Sp4s were promoted to the next grade after being KIA than those who lived thru a full tour. A 'S&B' NCO took the slots that a 'junior grade' had filled up to the time of the formers arrival and in all probability trained the 'newby'. Of the my 20 active duty years, I was assigned to 'combat arms' units 9, (6 Inf & 3 with 155 SP Arty) per my request. School does not impart leadership, it can only enhance what is already there, whereas, in the bush those having the 'trait' showed up and did the job. Just thought I would stir the 'pot'. "Out,here"
    "Grunt Medic"
    USA - Sunday, October 15, 2006 at 12:03:55 (EDT)

    Bob Jasinski, did you know a couple other instant NCO"s who came to A 3/21 about the same time you did? Their names were Grant and Clements. They came in at Nhi Ha right after A Co was hit. Stoney -Third Plt Sgt
    Stoney <jstone10(at)msn.com>
    Lexington, Ne USA - Friday, October 13, 2006 at 21:03:49 (EDT)

    Joe, thanks for the reply. I about fell out my chair. That was so funny man. Glad to know someone has a sense of humor but if you look at it closley you told the truth. I am glad to hear from you brother. Keep it up. Later brothers Roy
    Roy G. Stephens <grddlyman@ hughes.net>
    Silsbee, Tx USA - Thursday, October 12, 2006 at 20:21:48 (EDT)

    I will be getting Commissioned in April and I want my father to do the oath. I wanted to know if there was anyone out there who remembers a 2nd Lt Manuel D. Joglar who served with the 196th in 1967. I am trying to do a bio on his service as a formal introduction but I am having a hard time finding any.
    Javier R. Joglar, STGCS/E-8, USN <jjoglar@wi.rr.com>
    Kenosha, WI USA - Thursday, October 12, 2006 at 14:59:12 (EDT)

    Don't know why, but just for the heck of it, entered 196th light infanty brigade into www.A9.com search engine. Had no idea that I would find this web site. After being drafted and entering Army 8May 1967, did basic training at Fort Knox, KY. AIT at Fort Polk, LA. Leadership School (class #5) at For Benning, GA. Back to Fort Polk, LA as an E5 for OJT. Arrived at Fort Lewis, WA 16 April 1968 for processing to Viet Nam. Some time around the 1st of May arrived with Alpha Company 3/21 196th near the DMZ. My first night was spent outside the perimeter on the side of a bomb crater on OP. The next night we were attacked and those on OP came back over the concertina wire. After about a week, the company saddled up and headed back to battalion where we were choppered South and dropped off on LZ Colt. We then walked off heading in a more western direction for some length of days. When it was our turn, we walked to the top of hill 352 (LZ Center) guarding the perimeter. We opperated in that general area during my tour of Duty. I left country, very early February 1969, leaving the Army 6 February 1969. Today I am looking forward to retirement in about a year. As much as I hated the thought of leaving civian life to serve my country, I have to put things into perspective that this unit became a part of my life. Scanning the entries here, bring back that history and the thought that so many served as I did and returned home. Some that I befriended over there, did not. I will always remember them. I have a cousin whose son attended West Point and was sent to Iraq. He has returned safely home for more training and eventually another tour of duty. Why on a planet of six or so billion people, does a relative small number make life so miserable for so many. I have printed out the news letter and am thinking that joining the Association is something that maybe I should do.
    Bob Jasinski <bob_jatUSA.com>
    Rochester, MI USA - Thursday, October 12, 2006 at 14:09:56 (EDT)

    Roy I saw your comments in the 196th Guest book good to hear another brother still out there. I was with Recon 67-68-69 call sign “Wildchild” I got in country Dec of 69 assigned to Delta but never got there I volunteered to go to a start up recon platoon E 3/21 196th with a lieutenant Perkins (HOG) I was out for awhile after a run in April 13 1968 the back in a month or so. When were you there? I have a picture of us on Center and can email it to you. Lather Brother
    Bill Linnartz <blinnartz"AT"westlakehardware.com>
    CENTERVIEW, MO USA - Thursday, October 12, 2006 at 13:20:48 (EDT)

    " mercenaries", I think I figured my pay once for working as a mercenary 24/7 as about 40 cents an hour. Probably why I changed my line of work.I almost forgot about "the benefits" like being condemned by your country, agent orange disease, early death etc. Gotta remember the benefits.
    USA - Thursday, October 12, 2006 at 01:03:27 (EDT)

    Thanks for your comments about the Koreans. I do not know. It was just a story I heard. But if you look at it and think about it, we were mercenaries in a way. I was drafted and I went. I did believe. There is nothing wrong with that, I was ingnorant that is all I was ingornant. I feel like I am much beter now. Maybe not. So, tell me more and I will listen. Thankyou my brother. Roy
    Roy G. Stephens <grddlyman@ hughes.net>
    Silsbee, Tx USA - Wednesday, October 11, 2006 at 23:48:56 (EDT)

    The Korean troops in South Vietnam were not mercenaries. They were regular South Korean Army divisions whose government the Johnson administration essentially paid to be there, hence the old story that they were mercenaries.
    Gary Capshaw <kiteria@cablerocket.com>
    Denison, TX USA - Wednesday, October 11, 2006 at 23:33:36 (EDT)

    I did some research today. Yes the Koreans were in Nam. They were the second largest force there. One was called White Hore, the second was Tiger, and the third was Blue Dragon. They were mercenairies. I was never around them and I do not know how they fought. I believe what I heard was probably right. Anyway, I found excerpts from interviews with the Koreans. They are not happy about not being mentioned in our history. I really can't believe we diss them so bad. They are our brothers in arms. Am I wrong? I heard several stories about how fierce they were. I was touched by the interviews on the men from Korea. Just look up White Horse Korean mercenaries. That is what I looked up. They had 350,000 men there in the years Nam was going on. Give me some feedback. Later brothers, Roy
    Roy G. Stephens <grddlyman@ hughes.net>
    Silsbee, Tx USA - Wednesday, October 11, 2006 at 20:26:04 (EDT)

    "Andy," from Maine, was with 196th then went to Wolfhounds, I lost your e-mail address, when I was trying to change my password. Send me one, so I can re-build my address list. Denny
    Dennis Passwater <passwater_dennis@yahoo.com>
    Roseville, OH USA - Wednesday, October 11, 2006 at 15:44:16 (EDT)

    To John re Cpt. Conley, B Co. CO, 2/1 Mar 68: I remember him well. I was a radio operator in the 2/1 TOC, and then the NCOIC of the TOC. Cpt. Conley often was in the TOC when his company was rotated back to LZ Ross.He was definitely hardcore -- his favorite story for a while concerned the 12 gauge that he carried and an NVA that was in the wrong place during a B Co. ambush.He repeatedly tried to recruit me out to the field as a B Co. radio operator, and he was contemptuous about my refusal to give up my cot, cooler with beer, and day job.
    John Ellis <johnrellis@mac.com>
    Seattle, WA USA - Wednesday, October 11, 2006 at 00:39:57 (EDT)

    Here is another story that I recall and would like some feedback brothers. There was a group of men that served in Nam that were from South Korea. I think they called them the White Horse. They were mercenairies that were paid for each individual head that was brought in. I know that is gross but this is just a story I heard. Is it true? I really do not know. Give me some feedback brothers. I know you have it. I will be back again. Thankyou my brothers. Roy
    Roy G. Stephens <grddlyman@ hughes.net>
    Silsbee, Tx USA - Tuesday, October 10, 2006 at 22:15:34 (EDT)

    A few weeks ago I posted a story about a man named Snag. With the help of my brothers I found a man that I had a 2 hour conversation with 36 years ago. I have to thank the men that helped me. I talked with Snag a few weeks ago. I have also been trying to find all the guys from Recon 3/21 of the 196 and so far I have found 27. Three are dead, 3 have cancer. One has lung cancer and two have prostate cancer. I am still looking. So any of you know any of the Recon E 3/21 of the 196th brothers? I do appreciate you for all the help man. You make a difference. Thank you so much. A brother, Roy
    Roy G. Stephens <grddlyman@ hughes.net>
    Silsbee, Tx USA - Tuesday, October 10, 2006 at 22:08:34 (EDT)

    More on call signs: "Yankee, Yankee, Yankee..Cool Brew". 35 years later, I still remember this as 3rd platoon of Co. B calling the Co. CP, of 3rd battalion, 3/21 infantry in the 196th in 1970-1, until we changed our call sign to Ospry.
    Doc Crawford <Crawford.Dave@epa.gov>
    Arlington, VA USA - Tuesday, October 10, 2006 at 10:45:36 (EDT)

    call sign when i carried the radio. i was delta 6 x ray for lt seibert [kia]
    jim gray d 3/21 and hhc196 67/68 <mrtirejpg>
    bradenton, fl USA - Monday, October 09, 2006 at 19:05:48 (EDT)

    One of my recon brothers, Don "Snuffy" Smith, from E Recon,l/52, 198th 70-71, has devised a new method of maping locations of KIA;s in an abode format.He has already done the same for 1/52, and is willing to do the same for other battalions in the Ameical. You would have to get him copies of the daily staff journals for the entire time of the unit in country, and make sure he has the apporpiate maps. The result is quite impressive, listing the date, map grids and names of KIA(s), with the location shown on the map. Call him at 207-924-5357, as he still doesn't have email. He is going to copyright the method soon. Snuffy spent 2 tours in Nam, the first with the 1st Cav. Dennis Loop E co recon, 1/52-70-71
    Dennis Loop <vvet71@aol.com>
    Spring , Tx USA - Monday, October 09, 2006 at 17:42:07 (EDT)

    I was whiskey two zero
    Fletch <fletchw20"at"comcastdot.net>
    USA - Monday, October 09, 2006 at 16:22:53 (EDT)

    Call signs: I remember 2/1 was "Fighter" and one of the other batallions was "Boxer." As A Company's 3rd Platoon Leader ('66-'67), I was "Fighter Alpha Three Six", my Platoon Sergeant "Three Five," etc. with RTO's having the suffix "Yankee." There was a really fat book called Signal Operating Instructions (SOI), with daily codes and such, that we usually completely ignored. The Brigade kept the same call signs for at least a year and it was common to braodcast location coordinates and other information in the clear. I have always thought that we probably, typically and to our cost, underestimated the ability of the VC and the NVA to use these unguarded communications to pretty well know the who and where of our operations. I hope things got more secure later on.
    Jim Armstrong <jimarmatpacific.net>
    CA USA - Monday, October 09, 2006 at 11:30:56 (EDT)

    Anyone remember their call signs?
    will whalen <wwwillymonATcs.com>
    Boston, Ma USA - Monday, October 09, 2006 at 08:15:46 (EDT)

    I'm still looking for the 25 Engineers from the 175th Combat Engs. that were transferred to the 196th Inf. units. We were sent to 2-1,3-21,4-31 in Nov. 1967. Does anybody have any info. on them. We were in Que Son Valley. LZs--East, West, Center, Ross, Baldy. Thanks, Ron
    ron <ronniepayne"at"adelphia.net>
    martinsville, va USA - Friday, October 06, 2006 at 20:17:55 (EDT)

    I came over from A 2/12 4th inf.sometime in March or April of `67. I believe I`m confusing the 4th W/ the 196th.I don`t remember many buddys there. I do remember getting into a lot of trouble on r&r. We moved to a place up by China Beach I believe; called Suicide Hill & took over from the Marines. I also recall chasing a sniper & walked into an ambush. They also had us dig up some graves to see what they died from.If anyone remembers more please drop an E-Mail (giovovet@yahoo.com) THANXS
    John M. Giovo <giovovet@yahoo.com>
    Carthage, N.Y. USA - Thursday, October 05, 2006 at 12:54:55 (EDT)

    it has been a long time!3/21 or 3/82
    Larry Seyler <lhurst at msn.com>
    lyndhurst, n.j. USA - Thursday, October 05, 2006 at 05:40:13 (EDT)

    Tom, I can't get your email address to work. John Reinerd, a medic in D Co. 2/1 196th, was in the unit with you (68 - 69). He is trying to contact old friends. Your name is on the list he gave me. Please contact me. Thanks
    Lee Benedict <leebenedict@yahoo.com>
    Moberly, MO USA - Tuesday, October 03, 2006 at 19:45:51 (EDT)

    We were also issued "noise suppressors" (silencers) for our M16's in Echo Recon 1/46 in Summer 1970. And for our snipers' M14's (XM203's). (We were even offered a "shortened" and subsonic .458 cal. weapon, but turned it down.) The devices very effectively suppressed the muzzle noise. But they reduced the range of the sniper weapons, from, as I recall, 1100 to 900 meters. Also, if you had to fire your M16 on automatic, they got burned out quickly. They were also long and would catch on wait-a-minute vines in the triple canopy jungle out west of LZ Maryanne, so we didn't patrol with them on, but added them when we stopped or attacked. TOM
    Tom Schmitz <Tom Schmitz AT use.salvationarmy.org>
    Oneida, NY USA - Tuesday, October 03, 2006 at 13:19:01 (EDT)

    More on Roy's comments...I was with Recon 3/21 in '69 and we had noise suppressors on all our M16's. They worked very well and we didn't mind the extra weight and length at all, it was worth it. I remember quite a few "Mad Minutes" on FB East before we decommissioned it in September or October 1969. I ran into a guy in the Hospital in '70 or '71 who told me we had to retake East, I think i's designation was Hill 488, sometime later. Later, my brothers.
    Hank Ferraioli <hankfatrochester.rr.com>
    Rochester, NY USA - Monday, October 02, 2006 at 12:18:23 (EDT)

    I was in Tay Ninh, Vietnam in 1966/1967. I was in F Troop, 17th Armoured Cav. 196th Lighting Infantry Brigade. I would like to hear from anyone who was there at the same time I was. We left Ft. Devens on our way to the Panama, stopped in Long Beach, and Hello Vietnam.
    Ronald L. Dixon <dixrl@yahoo.com>
    Davisville, WV USA - Sunday, October 01, 2006 at 16:35:15 (EDT)

    I'm looking for the guy that has the 196 patch tatooed on his left arm, down in Kokomo,in. the weekend of 16 of Sept.He had a 196 patch on his vest,and was suppose to e-mail me the #'s for the patch. THANKS ZEKE
    MOKENA, IL. USA - Saturday, September 30, 2006 at 16:55:44 (EDT)

    Sept.29,1965 we were drafted into the U S ARMY.Met alot of great guys that spent 2 years together.Have a great day. LATER ZEKE
    MOKENA, IL. USA - Friday, September 29, 2006 at 10:17:32 (EDT)

    In reply to Swindle, I think that you may have your dates mixed up. I was there on May "12th" when Lz Baldy was hit. In fact it was my ticket back to the world. I was wounded while in a bunker on guard duty, medivaced out to DaNang and later to a hospital at Camp Oji in Japan where I recuperated for several months. The bunker next to mine was wiped out. Many gooks were found in the perimeter wire the next day but we also lost about a dozen guys. Baldy may have been hit also on the 28th, but I never heard about it.
    Doc Mercer
    USA - Thursday, September 28, 2006 at 20:01:51 (EDT)

    I was with the 156 signal platoon attached to 196 hqts from sept.1968 to may 1970. we supported LZ ROSS,CENTER & WEST.LATE 1969 WE MOVED TO HAWK HILL.DOES ANYONE REMEMBER MAY 28/29,1969 WHEN "BALDY" GOT HIT ? remember eddie meireles ? i would like to hear from anyone who was there also.e,mail me please. thanks,SWINDLE
    gregg swindle <greggswindleatyahoo.com>
    centre, al USA - Wednesday, September 27, 2006 at 23:09:59 (EDT)

    in reply to Roy. Don't use (at) in the e-mail use @ that way the spammers can't get to you. As for the silencers, no never heard about them. When I got there in Oct of 67 we had shotguns but shortly after that they took all of them away. We used to load up all tracers too on the mad minute and fire as fast as we could. I bet charlie wondered what the hell was going on when one of them started. We also would for entertainment call in fire missions for the 81's when we were on Center and try to blow up hooches around Center. I have one of Sgt Mills on tape calling one in. Those guys were pretty good as we could give them a left 5 or right 10 and they could do it by making half adjustments and the like. They had just as much fun as we did. Thats why there were very few hooches within sight of Center. Later Stoney
    stoney <jstone10atmsn.com>
    lexington, ne USA - Wednesday, September 27, 2006 at 22:10:36 (EDT)

    Yeah Stoney, I remember the mad minutes. I worked off of LZ Center in Recon 3/21 of the 196th. I loved the mad minutes except when I was sleeping. I carried a thumper for the first couple of months and I tried to get as many rounds as I could in the air before the first one hit. Sometimes I would take 2 M16s, one in each hand and let her rip. I loved to get tracers too. Sometime in August or so in 1970 the mad minutes were stopped. After that Center started getting probed by zappers. Two were killed in the wire by the cooks on guard duty one night. They had to lay bangalore torpedoes in the mine field to make a trail to the bodies for retrieval. I actually have a mad minute on tape. It is 36 years old now and I need to have it put on a cd. Now, here's one for you. Do you remember the silencers issued to some grunts? They called them noise suppressors because I think silencers are deemed illeagle according to the Genevia Convention rules of warefare. We had one of our guys with one on his 16. If he was a short distance away you could not tell where the sound came from when he fired. Anyway, I have been finding E 3/21 Recon of the 196th for a few months. I have found 26 that I served with and some of the older and some of the newer guys. It has been a roller coaster of emotion. I am planning a reunion for my brothers here in Silsbee, Texas this next April. So, any of Recon 3/21 of the 196th out there give me a shout. By the way Stoney I could not get threw on your email posted. Later my brothers===Roy
    Roy G. Stephens <grddlyman@ hughes.net>
    Silsbee, TX USA - Wednesday, September 27, 2006 at 17:22:41 (EDT)

    Yeah, Stoney I remember. I like to hear guys talk about vet get togethers.I'm not sure if I've even met a Vietnam vet in all these years. I was out eating yesterday and I saw an old guy (like me) walking past where I was sitting. I swear I saw an old faded burning worm on his baseball cap. I almost stopped him to ask, since I don't see very well anymore. It was probably just my imaginaton.
    USA - Wednesday, September 27, 2006 at 00:44:05 (EDT)

    Just came home from a get together with some vet friends. We were certified tonite for military funerals. Anyway we were talking old times and (mad minute) came up. We had a lot of laughs and does anyone out there remember the Mad Minutes. Stoney A 3/21 1968
    Stoney <jstone10atmsn.com>
    Lexington, Ne USA - Tuesday, September 26, 2006 at 23:19:19 (EDT)

    I cant seem to access the Newsletter to verify the date....BUT did anyone go to the C 4/31 meeting/convention? let me know how it went. Thank you.
    GILBERT "FRENCHIE" MANASSELIAN <namratsathotmaildotcom>
    fresno, ca USA - Monday, September 25, 2006 at 00:42:03 (EDT)

    From 1968; I'm looking for fellow grunt photographer I think was in A Co. 4/31. I was D 4/31 with the waterproof Nikonos. He had a Minolta SRT101. If you know his name please pass it on. Thanks.
    Steve Uppman <SFUppmanatMSN.com>
    Minneapolis, MN USA - Saturday, September 23, 2006 at 21:52:51 (EDT)

    Somehow the evil computer guy caused me to close my former e-mail address, so I had to open this new one, ALL THE GUYS THAT I HAD IN MY ADDRESS BOOK WERE WIPED OUT."PLEASE" SEND ME AN E-MAIL SO I CAN RE-BUILD MY BOOK. CO.B 3/21 65-67.
    DENNIS PASSWATER <passwater_dennis@yahoo.com>
    USA - Thursday, September 21, 2006 at 14:09:14 (EDT)

    Hi men, I'm looking for an original from Co B, 2\1. 1st. platoon from Ft. Devens to Tay Ninh (1965-1967). His name is Bernie Owens. He's from Clinton, Ny, which is outside of Utica NY. He lived on College St. He was a good buddy. I got together this weekend with Nicky Capezzera and Andy Fasciana. Bernie was part of the crew. If anybody have info, please send it to me. I'm trying to get the original platoon back in formation. My name is Phil Conrad and phone number is 585.266.3677. I am proud to be a member of the 196th. The best unit the army ever had. Thanks
    Phil Conrad <fastphil@rochester.rr.com>
    rochester 14622, NY USA - Thursday, September 21, 2006 at 14:06:22 (EDT)

    JERRY R.ANDERS[Andy] <jerryanders67@hotmail.com>
    monmouth, IL USA - Thursday, September 21, 2006 at 00:55:06 (EDT)

    To all of you 4-31 Polar Bears, As a current 11B with 4-31 A.Co @ Fort Drum, I just want to take this moment to thank all of you for your brave service that has continued to guide us today. 4-31 is currently serving in Iraq once again and following the example that you warriors have given us. From the present to the past I salute you my brothers. Polar Bears!
    Peter Moffitt <petemoffitt@yahoo.com>
    Ft Drun, NY USA - Tuesday, September 19, 2006 at 01:07:54 (EDT)

    Good suggestion, except I'm just as bad about getting the newsletter out on time... Ken McKenzie, Editor.

    News Letter & Dues: Ken every time I get the news letter there is good news and bad news. The good news is the I get the news letter and the bad news is I forgot to send in my dues ( I always feel bad about that and I bet I am not the only one) What I want to suggest is to have the dues come due when the news letter comes out. Bill "Wildchild" Linnartz Recon 196th E Co.3/21 67-68-69. Later Brothers
    Bill Linnartz <blinnartz"AT"westlakehardware.com>
    CENTERVIEW , MO USA - Monday, September 18, 2006 at 13:50:57 (EDT)

    Still looking for members of Aco 4/31 196th 3rd plt. 70 to 71 e-mail me swampy70_71@yahoo.com to name a few Ellis / Willson/ Werner / McMillian
    John Webre <swampy70_71"at"yahoo.com>
    Pensacola , Fl USA - Sunday, September 17, 2006 at 14:42:40 (EDT)

    the church that i attend is trying to fill 150 boxes to send to our troops in iraq. the items include sunscreen-chapstick-eye drops-gum- slim jims-hard candy-toothpaste and tooth brush and many other items. the web site is www.cotcfamily.com if any of you would like to make a momotery donation mark it project solder tree and mail it to churh of the cross 5051 26 st w bradenton, fl 34207. the last day for donations is nov 5 so that it can be shipped for veterans day. thanks for any help
    jim gray d 3/21 and hhc196 67/68 <mrtirejpg>
    bradenton, fl USA - Saturday, September 16, 2006 at 19:00:24 (EDT)

    196th 2/1, March '67-'68. Correction to my previous entry. My Dad Rodney Gilbertson was in D company. Also, I know he was a squad leader, 3rd platoon 3rd squad. Injured during the Tet Offensive. Thank you
    Molly Hintz <m.mhintz@sbcglobal.net>
    beaver dam, wi USA - Tuesday, September 12, 2006 at 18:23:24 (EDT)

    196th 2/1 (C-company, I think) '67-'68. This is for my Dad, he was shot on Feb 7 '68. My Dad's name is Rodney Gilbertson, "Gillie". One of his buddies, while in Vietnam was Willie Rheault. I know that Willie didn't make it out, he died Feb 7 '68, although all the records say it was Feb 8th. I am desperate to find someone out there who knew my Dad. He has tried, but has been unsuccessful at locating anyone so far. Please help me if you can.
    Molly Hintz <m.mhintz@sbcglobal.net>
    beaver dam, wi USA - Tuesday, September 12, 2006 at 12:11:35 (EDT)

    I am here on behalf of my brother. He was a member of the 196th, and the only other information I have at this moment is C Company. His name is Terry Chris, and I'm attempting to help him receive a medal (Bronze or Silver Star I believe). I'm looking for personnel or information concerning the 196th and Hill 151. Any and all assistance will be greatly appreciated by both of us!
    Vince Chris <turborodathotmail.com>
    Grayson, LA USA - Monday, September 11, 2006 at 23:22:46 (EDT)

    Looking for anyone from Co C 2nd/1st inf. I was with them from 3/72 til 6/72. I was medivaced about the first of May. The only name I remember is Jimmy (Peanut) Randall. Thanks Danny (D A Hoople) Mott
    Danny D Mott <papasan3711@aol.com>
    Zavalla, TX USA - Monday, September 11, 2006 at 20:58:46 (EDT)

    Looking for members of Delta 2/1 196th. Viet Nam 70-71
    Kerry Cooper <coop196atbellsouth.net>
    Irondale, AL USA - Monday, September 11, 2006 at 17:45:47 (EDT)

    Need photo of 1LT THOMAS J. WILEY KIA 13 May 1972. 1LT Wiley was assigned to the 196th Infantry Brigade, 23rd Infantry, and was Aircraft Commander of a UH-1H helicopter operating out of Hue-Phu Bai in Thua Thien-Hue Province, South Vietnam and was shot in the face with an AK-47 round while checking to insure targets were NVA. Am working on a shadow box to present to my brother who was one of 1LT Wiley's best friends. My brother and 1LT Wiley both graduated from Northeast Louisiana State College the same year, and then the same flight class, and then were assigned to South Vietnam the same time. Would appreciate a photo of 1LT Wiley to place in the shadow box. Many thanks in advance to anyone who can assist me. Very Respectfully, Donny Dennis
    DONNY DENNIS <dennisdw@hughes.net>
    ATLANTA, TX USA - Sunday, September 10, 2006 at 16:02:21 (EDT)

    Anyone have an Alpha Roster for A2/1 1967-1968 Thanks
    Mike <KhamDuc68VetatAol.com>
    ca USA - Saturday, September 09, 2006 at 09:50:10 (EDT)

    Does anyone have after acton reports for A/2/4 for the periods 3-15-69 to 3-23-69?
    George Sanders <gsanders@kans.com>
    Staffford, Ks USA - Saturday, September 02, 2006 at 21:46:35 (EDT)

    Need to add some info from my last post,Re:For My brother Joe Korpiewski, He was was an F/o for the 82nd Artillery of the 196th- 4/31. Also, he has been looking for (as memory serves) a Lt. Roy Hodgson from Atlanta Ga. served together in the que son valley regon Many thanks to all, Richard Korpiewski
    richard korpiewski <richkorp@comcast.net>
    whately, Ma USA - Friday, September 01, 2006 at 00:53:24 (EDT)

    My brother Joe Korpiewski(Ski) was an FO in the 196th, 66-Jan68, attached to the 4/31. He's been looking to get in touch with any one serving in the 4/31 during that time, especially thoes involved with Hill 445, FSB-LZ-West, on or about 10 June 67. Thank you, Richard Korpiewski
    Richard Korpiewski <richkorp@comcast.net>
    whately, ma USA - Thursday, August 31, 2006 at 23:05:08 (EDT)

    i was in the,hht 1/1 cav. americal div.in khe-sahn 1970/71 armored div.
    jake bienemann <debbiebienemann@sbcglobal.net>
    rockford, ill USA - Thursday, August 31, 2006 at 22:49:23 (EDT)

    Hi all, I was assigned to B battery, 3/82nd on LZ Center from January 1, 1969 to December 30, 1969. However I spent the first 7 months with D company 3/21st,196 LIB. as a recon sergent and acting FO. The only person I have kept in touch with is Ron Hagen...he was one of our medics. Is there anyone out there who I may have humped with, or called artillery for ? Scott
    James "Scott" LaGreca <slagr11"at"hotmail.com>
    Fountain Hills, AZ USA - Thursday, August 31, 2006 at 10:48:02 (EDT)

    I just visited the post that Skeeter (Harold) and I belonged were affiliated with. Looking at a catalogue with patches. The burning rope! Skeeter was so proud of it. I have sent previous notes to the email trying to find comrads that were with him in Nam. I know many didn't make it home, as the commander at our post did some research on it and stated the numbers at his memorial service we had at our post. He made it home but not without harm. If you have read my notes prior he passed away on Feb 22nd, 2005. He served in 1967-1968 C company 4/31. I met him after he had come back from Vietnam while he was stationed in Fort Carson, Colorado. We were got back together in 1995 and he finally met his daughter. He had many demons from the war and he was able to finally deal with them after he came here to CT and spoke to others at the post who had been there done that. If you knew Skeeter (Harold) Menzie you would not have forgotten him. He was a character! If any of you guys remember him please email me. Thanks Sandy
    Sandy Menzie <scalabrese7975-atsbcglobal.net>
    New Milford, CT USA - Thursday, August 31, 2006 at 04:36:29 (EDT)

    My great friend RAY CAMPLIN was a member of your great outfit in 71-72. Ray is finally starting to open up now but is reluctant to inquire on his own if anyone would remember him. Ray was in 3/21.He says that he has a certificate stating that he was on the last mission in NAM. pLEASE CONTACT ME IF YOU KNOW RAY. THANKS
    Dave Twombly <cebu1945@yahoo.com>
    Chicago, Il. USA - Wednesday, August 30, 2006 at 20:33:42 (EDT)

    I have a copy of the March, 1968 battery roster for D Btry, 3/82. I can email it to anyone that may want a copy.
    Jim Pongonis <japongonis"at"ala.net>
    Dothan, AL USA - Wednesday, August 30, 2006 at 18:14:50 (EDT)

    J.M. SENIUK!!!! The email address you posted doesn't work either. Please go to www.charliegrunts.com and join we former members of C 2/1 at the reunion in Decatur, Alabama in a couple of weeks. Contact the website administrator, Larry Harper, for the password to the Roster and see if there's anyone you know who has been found. So far, we have about 170 names!
    Gary Capshaw <kiteria@cablerocket.com>
    Denison, TX USA - Wednesday, August 30, 2006 at 18:02:52 (EDT)

    Looking for Randy Robertson A Co. 2/1 67-68
    Robertson <KhamDuc68Vet>
    Ventura, CA USA - Wednesday, August 30, 2006 at 09:20:56 (EDT)

    my name is john bennett served c/co 4/31 67-68 2nd platoon 3rd squad nickname 'sparrow' looking for anyone from this unit or a guy nicknamed 'froggy' have alot of great pictures from my time in the country. thanks jben101937@aol.com.
    john bennett <jben101937@aol.com>
    southampton, n.y. USA - Tuesday, August 29, 2006 at 10:33:00 (EDT)

    DANNY MOTT!!!!!! The email address you left in your post is incomplete and unusable. We have recently discovered the existance of 3 seperate groups of C 2/1 Veterans and we are holding a joint reunion in Decatur, Alabama on Sept 15-17. There will be guys there from all time periods of C 2/1's service in Vietnam. Check out the website www.charliegrunts.com and contact the website originator, Larry Harper, for more information.
    Gary Capshaw <kiteria@cablerocket.com>
    Denison, Tx USA - Tuesday, August 29, 2006 at 07:15:45 (EDT)

    members of 2/1, i just did an interview for v.f.w. magazine for their september issue about the 196th involvement in the queson valley jan 3-10. hope the story helps us all remember those members of 2/1 3/21 4/31 who lost their lives during this tough emgagement and all others who died in vietnam. for me it was a trip back into hell. thanks again to those heroes of A 4/31 who came in the dark to save their fellow .j.m. seniuk c/2/1 67-68
    j.m. seniuk <josephs@tds.com>
    USA - Monday, August 28, 2006 at 19:26:14 (EDT)

    Looking for anyone who was with Aco 4/31 196th 3rd plt vietnam 70-71.
    john webre <swampy70_71"at"yahoo.com>
    Pensacola , Florida USA - Sunday, August 27, 2006 at 16:39:41 (EDT)

    Looking for anyone from Co. C 2nd/1st inf. I was with them from Mar 72 til June 72. I was medivaced around 1st of May. The only name I remember is Jimi (Peanut) Randall. Thanks Danny (D A Hoople) Mott.
    Danny D Mott <papasan3711"at".com>
    Zavalla, TX USA - Sunday, August 27, 2006 at 14:02:21 (EDT)

    Looking for anyone who may have been in D CO, 3RD BN, 21ST INFANTRY, 196 INF BDE, June 1968. Thanks, Dennis
    Dennis <Dennymous-at-Yahoo.com>
    Biloxi, MS USA - Tuesday, August 22, 2006 at 19:21:24 (EDT)

    I got my newsletter today; thanks, Ken, for sending them even with my absurdly over-due dues. I'll renew tomorrow. I was surprised to see that the 2/1 is in Iraq, perhaps one of the units returned there after a week home. I thought an email to my current counterpart (3rd Platoon Leader, A 2/1) might be some value, but I can't find any way to do send one; the webpage is down and the 172 Stryker BCT does not list them as part of the unit. If anyone thinks that trying to make contact with current members of any of the 196th Units is a good idea, how do you do it?
    Jim Armstrong <jimarmatpacific.net>
    CA USA - Monday, August 21, 2006 at 19:07:13 (EDT)

    Please, if anyone knew my Father "LILBURN WAYNE FINSTER" Anyone who knew him or is familiar with. Please e-mail me katnseth@yahoo.com The info I have is 3/21 Inf. Batt. 196TH Inf. Bregade Nam 1971-72. Danang Vietnam.
    Daughter of LILBURN WAYNE FINSTER <katnseth@yahoo.com>
    everett, wa USA - Monday, August 21, 2006 at 18:15:35 (EDT)

    Trying to find anyone who knew or was with his company..My Father is LILBURN WAYNE FINSTER. I am his daughter Kathy and my Father would like to get in contact with anyone who knew him please. The info I have is DANANG VIETNAM 1971-1972, 3/21ST INFRANTRY BATT. 196TH. Please, if any one knew him or was with this company, Please e-mail me.
    Kathy <katnseth@yahoo.com>
    Everett, Wa USA - Monday, August 21, 2006 at 18:02:41 (EDT)

    Fellas, I have photos of around the LZ Center area and also photos of all over the country. If you want a copy of the cd, contact me at my email site. I'm selling the cd for $8.00, total. That includes everything.
    curtis gilliland <saigon42503@alltel.net>
    somerset, ky USA - Saturday, August 19, 2006 at 11:00:47 (EDT)

    Don't forget to change the 'at' in my email address with @. Also, more info on my uncle : he was at Da Nang and Chu Lai and LZ West and Siberia from 1969 to early 1971 I believe. Thanks much.
    Kevin Affeldt <kgaffeldt at wisc.edu>
    USA - Wednesday, August 16, 2006 at 15:18:20 (EDT)

    I am trying to research the actions of my uncle in the Nam in 4/31 of the 196th. His name was Jim Kabat. If anyone remembers him or has any info please let me know. I see him several times during the summer to fish and would like to discuss these things with him. Thanks to all you Nam vets. God bless.
    Kevin Affeldt <kgaffeldt at wisc.edu>
    WI USA - Wednesday, August 16, 2006 at 15:13:04 (EDT)

    jim i agree with you about the spam . although it would be nice not to have to look at it. it does get old after a while. i am going to talk to a couple of computer geeks
    jim gray d 3/21 and hhc196 67/68 <mrtirejpg>
    bradenton, USA - Tuesday, August 15, 2006 at 18:19:17 (EDT)

    Ken: The spam problem is little more than an annoyance to me. I read the posts every day and appreciate everyone's ideas and input, whether from my 196th "era" or not. Perhaps you could give access to spam deleting authority to a few of us to clean up when you are busy elsewhere. Otherwise, just do what you can, when you can and we can all cope. Thanks for your efforts.
    Jim Armstrong <jimarmatpacific.net>
    CA USA - Tuesday, August 15, 2006 at 17:49:23 (EDT)

    Keep up the great job Ken. Do what you have to keep the junk out of the guest book. Maybe shut it down for a couple days. What ever you decide.
    john webre <swampy70_71"at"yahoo.com>
    Pensacola , Fl USA - Tuesday, August 15, 2006 at 15:55:33 (EDT)

    ken i belong to 3 diff huntting boards and we have no prob with this kind of stuff there all part of proboards.com you have to log in to each one and you have a large amount of diff sub pan.to go to as chapel jokes duck deer fish you get the idea! it takes a little set up time vist the campfire see it maybe it will work !you wont have too worry about this crap any more we dont!!!!
    mike campbell <sgtcampb"at " yahoo.com>
    sun prairie, wi USA - Tuesday, August 15, 2006 at 15:49:07 (EDT)

    Ken, your doing a fantastic job, I am sure that whatever option you decide to take we will back you 100%. We appreciate all that you have done and all that you keep doing for all of us. Take Care and again Thank You from one of the guys!
    Jon Burns <jonkburnsatverizon.net>
    Wimberley, TX USA - Tuesday, August 15, 2006 at 14:51:23 (EDT)

    Thanks for all your support and comments on the SPAM issue. It is a common problem and we are looking into a solution. A forum system that would require sign-up and log-on for anyone wanting to write something is one method, and we are planning to add such a feature. The guestbook was designed to allow anyone to enter comments without a log-on ID so we wouldn't discourage people from entering comments. As you can see, the SPAMMERS take advantage of the situation and add their crap. Most of the SPAM is entered by programs that search the web for guestbooks and enter the ads automatically. The ads are not entered by "people" so there is no way to appeal to them to stop. Prior to adding the authentication keyword we were loaded every day with SPAM and I was able to track the provider it came from and threaten them with action if they didn't put a stop to their customers that were entering the SPAM. With the keyword authentication, I can no longer track the SPAMMERS since I no longer can see their address. It is actually much easier to just erase the SPAM on a daily basis. The main problem in solving the problem is my limited programming knowledge and TIME. I am working away from home two weeks a month and hardly have time to get my personal business done. I'm hoping that I can devote a little more time to solving this problem and making the website more enjoyable for everyone in the future. Bare with me for a while and we'll make it better. Thanks, Ken McKenzie - Editor

    I agree, shut it down for awhile, very frustrating, how do you do it Ken? Good luck, I miss the regular postings from brothers. Thanks for your' efforts on our' behalf. ED.
    edward <sargent196infantry"at"msn.com>
    evergreen, Co USA - Tuesday, August 15, 2006 at 08:39:58 (EDT)

    I belong to several other forums and NONE of them have the spam problem that goes on this website. They all have a password and perhaps its what is needed here. Perhaps if someone either instituted a password program/membership or contacted other forums as to how they resolved the problem on their end it would be beneficial to our website. Currently its out of control especially on the week ends. or the other suggestion is to have someone "on spam control duty" during the week ends. I am certain a volunteer can be requested.
    just me again <namratsathotmaildotcom>
    USA - Monday, August 14, 2006 at 23:53:08 (EDT)

    Ken why dont you just shut down the guest book for a few days and see what happens. if these idiots cant get thru several times maybe they will quit sending that junk. i guess its worth a try
    jim gray d 3/21 and hhc196 67/68 <mrtirejpg>
    bradenton, fl USA - Monday, August 14, 2006 at 17:43:17 (EDT)

    Served as squad leader Co. A 2/1 1st Squad, third plt., from March 67 to March 68. Alot of good memories, alot of bad.
    Wess "Pete" Peterson <robnwess8atAol.com>
    Rochester, Wa USA - Sunday, August 13, 2006 at 23:26:45 (EDT)

    I was assigned to the 823d Supply Co., in Chu Lai, from my arrival in Aug 68 till May of 69 when the unit was disbanded. I was then reassigned to the 176th Aviation. Is there anybody out there that remembers the unit?
    Trib Medina <re0io72-at-verizon.net>
    USA - Sunday, August 13, 2006 at 11:43:54 (EDT)

    This from a friend in the Birddog assoc. "Sam's father was a Rotary Wing Aviator in the Army having served two tours in Vietnam. His early days there were in Piston-powered Helos and he finished his second tour in Charlie Model gunships. While going thru his physical for his second tours' R&R, Cancer was discovered. James Taplin left us in May, 1970 in his mid-thirties . In letters Jim (nickname Tap) wrote to Sam's Mom back then, all we found about which unit he was assigned to was the 196th Aviation Company. That's all the info we have. We are looking for any information on the 196th Avn. Co. which anyone might be willing to share with us. I'd pass on more info to you if I had it, but there it is. If possible , we'd like to contact others in that unit whom might have known Tap. Sam would REALLY like to talk to others whom knew her Dad back then. We don't know where the 196th was located, their mission, or anything else, so any additional information would be hugely appreciated." I'll relay to them.
    Troy <TC4L19atAOL.COM>
    RIVERSIDE, CA USA - Sunday, August 13, 2006 at 00:22:58 (EDT)

    Looking for anyone from co c 2nd/1st inf. I was with them from 3/72 till 6/72. I was medivaced about the first of May. The only name I remember is Jimi (Peanut) Randall. Thanks Danny (DA Hoople) Mott.
    Danny Mott <papasan3711"at"aol.com>
    Zavalla, TX USA - Tuesday, August 08, 2006 at 19:52:08 (EDT)

    the 175th engs. are haveing a reunion in mi. aug. 25th, 26thand the 27th. it's been a long time i hope to see a lot of u guys there. and don't forget the 196th reunion in ky. next july if you go i know you will have a good time. the offs. always do a good job, you will not be disappointed.
    don maxfield
    prospect pk., nj USA - Tuesday, August 08, 2006 at 05:39:10 (EDT)

    Hey guys been off for a while computer went boom but shes up and running again still looking for you old coots from 71/72 bco 3rd 21st 196th heaston,ross,bruce,reehoon,alexion,carroll,rosales,gach,brustmeyer,callaway,oster, earl taylor,atkinson, if your out there give me a holler or a e-mail im around 24/7 ive found a few of the other grunts and i have pics to share with you from back then harry/sgt campbell/mike
    mike campbell <sgt campb"at"yahoo.com>
    sun prairie, wi USA - Monday, August 07, 2006 at 16:27:48 (EDT)

    Looking for old friends from 196th in Da Nang 1/1972-8/18/1972. Some remember me by the Nickname O D Green.
    Gary Lee Green <specialist_green@yahoo.com>
    Shoreline, Wa USA - Sunday, August 06, 2006 at 19:57:48 (EDT)

    I see that we still have those Salesmen still trying to sell their wares on our site. Maybe they don't get that much business over in the Old Country. They would be better off trying to sell us Arthritis meds, Bandaids and Bandages, instead of the stuff we took as young veterans. I guess they don't know that the VA gives us our 4 Blue Pills per month or is it 2 pills (to be split in half), think they sent me the new pills ( newer type and longer lasting) starting a couple of months ago. I'm still waiting to have the reaction they say might happen (the wished for 4-6 hour erection), that if it happens, I'm supposed to see my physician............YEAH RIGHT!!!!!!! Anyway..........all you Burning Ropes.........Burns says Hello and passes on his best wishes to all. All A co. 1/46th from 71-72.
    Jon Burns <jonkburnsatverizon.net>
    Wimberley, TX USA - Saturday, August 05, 2006 at 11:24:25 (EDT)

    Looking for someone who knew my husband. Sp/4 James Cartwright served with 196th Co.B 8th support Battalion, Feb 67- Oct 67.Chu Lai I Believe operation Junction City? He went over with the 9th division, but when he got to Vietnam, he was transfered to 196th.
    Katherine Cartwright <lesterj84@somd.net>
    Salisbury, Md USA - Friday, August 04, 2006 at 18:59:36 (EDT)

    Any one out there that was with Aco 4/31 196th 3rd platoon 70 to 71. Garyling Wilson / James McMillian. if you see this e-mail me.
    john webre <swampy70_71"at"yahoo.com>
    Pensacola , Florida USA - Wednesday, August 02, 2006 at 19:03:24 (EDT)

    i'm looking for anyone who was with e company recon, 3/21, during 71-72. thanks
    Jim <b1gr0ck@yahoo.com>
    monroe, mi USA - Wednesday, August 02, 2006 at 16:08:15 (EDT)

    on my 1st tour in the 4thinf div it was stones & jones and we killed chinaman took back to toc to show them were not bsing
    ed corman <quickone196@hotmail.com>
    lincoln , ne USA - Wednesday, August 02, 2006 at 14:16:30 (EDT)

    I was with E Company 3/21 196th from Dec. 1967 to Sept. 1968. Our platoon was called the Assassins and we worked with our sister platoon Specter. Would like to here from any body who was with this unit. A great group of guys. God bless all of you men if the 196th.
    bert markway <bertmarkway@sbcglobal.net>
    st. louis, mo. USA - Wednesday, August 02, 2006 at 12:33:13 (EDT)

    for those that do not know. the news letter is available on the home page of the 196.org web site.
    jim gray d 3/21 and hhc196 67/68 <mrtirejpg>
    bradenton, fl USA - Tuesday, August 01, 2006 at 18:50:27 (EDT)

    Keep coming in here to find members of 2nd Platoon A Co 2-1 Inf, 196th LIB from Sept 71-June 72. Have made contact with Jack Burd, Steve Wilson, Ken Jasper, Steve Scholes, and Bob Horan who was XO of A Co at the time. Would like to get together with platoon members at the 2007 Reunion!
    John Woyansky <woyanskyjg@msn.com>
    Colonial Heights, VA USA - Tuesday, August 01, 2006 at 10:28:17 (EDT)

    Could someone send me a copy of the current news letter. Ron
    HUNTSVILLE, AL USA - Tuesday, August 01, 2006 at 09:50:36 (EDT)

    In the late summer of 1970, Echo Recon 1/46 spotted two apparent non-Asian collaborators, one Black, one white, just east of LZ Maryanne. They were sighted, and took off, just as we fired up a small VC patrol washing in the Song Vang River. We thought it was the ex-Marine turncoat, called by the VC and NVA "Bob" or "Bac" (later, Bobby Garwood). We reported the incident, and requested an AO extension south, to go bag them. But we were ordered to hold fast, and were told 196 Brigade scrambled the Blue Ghost Blues to try to snatch them. That operation was unsuccessful. Garwood was reportedly nowhere near our AO in summer 1970. There were also Intsum reports of French collaborators west of Chu Lai and Tam Ky, and west of Danang, a possible "Chinese" KIA, and several Russian radio-intercept "advisors". LT
    Tom Schmitz <Tom Schmitz AT use.salvationarmy.org>
    Oneida, NY USA - Tuesday, August 01, 2006 at 08:42:33 (EDT)

    Garwood was a marine and operated in northern I corps. He repatriated 9 years later with a slap on his wrist.The guys you are probably thinking of were supposedly in our AO. During early TET 68 my Recon team knocked down a 'big' guy that appeared to be caucasian (was wearing a GI pancho) with the 'sniper' rifle; he was dragged back into the woodline by the little people he was with. I will add that the guy in question was very animated, pointing and gesturing as if he was leading the groupe. Don't remember the shooters name, but he was a junior grade. It was a fantistic shot of close to 1000 meters. At the time we were on the high groung observing NVA coming into the 196th AO I spent 31 months in the southern I corps AO and heard the rumor of 'salt & pepper' and it was never verified. "out here"
    "Grunt Medic"
    USA USA - Monday, July 31, 2006 at 16:33:00 (EDT)

    The salt and pepper story reminded me of ROBERT R GARWOOD...here is the link to it http://www.miafacts.org/menupg.htm#garwood I do recall reading about it when it happened...kind of bizarre.
    GILBERT "FRENCHIE" MANASSELIAN <namratsathotmaildotcom>
    USA - Monday, July 31, 2006 at 00:06:34 (EDT)

    Roy - go to the link and read down a little - it will have a link to another page with research on the "Salt & Pepper" story - http://home.earthlink.net/~gt3d/Page_Rumors1.html
    Jack Krohn <captjack50.yahoo>
    A.3/21.71, Republic of Texas - Sunday, July 30, 2006 at 22:45:11 (EDT)

    i took the time today to go back and look at the previous news letters available on this web site. it was very interesting to read all of them keep up the good work we really do appreciate the good work
    jim gray d 3/21 and hhc196 67/68 <mrtirejpg>
    bradenton, fl USA - Sunday, July 30, 2006 at 15:56:44 (EDT)

    We had a guy in B4/31 named Rocky in 68 he was from I think Joliet Ill. I wonder if it could be the same guy.
    Lonnie Leech <lonnieleechathotmail.com>
    Denver, USA - Sunday, July 30, 2006 at 13:38:28 (EDT)

    Hey guys, In 1970 I heard a story. There were two guys deserted and started helping the enemy. They were called Salt and Pepper. They were supposedly in our area of operations and I worked off of LZ Center. Is this a true story or not? I do not know. Give me some feedback brothers. Roy
    Roy G. Stephens <grddlyman@ hughes.net>
    Silsbee, TX USA - Sunday, July 30, 2006 at 01:50:04 (EDT)

    I forgot to Rocky's last name, BLEIER. Sorry about that.
    DENNIS PASSWATER <thepasswaters"at" yahoo.com>
    Roseville, OH USA - Saturday, July 29, 2006 at 20:28:12 (EDT)

    Being a STEELER fan since early '70's, my wife bought a (4) tape set of "DECADE of CHAMPIONS. One of the tapes is all about Rocky. As I was watching it, the message of him being drafted into the Army. I almost fell off the couch when it said 196th. Co.D 4/31. I have tried to get a e-mail to him, no luck yet. He does motivation speaking now days. I just thought if he saw this or anyone has a e-mail address, please send it to me. Thanks!!! B 3/21 65-67, Tay Ninh.
    DENNIS PASSWATER <thepasswaters"at" yahoo.com>
    Roseville, OH USA - Saturday, July 29, 2006 at 15:49:40 (EDT)

    I was a member of Co.B, 8th Spt Bn Jun 67 to Jun 68
    Steven L Clausen <stevec@180com.net>
    Billings, MT USA - Saturday, July 29, 2006 at 15:22:57 (EDT)

    This is being submitted for a friend. "I served in D Co. 2/1 from Mar 68 to Dec 68. I started at 1st platoon medic, but served as medic for all three during my tour. Was senior medic 3-4 months. Thought I would never forget everyone's names, but time and age make you forget. I carried a camera and took lots of pics. Probably have pictures of most everyone who served during my tour. I had "Mexico, MO" stenciled on my helmut. Would like to hear from anyone who served with me - George Bradley, etc..."
    Lee Benedict <leebenedict@yahoo.com>
    Moberly, MO USA - Saturday, July 29, 2006 at 13:54:23 (EDT)

    Lopez, where you ever with D-co. 1st platoon 2/1 196th? Welcome home! Ron.D/2/1 196th 1st. plt. 67-68.
    va USA - Thursday, July 27, 2006 at 23:07:39 (EDT)

    Glad to be home with all the brothers of the 196th. This is my first time signing in. Served 2nd/1stInf as scout in Ashau Valley, kham Duc, ChuLai. Wounded May 10th 1968 at a remote Special Forces Camp called Kham Duc. 956-221-2856.
    Sgt. Sam Lopez aka "Loco" <tiny@sc2000.net>
    McAllen, Tx USA - Thursday, July 27, 2006 at 00:44:55 (EDT)

    I have not recieved the news letter yet I would like to find out about the reunion so I can contact some brothers who dont recieve it either.Thanks Ron
    Ron Davison <rufraod@aol.com>
    Fontana, Ca. USA - Wednesday, July 26, 2006 at 15:08:10 (EDT)

    Ken, great job on the News Letter. Thanks for your dedication. Anyone with info on Johnny R Anderson from page 6 in the news letter refer to my new email address below. Anyone from the last reunion that received maps of the Thanksgiving Day battle of Nov. 67 and Jan. 3rd-4th, 5th-6th of 68, I have an updated version with some changes and the honor roll has been added. Let me know if you want the updated version and I will bring them with me so copies can be made at the reunion.
    Ron Morenz <chgosouthsidemo 'at' aol.com>
    Mesa, Az USA - Wednesday, July 26, 2006 at 14:06:11 (EDT)

    for all of you who were in 3/21-Gimlets - http://tinypic.com/a9tv7l.jpg
    Jack Krohn <captjack50.yahoo>
    A.3/21.71, Republic of Texas - Wednesday, July 26, 2006 at 12:02:41 (EDT)

    REVEILLE - http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-2487638612433437293&q=reveille
    Jack Krohn <captjack50.yahoo>
    A.3/21.71, Republic of Texas - Monday, July 24, 2006 at 17:50:33 (EDT)

    interesting slide show - http://patriotfiles.org/VietnamWar.htm
    Jack Krohn <captjack50.yahoo>
    A.3/21.71, Republic of Texas - Friday, July 21, 2006 at 09:32:30 (EDT)

    For some strange reason the other night as I was drifting off to sleep I remembered the name of the guy who sat next to me on the flight to VN, October, 1969 We both ended up in the 196th, but he ended up in communications on Hawk Hill. Fortunate for me he handled the MARS program and whenever they were hooked up and I was on the Hill he would notify me so I could call home. My family and I will be forever grateful to him. His last name was Carr and he was from Ames, Iowa. Thank you, wherever you are.
    Ben Buehler <bueh4atnetins.net>
    USA - Thursday, July 20, 2006 at 23:39:14 (EDT)

    I'm looking for any info on what happened to: SSG Merl Cripe PFC Charles E. Phillips PFC Marion Watkins On Nov. 11th, 1966 Thanks!
    Annie <apatrick@ksn16.tv>
    MO USA - Thursday, July 20, 2006 at 16:18:56 (EDT)

    served with hhq 3/21 196th lib on lz center 1-68 1-69 as cook iam looking for the guys who lived in the bunker with us on the hill iam origenally from the bronx, new york was at fort lewis washington would like to chat .... hope to hear from some vets
    Richie <rmich1948@aol.com>
    alpharetta, ga USA - Thursday, July 20, 2006 at 11:58:56 (EDT)

    I am trying to find out if I have paid my dues to the association. I don't know who to get in touch with. Alpha 3/21 196LIB 69
    Charles " Duke " Ellington <elloptataol.com>
    Colonial Heights, VA USA - Wednesday, July 19, 2006 at 17:28:23 (EDT)

    Hi 196 brothers.... Maybe somebody can help. I'm looking for a ball hitch sleeve cover for my pickup with the 196 logo on it. Anybody make those, or are they available somewhere? Please direct me if you can. Take care everybody. (196th Headquarters Company, Commo Platoon. 1968-69)
    Neil Gray <ngray@barona.com>
    Lakeside, CA USA - Wednesday, July 19, 2006 at 11:42:53 (EDT)

    Looking for anyone who was with Aco 4/31 196th 3rd paltoon 1970 to 1971. If you remember e-mail me at swampy70_71@yahoo.com even if you were in 1st or 2nd paltoon.
    john webre <swampy70_71"at"yahoo.com>
    pensacola, fl USA - Wednesday, July 19, 2006 at 10:49:53 (EDT)

    196th 3/82 artil B battery 8-66 through about 8/67. Anyone know of guy named Gustav (Gus) Carlson from Connecticut. Putting some things in place for him to possibly find some more buddies. Also looking for any stories that someone can tell me about Gus. He is my Uncle and one hell of a great guy! Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Please e-mail me. Thanks
    Michael Pategas <mikebuick@yahoo.com>
    ia USA - Tuesday, July 18, 2006 at 15:48:49 (EDT)

    Paul: I'm pretty sure that 3/82 sailed on the Patch.
    Jim Armstrong <jimarmatpacific.net>
    CA USA - Tuesday, July 18, 2006 at 14:50:48 (EDT)

    I was unit cdr, of b co.2/1st inf. 196th inf bde, from november 1969 to june 1970. i would like to hear from the men i served with, at that time i really did not get to know them personnally. they were very good soldiers and worked very hard while we were there.
    joseph genereux <jgenereux@cfl.rr.com>
    ormond beach , fl USA - Tuesday, July 18, 2006 at 11:40:05 (EDT)

    I was with the original 196th at Fort Devins in 65. I am looking for the name of the ship the 3/82nd Arty was on on our passage to Viet Nam. Was it the Darby or the Patch. Thank You. I was also noticing all the talk about Malaria. I still had time in the service when I came home and was sent to Fort Riely Kansas in 1967. Sometime in late1967 or early 1968 I had an attack and was in the hospital for 5 days. My records state no Malarie found. I had a similar attack again in 2000 and it nearly killed me. it took over a year to completely recover. One of my PTSD doctors was reading my file and she said I definately had malaria. She should know what it looks like, she is from India or pakistan and has seen many cases of it. The VA disagreed with her, denied my claim, and said it was a strain of Lime Disease, but could not find any bite location. I have not been outside th US since Viet Nam and I do not live in an area wehre there would be any ticks. Thanks for the any info and for listening. Keep up this great site work.
    paul flynn <peflynn1atyahoo.com>
    stoughton, ma USA - Tuesday, July 18, 2006 at 11:03:36 (EDT)

    Hey brothers, I went through basic training with a couple of guys that I am looking for. Bill West and he was from Fort Worth, Texas. He went to the 101st airborne. He sent me pictures while he was there. Also a Robert Picnic who went to 3/21 of the 196th Charlie Company. He re-upped to get out of the field I think. He said Charlie Co. was in a lot of contact. One more is Robert Nolan and he was in Alpha 3/21 of the 196th. The last time I talked to him he had just got back from Heip Duc. Alpha was hit with a human wave attack. He told me about it and I am glad I was not there. It must have been the worst. So are you guys out there or does anybody remember them. I am on a hunt. I was in Recon 3/21 of the 196th all of 1970. Help me guys.
    Roy G. Stephens <grddlyman@ hughes.net>
    Silsbee, TX USA - Monday, July 17, 2006 at 22:21:19 (EDT)

    Ed, for all our bike brothers, check out this link in the Memphis Commercial Appeal. http://www.commercialappeal.com/mca/business/article/0,1426,MCA_440_4767379,00.html
    jim mcdowell <jmcd4749atbellsouth.net>
    USA - Monday, July 17, 2006 at 21:22:52 (EDT)

    Should be: "put a *meta name="robots" content="noindex,nofollow">* except replace "*" with""
    Jim Comer
    USA - Monday, July 17, 2006 at 21:12:40 (EDT)

    Warren,did you try this? 1. Keep your form pages off the search engines. Put a whereever you offer a form, like feedback pages, guestbooks, etc. If the robots don\'t know about the forms pages, the spammers won\'t easily find them, short of running their own crawler. 2. Change the form page\'s URL every other month or so. It takes some time for the spammers between harvesting forms pages URLs and using those URLs in their spam bots. By changing the URL regularly, you stay ahead of the spam.
    Jim Comer <jimcomeratguamcpa.com>
    Guam, USA - Monday, July 17, 2006 at 21:08:12 (EDT)

    Warren I hope this posting is appropiate. For those of you whom ride motorcycles (or not). There is a new assoc.- Combat Vets. Motorcycle Assoc. A great group. We ride Honor guard in Patriotic Events. Combat Vets from all eras are aboard. The reception we get is incredible, standind ovations, and more thank you for your' service salutations, are in the thousands, a far cry from the reception we recieved in "68". We are now 1300 strong; we want more members! Please check out this site, http://www.combatvet.org Sincerely, In Brotherhood and unity. Ed. Pro Patria.
    Edward Latini <sargent196infantry"at"msn.com>
    evergreen, Co USA - Monday, July 17, 2006 at 11:04:45 (EDT)

    There is a listing in the newsletter for a reunion of Charlie Co. 4/31 in Gettysburg in September. This is mainly for guys that served under Capt. Darrin in 1970. The Capt. will be hosting a small get together at his home during our stay. I am advising so that guys that served before this time aren't disappointed by coming and not knowing anyone.
    Chip Hummel <Rdhummel1at cs.com>
    Flourtown, PA USA - Monday, July 17, 2006 at 09:29:32 (EDT)

    After what we have been through brothers, these spamers don't mean nothing, don't mean a thing.They're just one more rice paddy to cross on our way home. Ron D-2-1 196th
    va USA - Monday, July 17, 2006 at 08:41:35 (EDT)

    Kinda bad when a bunch of old warriors (nice name for old Farts!), can't communicate with each other because of some wayword SOB's, with nothing else to with their free time than mess with the Old Guys website. Draft the SOB's that's what I say! Problem is....they are more than likely from overseas! Put them on the _hit Burning detail! Put them on point! Put them on bunker guard when in the rear! I seem to remember having to do a few of these deatils myself! HA! HA! ANYWAY........HEY GUYS GO MESS WITH ANOTHER SITE! WERE GETTING OLD! TOO OLD FOR THIS _HIT!
    Jon Burns <jonkburns@verizon.net>
    Wimberley, TX USA - Sunday, July 16, 2006 at 22:02:12 (EDT)

    Jim Armstrong...I was on the Patch....I still remember the voyage vividly as If it were yesterday.
    Jack Quinn <quinnfamily"at"msn.com>
    East Falmouth, ma USA - Saturday, July 15, 2006 at 16:45:06 (EDT)

    For the cyber trash that is constantly posted on this wesite and others it will continue as long as there are cowards in our midst. Cyber cowards post their trash and run off and hide in some remote online hide away where they can't be tracked. Much like cowardly terrorist our brave fighting forces face on a daily basis who plant booby traps to kill and maim. The online cowards who creep onto sites and into guestbooks attempt to maim and kill our loyalty and spirit, but Ken keeps on fighting and cleaning them out. Keep up the good work Ken.
    USA - Saturday, July 15, 2006 at 13:34:37 (EDT)

    RE> Ben Buehler - There are two types of malaria in Vietnam. The little white pills we took everyday were for Plasmodium vivax malaria, the most common of the four types. It's the one that most of us got. Even after you got over the "flu symtoms" of vivax the parasite from the malaria buries itself into your muscle tissue for the rest of your life. That's why they won't let you donate blood. I had vivax malaria and was in the hospital 5 weeks coming home- 95thEVAC, NavalHosp- Guam & BrookHosp- FtSam. I had the malaria come back again two years after I got home and again 5 years later. The other kind of malaria that was in Vietnam was falciparum malaria- also known as Blackwater fever. It is the most severe. Most people survive vivax but most people die from falciparum. Falciparum doesn't leave the parasite in the muscle tissue so it's not recurring. If you survive Blackwater fever your done with that case until you get bit again. We took that big orange pill on Wednesdays for the falciparum. I was told that both of the pills were only about 40% effective from keeping us from getting the two malarias.
    Jack Krohn <captjack50.yahoo>
    A.3/21.71, Republic of Texas - Friday, July 14, 2006 at 21:52:44 (EDT)

    Forty years ago tomorrow, July 15, the main body of the 196th Light Infantry Brigade departed Boston for Vietnam aboard the General William O. Darby and the General Alexander M. Patch.
    Jim Armstrong <jimarmatpacific.net>
    CA USA - Friday, July 14, 2006 at 17:59:57 (EDT)

    For Jack Quinn: I know there are some sites for the 196th LIB patches, decals, etc., but need to search my notes. You can see some good stuff at the following location: http://www.4armedforces.com/category/4xveteran.army.vietnam/
    Pete Shotts <lzcenter68"at"yahoo.com>
    San Diego, CA USA - Friday, July 14, 2006 at 13:00:15 (EDT)

    Bill <wlhammer2ataol.com>
    San Antonio, FL USA - Friday, July 14, 2006 at 05:02:31 (EDT)

    Just a follow up on the malaria pills ,dapsone and the big orange one. Seems dapsone has some side effects and should only be given while keeping a close eye on bloodwork, it is known to cause cancer in mice and neuropathy in people and a few other goodies. http://www.drugs.com/PDR/Dapsone_Tablets_USP.html chloroquine (orange pill) I can't find much on however this was found by "googleing"----------Chloroquine may worsen psoriasis and, rarely, is associated with seizures and psychosis. Therefore, chloroquine should not be used in individuals with a history of epilepsy or generalized psoriasis.
    USA - Thursday, July 13, 2006 at 16:43:17 (EDT)

    I am one of the originals. Co.B 3/21 Fort Devns to Tay Ninh 1965-66. Can someone tell me how I can acquire 196 items such as decals and license plate frames..
    Jack Quinn <quinnfamily"at"msn.com>
    East Falmouth, MA USA - Wednesday, July 12, 2006 at 15:21:40 (EDT)

    Jim, I currently have a claim pending with the va for ptsd, joint damage and hearing. I have not heard of ccl, what is it? pls em or call me 530-272-1716. Thanks With reguard to the maleria that is being discussed, I also got it aprox 90 days after returining. I took the white & ornge pills in country but I think I only took the ornge one whin I got home. I didn't ask a lot of questions when I was processing at Ft Lewis, I told them my temp was 98 and it was time for me GO HOME. When I went to the vet hospital not knowing what was wronge with me a young doc told me I had the fluw and to go home and not bother them. Well I knew different and porceeded to explain to him in my tipical mild manner of using the new language I had learned in the army in a manner so anyone near would know that I was not leaving untill I was treated for something other than the flew. Well as luck would have it there was an older doc that was within ear shot who also cared about vets. He promptly came to the rescue of the youngster and got me to calm down long to ask me what the problem was. After he learned that I was 90 days out of country he had a bed for me in about 15 min. GREAT DOC I spent the next 5 days there but took a long time to recover. I think I had 2 reoccurences but never needed treatment. I got 10% for 2 years ($23 a month WOW) I sure am glad I didn't leave because I don't think my civilin doc would have known what to do.
    Tom Munroe <tommunroe at sbcglobal.net>
    grass valley, ca USA - Wednesday, July 12, 2006 at 12:42:59 (EDT)

    I know there are some other 196er's receiving VA benefits for CLL. The Ninth District Federal Court has ordered the VA to pay retroactive benefits for the period between when you filed your claim and October 16, 2003. While the VA now has to pay the benefits, they are continuing to drag their feet by requiring eligible veterans to file a claim for them and reserving the right to recover them if they win the appeal of the court's finding. Letters are being sent out with a generic claims form. Even though I think the VA should shut up and pay up without more BS, I will go ahead a file a claim. If anyone knows more about this, or wants to know more, please post or contact me.
    Jim Armstrong <jimarmatpacific.net>
    CA USA - Tuesday, July 11, 2006 at 11:43:35 (EDT)

    ken could you possibly limit the length of comments? maybe this would stop some of this junk. also what about reporting the abuse to the server?
    jim d321andhhc 67 68 <mrtirejpg>
    bradenton, fl USA - Tuesday, July 11, 2006 at 06:46:31 (EDT)

    I DEROS's and was discharged in early July, 1970. The Malaria Pills were sent home with me to take until they were all gone. In October, I got terribly sick. My family Doctor thought I had the flu, but I kept getting worse. Finally he said that since I was a Veteran just back from VN I should get to the VA Hospital. They knew right away I had Malaria and said it wasn't uncommon. I almost didn't make it through that night, but after that I got better and went back home with no more occurances. I always took my pills in VN and the ones sent home with me. I had no idea I could get Malaria after more than three months home.
    Ben Buehler <bueh4atnetins.net>
    Iowa USA - Monday, July 10, 2006 at 22:21:45 (EDT)

    We are experiencing a large amount of SPAM in the guestbook despite the password protection. Sorry everyone, I'll remove it as soon as possible, but we will have to try something else if this continues. We are looking into a forum setup that you would have to log into. It might discourage some from submitting entries, but may be the best way to discourage these idiots from bombing us with SPAM.
    Ken McKenzie - Editor
    USA - Monday, July 10, 2006 at 21:57:43 (EDT)

    I noticed Jesse Johnsons message.I would like to get more information on the 4 soldiers killed outside of Da Nang on July 7, 1972. I served with the 196 3/21 Alpha Company 3rd platoon from July 71 till April 16, 72 carried the pig most of the time. What platoon were they in, might have known them.
    Rich Grimes
    USA - Sunday, July 09, 2006 at 20:34:39 (EDT)

    My memory is that we received the weekly pill while we were in the south and the daily pill was added when we moved north. I certainly have no memory of the continuing the pills upon return to the US, although I was one of those discharged immediately. Thanks for the thorough re-cap.
    Jim Armstrong <jimarmatpacific.net>
    CA USA - Sunday, July 09, 2006 at 11:04:54 (EDT)

    Well Roy, you got me thinking on the Malaria thing. I don't know who you were interviewing on the phone with, but the Army Malaria drug program is widely documented. The orange pill was chloroquine-primaquine, usually taken on Mondays. The white pill was dapsone taken daily to combat a more disease resistant strain of the Malaria parasite. Both pills could give you diarrhea. In some cases men who took them wouldn't eat after taking it, as the food went right through. Some refused and others simply did not take them. Little known is the fact that those returning to the states were supposed to be given an 8 weeks supply of the orange pill chloroquine-primaquine and 28 days worth of the white pill, dapsone. Thousands of men returning never received the additional medication to protect them and their families, especially people with less than 90 days left on their enlistments that were separated immediately in Oakland when they returned. There was never a study or printed results of this blunder. Men and families did become sick with Malaria and die, I know of one personally. Below is a copy of a notice that was given to some troops returning home warning them of having to continue to take the pills. I know hundreds of Vietnam Veterans personally and none ever received this notice. The other document is the military criteria for preventative treatment of Malaria in Vietnam. PROTECTION AGAINST MALARIA Your return to the "Land of the Big PX" does not rule out the danger of Malaria infection. Individuals who HAD Malaria while overseas and those who DID NOT have this infection are both in need of protection against Malaria after their return to the United States To obtain this protection, you must take the tablets given to you before you left the overseas area. This is generally a large orange tablet - TAKE 1 TABLET A WEEK FOR 8 WEEKS. TAKE THEM ON THE SAME DAY EACH WEEK. You may also have been given a white tablet which you are to take daily. If so, continue taking them for 28 DAYS. If you do not have the tablets to obtain this protection against Malaria, you may obtain them from the US Army Dispensary, Fort Lewis or any other military medical facility. When reporting to a physician for any type of illness, tell him that you have had a tour of duty in a Malaria area. Military Malaria Treatment Regimen Steady progress in the reduction of malaria in Vietnam had been possible through vigorous command emphasis, improved preventive regimens, and increased control measures. A major change in the chloroquine-primaquine chemoprophylaxis program was instituted with Change 1 to USARV Regulation 40-4. This change stipulated that units in high-risk areas were to take daily dapsone tablets in addition to weekly chloroquine - primaquine tablets as chemoprophylaxis against Plasmodium falciparum, the malarial parasite responsible for nearly 98 percent of infections occurring among troops. The command surgeon notified field commanders to enforce this change when manpower losses due to infections with P. falciparum were greater than 20 cases per 1,000 per annum per major unit. The Wilson-Edeson test, adopted by the 172d Preventive Medicine Unit, to measure the amount of chloroquinc in urine, was rapid and convenient for field use. This test helped field commanders evaluate objectively each unit’s malaria chernoprophylaxis program and resulted in a dramatic drop in the malaria rate in the units tested. Since slightly more than 80 percent of all cases of malaria occurred in combat units, it was the responsibility of field commanders to provide consistent and continuous command emphasis on preventive measures. In addition to chloroquine-primaquine and dapsone chemoprophylaxis, personal protective measures to control malaria were stressed. Skin repellents, aerosol insecticide dispensers, bednets, and headnets were in general use by field units. Combat units in remote forward areas received repellents and aerosol dispensers routinely. For personnel departing Vietnam, commanders were urged to insure that the malaria chemoprophylaxis records of all returnees were reviewed as soon as possible after arrival at their new duty station to make certain that each returnee had signed a `malaria debriefing` statement. This procedure was recommended to prevent manpower loss and to limit the spread of malaria from infected soldiers to susceptible persons in the United States and other areas. Those individuals who had not completed the 8-week chloroquine-primaquine course and the 28-day dapsone course were to be given sufficient tablets to complete the malaria chemoprophylaxis course they were on in Vietnam. Information found online at: http://www.army.mil/CMH/books/Vietnam/MedSpt/chpt8.htm
    Ron Titus <Barnyatusa.net>
    nj USA - Sunday, July 09, 2006 at 06:14:55 (EDT)

    The big orange pill was anti-malarial chloroquine-prima-quine and the little white one was dapsone originally a leprosy pill but used as anti malaria.Either that or none of the above.
    USA - Sunday, July 09, 2006 at 00:10:06 (EDT)

    Hey brother I have to commend you guys for all the feed back on the helicopter incident. I was overwhelmed with the help you guys put out. Thanks a bunch. Now here is another story. When I was in Nam everyday I got this little white pill for malaria. Once a week I took the big orange pill. I was told it was for malaria too. It gave me the skitters if you know what I mean. Anyway, after I got back my bowels have never been the same. How many of you are like that? I have another buddy from Nam that is the same way. The rest of the story is in 1980 I recieved a letter in the mail from the Surgeon General asking me if I would participate in a study of 40,000 G.I.'s from 1960 to 1980. I agreed and then one night I recieved a phone call from a young girl asking me all kinds of questions. One of the questions was did I take drugs in Nam. I told her that I took one white pill a day and once a week I took a big orange pill. After an emotional interview she ask me if I had any questions about anything. I ask her about the pills that was supposed to be for malaria and she said that the white pill was for malaria but the government had no records of what was in the big orange pill. A few years went by and I watched a movie called Jacobs Ladder. At the end of it I read a blurb on our government using the chemical BZ. This chemical had very diverse affects and the movie was very strange. My wife contacted the group that did the study and she talked to the man that ran the study. She told him what the young girl that interviewed me on the study told me that the government had no records of what was in the big orange pill. For several years I thought it might be the BZ but I have learned since that BZ was in bombs and was a gas. However, that leaves the question as to what was in the Big Orange Pill. My bowels are still pretty messed up but like a of vets it could be the booze. So give me some feed back guys.
    Roy G. Stephens <grddlyman@ hughes.net>
    Silsbee, TX USA - Saturday, July 08, 2006 at 20:14:42 (EDT)

    Served 4/31 66/67. Thanks for cleaning up the trash left on the guestbook last week. I have been looking for Bill Conley. Bill give me a shout...
    Sreve Babinsky <steve@autorest.com>
    nj USA - Saturday, July 08, 2006 at 17:55:14 (EDT)

    Darwin Bray, who served with 1/46th, Dec 71 - Aug 72 is in the process of filing a VA claim for PTSD benefits. He needs other members of the unit or anyone who served in the Da Nang area during that time to fill in some holes in his memory (don't we all). Please contact me and I will provide Darwin's info. Let's help a brother out! Thanks!!
    Warren <president196"at"196th.org>
    Cicero, IN USA - Saturday, July 08, 2006 at 12:15:17 (EDT)

    Roy, there were many rescue missions carried out throughout the Vietnam War. All that I know of were carried out by Speical Operations Forces in country and out. The most publicized rescue mission was Operation King Pin: The Son Tay Raid. The Son Tay Raid, led by COL Arthur D. "Bull" Simons, was conducted on 20-21 November 1970. The joint Special Operations force was on the ground approxiamtely 30 mins at the Son Tay prison camp approxiamtely 30 miles from Hanoi. The mission's objective was to rescue as many as 100 U.S. POWs. Although no POWs were found at Son Tay prison, the raid went down as one of the greatest in history and is still considered by military as a total sucess as far as logistics, transportation, landing and recovering an assualt force of approximately 150 men without a single loss of life or equipment. The many other rescue mission, some sucessful and others unsecessful, were carried out by Special Operations forces. To my knowledge no infantry units in Vietnam ever carried out any offical rescue missions. Infantry were at times placed on stand by to back up or to rescue SOF if they got into trouble and were overwhelmed by enemy forces. BTW, I was at Fort Bragg when Operation Kingpin was being planned and carried out in 1970. In fact, I spent two thirds of my Army career home based at Fort Bragg, and retired from there. I enjoyed my time at Fort Bragg, living in North Carolina.
    USA - Friday, July 07, 2006 at 17:51:44 (EDT)

    Like the prophet Daniel, I go to the point. I was assigned to the brigade from Germany and interviewed by Col Conway. When the 31st was mentioned, my desire to serve in that unit was granted. Since I served in D Co, 31st Inf in Korea as a forward observer for the mortar platoon as an enlisted man, to command the same company in the 31st was not only a challenge, but a challenge to a challenge. Is worthy to mention, that during most of our training,the brigade training was oriented toward riot control operations at the Dominican Republic, but the political settlement achieved in that country reoriented our mission to Vietnam. Sometimes I wondered how we were able to perform well in Vietnam. The brigade oriented and trained to perform a mission in in a tropical country, but at Devens, where the snow always was two feet deep or more and a military reservation where the infantry could not maneuver or obtain the expirience of training our infantry with combined arms. Even today I wonder how Col Conway achived such a feat, but against such training adversity and ill fortune, Col Conway trained and brought to Vietnam an excellent fighting machine. Needless to say, if Col Conway would have commanded our brigade in combat, Attleboro, Junction City, and other engagements, would be written today with more salt and pepper. But let me say a few things about my dear 31st. I trained all the battalion mortar crews at Devens, and in combat, LTC Lynch, and later LTC Coley, the battalion commanders for which I served during my command tour in Vietnam, attached all mortar crews in the battalion for my operation and employment, because due to an abortion of fate, a volley of six rounds of 105 mm landed with geometric precision in the center of our perimeter one 19th of September 66, killing our Bn S-4 Captain John Harrington, our Battalion Chaplain and wounding several others, and the unit was moved the following day to the site from where the shells were delivered, to find out that the error in the computation was due to drunkness by the FDC that ordered the fire mission. It is hard to bring this matters to surface after such a long time, but the incident brought such a distrust to our company commanders and battalion staff in all available indirect fire weapons, that our mortars became for a while our only indirect fire support to be trusted. But although the incident was a tragic baptism, it was also a baptism for our godfathers, since from that day on liquor was not allowed anymore at the deliverer FDC, and from there on, short rounds never fell again on our heads. That I was severily chewed for complaining with anger, well, when you are angry, very angry, is hard to speak otherwise, besides, my complaints resulted beneficially in a collective way. So, the memory of the deaths of August 19/66, mentioned above, haunts me continiously, even today. The pride I feel for the experience of acepting soldiers from the very first day of entry in the service, and to train them and employ them in combat, is, once again, a challenge to a challenge. To command a unit tha saw action in Russia and China,not to mention the whole far east, was a priviledge that many an infantry leader can ever dream of, and secretly in my heart, I feel that I partially commanded the battalion, since most of my dear Polar Bears recall that during most of the ground engagements that the 31st fought during my command tour in Vietnam, my commander and S-3 were heliborne, and I had the priviledge of being the senior commander in the ground. Thanks Jim Bouldin, commander of Co A, or Go-Go Company, for your shown bravery during those days, and your assistance and advice to help me pull through during those trials. Without you combat success probably would not have resulted as it turned out. And to the fellows in the 31st which I observed performing in combat, allow me to say, that at my young age of 76, I still remain confident, that as long as men of your caliber wear our infantry uniforms, the precarious destiny of our Army and Nation will stand another Valley Forge or Monte Casino, and whatever destiny throws at you in the arena of war, you Polar Bears, you will pull through, either against a foreign or domestic power. And to my beloved D Company, 31st Inf, allow me to say, that the hell we faced, we faced with natural expectation, we made Heaven out of hell, and we made hell freezE over, and in a natural way, after all, in hell we dwell, WE ARE THE DEVILS. Antonio Sola, tonsol22@hotmail.com, 787-747-1425, HC-05, Box 52614, Caguas, PR, 00725.
    Antonio Sola <tonsol22"at"hotmail.com>
    Caguas, PR USA - Friday, July 07, 2006 at 04:45:40 (EDT)

    I think it was the middle of 1970 when a mission was sent to North Vietnam to rescue American prisoners. Everybody was volunteering. My whole unit in Recon wanted to go but we were told they had enough. The mission headed out to find their objective empty. Who went on that mission? I have always wondered.
    Roy G. Stephens <griddlyman@hotmail.com>
    Silsbee, TX USA - Thursday, July 06, 2006 at 22:18:30 (EDT)

    Early September of 1970 I went on R&R and in Da Nang I met a guy at the airport. He went by the name of SNAG. He had recently got out of the hospital from a head wound recieved from the prop of a chinook that was shot down with 35 GI's onboard. One of the props came off and killed the GI that was in front of him and wounded him. I do not know what unit or anything else. If your out there SNAG give me a shout.
    Roy G. Stephens <griddlyman@hotmail.com>
    Silsbee, TX USA - Thursday, July 06, 2006 at 22:07:39 (EDT)

    I worked as liason on LZ Baldy and Hawk Hill...3/82 Artillery...with 2/1 Inf most of the time...although because of "Vietnamization" of the war, spent a lot of time with RFs/PFs and 5th ARVN Rangers. Kham Duc found me with two aussies and a lot of VietNamese...a cold LZ at first which quickly heated up. I'd like to thank a chinook pilot who dropped a 105 on top of the hill, the Vietnamese who boresighted it and fired a couple of rounds directly at the adjacent hill and then took a .51 caliber round to the head. I'd like to thank Jake, the spotter pilot, who fired WP spotting rounds to keep the enemy mortar and .51 cal fire to a minimum. I'd like to thank the Phantoms who arrived finally from Danang...and I'd like to lambaste the Delta 2/1 CO who tried to divert my jets for his sniper fire. I'd also like to lambaste the 2/1 Bn Commander who gave me a hard time a couple of days later for usurping his authority. I paid for it. Sent me off to Siberia, literally...for awhile. I was left to walk missions with ARVN engineers and sit in a hootch on LZ West for a time. Thanks to all the wondrous people who helped me come home alive...and I hope the bastards who caused so much crap for grunts and peasants...have their day in court...or have suffered some. If anyone knows the whereabouts of former Captain Paul Jenkins (LNO 40, who I stood in for after he left)..."The Phantom"...let him know rusty is looking for him. I'll check back here periodically, or he can email me. I loved that man...even if he thinks I dissed him by reading while waiting to hear how he was after being shot down by Hoi An. Live Free or Die. Don't let the power elite usurp our constitution...and send more people to their graves for their power trip. Thanks all.
    Rusty Brummitt <balancing_stones at yahoo.com>
    Rural Northern, MN USA - Thursday, July 06, 2006 at 16:17:37 (EDT)

    I have been searching for all the men from Recon E 3/21 of the 196th. I have found 6 of them so far. I found Gary Morin, Milton Weber, John Rice, William Simpson, Jim Rose, and Jimmy Cosby. I am looking for Johnnie Hill, Sam Hartman, Larry McDaniels, Tony Calvart, Ed Hopper, Don Bastman, Gary Delton, Dan Frisch, J.D. Barrett, Dale Goodhue, James Eskridge, Mike Borchart, Tom Gilge, Keith Keller, and Bill Milburn. I know a few others by nick names like Big Al, Jake the Snake, Leggs Leggins, Moss, Evans, and quiet a few I do not remember the names for. I also am looking for Robert Nolan who was in A 3/21 of the 196th and also Robert Picnic who was in C 3/21 of the 196th. This all was during 1970 and we worked off of LZ Center. I also have pics of some of the guys in 4 duce but I do not remember the names. Any help would be appreciated. Welcome home brothers.
    Roy G. Stephens <griddlyman@hotmail.com>
    Silsbee, TX USA - Wednesday, July 05, 2006 at 17:58:39 (EDT)

    July 7 1972 - I will always remember the 4 soliders killed in the FFI outside of DaNang. 196th LIB. I was there platoon leader.
    Jesse Johnson <jesse.johnson2atus.army.mil>
    USA - Wednesday, July 05, 2006 at 02:37:58 (EDT)

    Happy 4th. Brothers, one more to go before the next reunion, can't wait. Pro patria, Ed.
    Edward Latini <sargent196infantry"at"msn.com>
    evergreen, Co. USA - Tuesday, July 04, 2006 at 17:52:03 (EDT)

    hope that everyone has a safe and happy July 4
    jim gray d 3/21 and hhc196 67/68 <mrtirejpg>
    bradenton, fl USA - Tuesday, July 04, 2006 at 10:39:21 (EDT)

    To all my 196th brothers hope you all have a good 4th of july better than the one in nam.
    john webre <swampy70_71"at"yahoo.com>
    pensacola, fl USA - Tuesday, July 04, 2006 at 10:36:19 (EDT)

    Hello all D co. 1/46 196th LIB. I served in D co. during 1970 as a squad leader along with Bob Birkholtz. Does anyone remember singing the song Waltz me around again Swilley. Birkholtz was KIA while we were in a daylogger. Does anyone remember Lt. Kuntz? He was our platoon leader for awhile. I went home in Jan. 1971. Was on LZ professional first and then went to LZ MaryAnn. Helped to build MaryAnn. Trying to get orders for CIB and medals. Any help would be appreciated. MaryAnn got hit hard right after I went home.
    Jimmy Swilley <jsjs49a@yahoo.com>
    Portageville, Mo USA - Monday, July 03, 2006 at 13:38:22 (EDT)

    Crazy John are you out there? I do not recall your last name. We both served with the 196th LIB, 4th/31st, Charlie Company, 3rd Plt., 3rd Sqd. I was in-country Jun 70 till Apr 71. You came in-country maybe a few weeks after me. If I remember right you're from Texas but not positive. When you hooked up with the platoon and squad you lost quite a bit of money your first few days out in the bush playing blackjack. The guy you lost the money to was Jesse Whittingham who humped the pig. Yourself you carried the M16 and walked point many a times. Myself I carried the M79 and would walk slack for you and for Harvey and Ron. I have made contact with Harvey Van Hoven, Ron Heimerel, Berry Everett (Plt. Sgt.), Henry Mann, and a few others from our unit who were short timers when we had hooked up. I rotated out of the unit on Christmas Eve 1970 to a rear job at Hawk Hill. Attended a reunion up in San Francisco a couple of years ago. About 20 guys showed up. Most of the guys who were at the reunion were short timers or had already rotated out of the unit when we had hooked up. Barry made it to this reunion. I'm getting ready to go to another reunion in Gettysburg with the unit again. Harvey is going to try to make it and hopefully Barry too. Hooked up with Harvey and his wife in Washington, DC last year for a few days. If by chance you see this John and put the info together please make contact with me. Have thought of you thru out the years. Greg
    Greg O'Neil <gao90804 at yahoo . com>
    Long Beach, CA USA - Sunday, July 02, 2006 at 11:57:08 (EDT)

    While serving inn Chu Lai I became friend with a couple of guys.Their name was/is Gregory Cheeks of Gary Ind and George Ward From Harlem NY.If either of you get to read this entry please respond by E-mail.Also there was a tall piegeon toed white guy named David Murray.He was the one that told me about Sinapore as an R&R site,and a lady name dRosie at the Merryland Bar downtown.Get with it dudes.E-mail me .I'll get Back with you.Thanks. Tweety Bird from thr Rifle Platoon
    James Harris <witchdoctor9atmsn.com>
    Folcroft, Pa USA - Sunday, July 02, 2006 at 11:21:17 (EDT)

    I'm am a 196th Viet Nam Vet.Served in Chu Lai City in 67'- 68.Would like to know when and where the next reunion is to be held.Thanks James J.Harris PFC
    James Harris <witchdoctor9atmsn.com>
    Folcroft, Pa USA - Sunday, July 02, 2006 at 11:03:12 (EDT)

    Looking for Garyling Wilson/ Ed Merril/ Dick Phillips Aco 4/31 196th 70-71. If you see this e-mail at swampy70_71@yahoo.com are call 850-390-3215 / john
    john webre <swampy70_71"at"yahoo.com>
    pensacola, fl USA - Saturday, July 01, 2006 at 18:53:12 (EDT)

    co tien might be the name of the mountian at cam rahn bay
    jim d321andhhc 67 68 <mrtirejpg>
    bradenton, USA - Friday, June 30, 2006 at 14:52:53 (EDT)

    Joe, since you did not provide your email address, please email me about Brock. Thanks, Warren
    Warren <President196at196th.org>
    Cicero, IN USA - Thursday, June 29, 2006 at 07:39:52 (EDT)

    Something came to my attention today.An SFC :Percy G Brock was killed in Cambodia today in 1972. I was wondering what an SFC was doing in Cambodia in 1972 so I checked the Coffelt Database to find his unit. They have him as with A Company 3/21st Inf 196th . Can that be correct or what is the error?
    USA - Thursday, June 29, 2006 at 01:27:20 (EDT)

    Served with 3/21 196thLIB Charlie Company 2nd Platoon. Served with Charlie Co. from July 1968-February 1969. Was reassigned to HHC 196th "Chu Lai Hilton". Was RTO for Sgt. Mares. Remember Ray Ortiz, Bill Gerber,Doc Hissong{he gave me his Car-15 when he left}. Bill Dixon, Don Guertin,Al Houston, Dave Frierson and surprisingly quite a few others.Good wishes to all that made it home.
    Rodney B. Green <rodney"at"colliersf.com>
    San Francisco, CA USA - Wednesday, June 28, 2006 at 19:51:57 (EDT)

    In Memoriam: Donald Lynn Delaplaine I put together this web page for Don: http://home.twcny.rr.com/g157/delaplaine.html Rest in peace, old buddy.
    Rob Griffiths
    - Wednesday, June 28, 2006 at 03:50:35 (EDT)

    Joe: There's also a way to look at Cam Ranh Bay directly. Google Earth (a free download) has recently updated it's views of Vietnam and CRB is easily seen, in great detail. The airstrip where I landed nearly 36 years ago is still there, although partially overblown with sand, and most the buildings are gone though the streets, foundations and the ammo bunkers near the tip of the penisula survive.
    Gary Capshaw <kiteria@cablerocket.com>
    Denison, TX USA - Tuesday, June 27, 2006 at 10:35:29 (EDT)

    to all brothers, this weekend the Diginty Wall came to Arlington and I took time to visit it. Ilookup several names and also a couple for my wife from her home town. Just letting you know it"s headed for Houston . Take the kids and the wife, if they haven't seen the real one. We have not had the time to go to DC to the real One.. just had great feeling and even a good cry.
    Butch Harris <hwh66"at"mindspring.com>
    arlington, tx USA - Monday, June 26, 2006 at 21:25:55 (EDT)

    Here is a map of Cam Ranh it shows some mts. http://www.petester.com/html/CRB040.html
    USA - Monday, June 26, 2006 at 20:17:28 (EDT)

    We were a good distance away and still very high. The Mt. stood out like a sore thumb.It was south of Cam Rahn Bay. Thanks for the info. Ron D-2-1 196th Thanks for the info.
    USA - Sunday, June 25, 2006 at 19:13:50 (EDT)

    I invite you to visit the photo gallery at the 31st Regiment Association website - we have a number of photos of A Co 4-31 196th LIB from LZ West 69/70 that have been shared with us by James Allen Logue. Jim has done a great job with details on the photos including many names. The photos can be viewed by following the link at http://31stinfantry.org/photo_galleries3f.htm We hope you'll stop by and see the photo gallery. If any other 4-31 men want to share there photos please contact me directly. Thank You!
    Mary Doyon <webmaster@31stinfantry.org>
    USA - Sunday, June 25, 2006 at 11:31:54 (EDT)

    I have seen a lot of coments re 3/82. I was with c 3/82 from 10/68 until 12/69. I have not had contact with anyone I served and would love to chat. I would esp like to talk with anyone who was on lz siberia the morning of 9/11/69, cook danny, i will never forget the way you kept me supplied with illum rounds all might long "thanks" if you are out there pls contact me. to those of us that were there 9/11 it sure looks like 9/11 will never stop haunting us
    Tom Munroe <tommunroe at sbcglobal.net>
    Grass Valley, ca USA - Friday, June 23, 2006 at 15:31:58 (EDT)

    Ron. I cam over on The USS Darbey from Boston our landing was at Vung Tau. and then a C128 air lift to the base of Mt in a Tapiocia Field in Tay Ninh PSB runway later to become Tay Ninh Base. Maybe Right church wrong pew
    Tom Pollard <Treepolice133@yahoo.com>
    Albany, NY USA - Friday, June 23, 2006 at 05:25:01 (EDT)

    Black Virgin Mt. is the Highest point in the south. From the top of the Mt you can see the bay area. Bay area has rolling hills but for the most part flat. been on top of Mts several time with SF.Limited visual some of the time from Jan to May because of weather.Still have grid maps. Hope to go back to visit this year with some old buddies
    Tom Pollard <Treepolice133@yahoo.com>
    Albany, NY USA - Friday, June 23, 2006 at 04:28:54 (EDT)

    Black Virgin Mountain is by Tay Ninh not Cam Ranh Bay, Tay Ninh about 10 klicks from Lai Khe if I recall.Only went through Cam Ranh once but it had several mountains closeby, Was it north, south, west?
    USA - Thursday, June 22, 2006 at 20:10:02 (EDT)

    Nui Ba Den.......google this name on the net
    Mike Wicke <michaelwickeatoptonline.net>
    USA - Thursday, June 22, 2006 at 16:09:49 (EDT)

    Name of Mountain is Nu ie Bin Din Black Virgin Mountain Co B 8th support 1965-1967 Tay Nin and then north only one land mine
    Tom Pollard <Treepolice133@yahoo.com>
    Albany, NY USA - Thursday, June 22, 2006 at 14:03:54 (EDT)

    Warren; get in touch with me, I've not yet been able to pay my dues, for some reason I can't pull-up the propper address. ALSO, I check this site every day and would be more than willing to 'police' the 'spam' coming in. Some of these jerks are really sick. Perhaps if they see their 'stuff' disappearing "soonest' they might be so liberal with their BS. "out here".
    'Grunt Medic' E/C/3/21; 67-68
    USA - Thursday, June 22, 2006 at 13:17:18 (EDT)

    Worse horror of my 1970 tour with 2/1 Recon: click on; http://www.flyarmy.org/incident/70082622.HTM
    Bill <mcgee2517@aol.com>
    paducah, ky USA - Monday, June 19, 2006 at 15:40:22 (EDT)

    Ron I think I know what mountain you are talking about. If it's the one that I am thinking of my unit walked up that mountain to bring back down the causalities from a chopper crash. I am not sure of the spelling of the mountain but I can still say it. I will do some checking to see if I can find it in my records. I remember it well. We ran out of water on the way down. 3rd Battalion, 21st Infantry, Company C, 196th.
    Don Coots
    IL. USA - Monday, June 19, 2006 at 12:08:00 (EDT)

    The "Virtual Wall" section at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund website (www.vvmf.org) has added some interesting features. You can cross-reference information on an honoree's profile by date of casualty, province, home town and state, DOB, etc., as well as post remembrances. A good resource.
    Jim Armstrong <jimarmatpacific.net>
    Potter Valley, CA USA - Monday, June 19, 2006 at 11:37:45 (EDT)

    Wondering if anyone reading these boards might have known my brother, Sgt. Thomas L. Chandler. He was in the 1/46th from Sept 1969 to Feb 1970 when he was wounded and died as a result of those injuries. I have a picture of him with three other soldiers, I assume from the file name on the photo these other soldiers last names were: Yokum, McLanahan and Wallace. Please contact me if you know these guys or have any information on my brother. There are also other photos of him and friends on thewall-usa web site. Thanks for any help. Patti
    Patti Chandler-Palczewskki <pattip1999@aol.com>
    Murfreesboro, TN USA - Saturday, June 17, 2006 at 17:54:44 (EDT)

    barnes...Cpt Thompson lives in D>C>, many of the mortor platoon went to last reunion. read where the next one is and comr on down. It a healing experience.Former lt mladek 1st platoon and then took mortors for attleboro
    larry mladek <larrygranny1@yahoo.com>
    el paso, tx USA - Friday, June 16, 2006 at 22:03:17 (EDT)

    Does anyone remember the name of the mountain that seemed to be standing alone that could be seen while landing at Cam Rahn Bay? D-2-1 196th
    Ron Payne
    USA - Friday, June 16, 2006 at 19:44:41 (EDT)

    Bravo Company, 4/31 196Battalion from march69 to march 70 Anyone from that time
    Jim Sebestyen <jsebesty"at"hotmail.com>
    West Hartford, CT USA - Friday, June 16, 2006 at 11:39:09 (EDT)

    served in Charlie Co 2/1 2nd Ptl.....James Thompson was CO. I'm from Washington,D.C.......never see none of my "folks" Hughes, Banks,Holby,Stuckey,Big Stewart and alot of guys from Auroia,Ill. and Wisc.....hope some of us are still hanging in there.....prayer works!
    larry barnes <larry-bar-nes@webtv.net>
    savannah, ga USA - Thursday, June 15, 2006 at 11:21:57 (EDT)

    Hey Joe, "Meet the new boss, he's the same as the old boss" "We don't get fooled again" The Who!
    Edward Latini <sargent196infantry"at"msn.com>
    Evergreen, Co USA - Wednesday, June 14, 2006 at 23:59:33 (EDT)

    "And the sign said "Long-haired freaky people need not apply" So I tucked my hair up under my hat and I went in to ask him why He said "You look like a fine upstanding young man, I think you'll do" So I took off my hat, I said "Imagine that. Huh! Me workin' for you!" Whoa-oh-oh
    USA - Wednesday, June 14, 2006 at 18:31:48 (EDT)

    years ago,I tried to join a VFW in Canton Ohio. It was full of earlier war vets, and they sure didn't like my long hair,and blackballed me.Here in Okla.,they are begging for members.Just a tad too right-wing for my tastes.
    bill russell <Rwill62atsbcglobal.net>
    norman, ok USA - Wednesday, June 14, 2006 at 09:58:52 (EDT)

    More on Google Earth. They included the names of many of our old bases and firebases too. Someone went to a lot of trouble on this, I think. Jim Comer
    Jim Comer <jimcomeratguamcpadotcom>
    Guam, USA - Tuesday, June 13, 2006 at 21:52:19 (EDT)

    Google Earth just expanded their satellite image library and they've included a much better shot of the Da Nang area. It is amazing. You can tilt the image so that it appears somewhat 3 dimensional and you can "fly" past our old Da Nang rear area and the ridge line.
    Jim Comer <jimcomeratguamcpadotcom>
    Guam, USA - Tuesday, June 13, 2006 at 21:21:03 (EDT)

    My replacement defected-Gus Mehrer(SP)-spent many years in Hanoi Hilton-Nice guy but we had a 1LT Leader who caught him with some pot and wanted to hang the Pvt-he split-bad choice- no leadership-he was a good Charger-but did not want to be fucked with by a REMF-I liked Gus!!156th Sig Plt.
    will whale <wwwillymonATcs.com>
    Boston, MA ~~ - Tuesday, June 13, 2006 at 20:30:06 (EDT)

    There never was much thought given to surrendering. The chances of them taking you prisoner were about the same as us taking them prisoner. Most of the time we didn't want to mess with any prisoners so why expect any different from them. I always made sure I never ran out of ammo and that way I didn't have too worry about it. The guys who thought they always had to fire on full auto and burn it up and then holler for more ammo from others weren't too effective anyway as they hit very little if you know what I mean. Been there done that. Stoney
    stoney <jstone10(at)msn.com>
    lexington, ne USA - Tuesday, June 13, 2006 at 20:13:43 (EDT)

    Hey Fletch, You're right, I misunderstood. Ed.
    Edward Latini <sargent196infantry"at"msn.com>
    evergreen , Co USA - Tuesday, June 13, 2006 at 15:22:42 (EDT)

    I was with Co A 8th Support from Ft. Devens to Chu Lai. Does anyone remember a Sgt MacIntosh from Kentucky, I would like to contact him. Would like to hear from anyone in the unit.
    Hank Mailhot <hanker46"at"aol.com>
    Berlin, Ct USA - Tuesday, June 13, 2006 at 12:46:00 (EDT)

    Does anybody remember a mortorman on eithor Hill 35 or LZ West leaving his hand over the tube-ripping his hand and the round landing on a rifle team down the slope-many hurt-think it was July/August 68??
    will whalen <wwwillymonATcs.com>
    Boston, Ma USA - Monday, June 12, 2006 at 07:53:12 (EDT)

    I was making a comment regarding the Vietnam war in that we never surrendered. The dinks were amazed that we appeared ready to fight to the last man. I save that fact for when vets of other wars belittle ours.
    USA - Sunday, June 11, 2006 at 19:07:47 (EDT)

    Hey Fletch, Ours or theirs? I think the only Americans that were captured, were at gun-point, when their planes were shot down. I never heard of anyone surrending. We were grunts, they really didn't need us, they knew more than we did!! Ed.
    Edward Latini <sargent196infantry"at"msn.com>
    evergreen , Co USA - Sunday, June 11, 2006 at 18:56:48 (EDT)

    My name is Danny Mott. I was with COC 2nd Bn 1st Inf BDE from March '72 till June '72. While we at Phe Bar, they tried to give our choppers to the RUW and TRK us out to the field. We refused to get on the TRKs and had a sit down strike. We also pulled security for what i think was a coast gaurd station close to Quang Tri! Right on the Gulf. WE had one guy I believe from England who tried to Commander a chopper to the rear and got his hand blown off. I was Medi Vac'ed in late May. From June till Aug i was with the COC 2nd Bn 21st Inf., we pulled some security around Danang and we went out to Charlie Ridge for about a week right before we shipped out. Just looking for anyone who might remember me OR any of these events. If you do, please contact me at Papasan3711@aol.com. Thank you, Danny Mott
    Danny Mott <papasan3711@aol.com>
    Zavalla, tx USA - Sunday, June 11, 2006 at 16:43:32 (EDT)

    Was June 8-1970 that we lost my beloved nephew CPL Steve Blaskovich CO A,1/46 INF,196th LIB along with 2LT John Krebs in a battle at HIEP DUC. The pain still never leaves and the ache for Steve is always here. The three years between us made us feel so close. The bond I feel for Steve's brothers in arms is a strong one, I'm proud and feel nothing but sincere thanks for what each of you gave for us. You are not forgotten. To then Battalion Commander LTC Richard Carvell and (1LT) Executive Officer Joe McCourt who was there and have help me know what happened from June7-12-1970 the battle we lost Steve in at Hiep Duc, I want to say thanks for your being so kind and all the e-mails and time you spent helping me. Your e-mails and day to day details of the battle have meant a lot. And to Rick Karstedt who sent me a picture of himself and Steve and few other guys in the squad, I can't tell you what a very dear thing that means to me. I hope if any of these guys that know Steve or anyone who servered with them will contact me. Again to all of you who gave of your self for us, I say thank you from the heart and you are appreciated. To Steve You are so missed and left such an empty spot here on this earth that no one can fill. Todays a day that makes the heart hurt and the tears fall. The day we lost you. June 8-1970. LOVE BETTY (Steve's AUNT)
    BETTY <Photoboop"at"cs.com>
    OH USA - Friday, June 09, 2006 at 01:50:20 (EDT)

    Hate to bring this up but how many of the Vietnam soldiers surrended to the enemy?
    USA - Thursday, June 08, 2006 at 20:24:11 (EDT)

    Joe: I respect what the "greatest generation" did; but you are right in the they were in charge of the Congress and ran the show during the 60s & 70s, the Nam years.
    Mac <McGee2517@aol.com>
    Paducah, KY USA - Thursday, June 08, 2006 at 19:28:16 (EDT)

    Randall, they want to sweep Vietnam under the rug. Make it black ,sink it in a hole hidden from view. Personally I wouldn't give them a dime. The "greatest generation", they wouldn't let us in their veterans organizations. I have heard some of that generation say I fought a dishonorable war. How soon we forget.I remember the welcome I got at San Francisco International after leaving Travis. Hippies? no, it was people old enough to be my parents with their dirty looks, the baby killer comments.Just my opinion.
    USA - Thursday, June 08, 2006 at 18:36:15 (EDT)

    Since many 196th members served in the Americal, I am passing along an email I sent to the ADVA. Since they review entries before posting them,I'm not sure it will be passed on. I’ve been a member of the ADVA for over 25 years. I have never felt the need post anything until now. I just finished reading an article in the Spring Newsletter. Let me start by saying I have the deepest respect for all WWII veterans. So, when started the article on the Americal WWII Museum it struck me curious. I had read about the Museum for years, and recall the leadership requesting Vietnam Vets send items for display. We were urged to get involved and keep the memory of the Division alive. I had never heard it referred to as the WWII Museum. The article was written by Dave Taylor, Editor-In Chief & WWII Historian. It talks about the need to modernize the Museum. While going through a list of problems, I was struck by #6 which reads “Americal Vietnam materials on display distract from the focus of World War II and take up valuable space for expanding the WWII collection. Further along in the article we are advised that by August 30th, 2006, “all Vietnam-era materials will be sent to Texas Tech’s Vietnam Archives.” I know some may say I am over reacting, but the stated purpose of the ADVA is ……a Living Memorial to all veterans of the Americal Division ……… and to perpetuate the traditions and history of the Americal . . . . I don’t see how shipping our Vietnam history off to Texas accomplishes that goal. While Texas Tech is doing a great job, I think our items will be a small collection of little significance. Once again, I feel we should honor our WWII vets. I just think we should be a little more sensitive to all our members. By the way, the article ends by advising of a fall fund-raising for the museum. It asks all WWII vets, families and Vietnam vets to consider a generous donation to this worthy cause. I think it is a worthy cause, I just wish they could find a way to include everyone.
    Randall Hummel <rhummel"at"springfield_township.org>
    Flourtown, PA USA - Thursday, June 08, 2006 at 15:26:54 (EDT)

    Congratulations U.S. Military for getting Al-Zarqawi the butcher of Bagdad. Next is Osama Bin Laden.
    Don Coots
    IL. USA - Thursday, June 08, 2006 at 10:16:55 (EDT)

    Looking for anyone in B co. 2/1, 70-71. Who might remember me stepping in a hole and spraining my right ankle(real bad) late one evening. Think I was humping the prc-25 at the time, cause we basically sit up the op/lp where I fell. Too late in day to get dusted off, remember Capt. Johnson telling me I should watch where I step. My handle was "Teacher" and was in 2nd squad. Would like to get a hold of the medic who looked at my foot, but cannot remember his name.
    Don Campbell <donc"at"cebridge.net>
    Wellington, MO USA - Monday, June 05, 2006 at 17:25:36 (EDT)

    I am looking for family members of Stephen Stefaniak.
    Amanda <Amandacw23 at aol.com>
    USA - Sunday, June 04, 2006 at 19:16:26 (EDT)

    Hey guys, anybody out there from BTOC 69'-70 LZ West? I'm still in contact with Tommy Irwin Delt RTO, lives in DC. Great site.
    Steve Caballero <steve@caballeroonline.com>
    Long Beach, Ca USA - Saturday, June 03, 2006 at 12:57:14 (EDT)

    I remember Maj Hugh T. O'Connor (West Pointer). In early 1970 our Recon Plt found a hospital; Hugh T. came out with a line company and directed our assualt and seizure from a Loach Helicopter. Gunho
    Bill <McGee2517@aol.com>
    Paducah, KY USA - Friday, June 02, 2006 at 19:38:35 (EDT)

    Mid-1970 to April 1971 HHC 2/1 commo platoon, Hawk Hill, lz Judy, Quang Tri. Does anyone remember a Joe Cosneau (tended bar at the Hawk Hill 2/1 NCO Club...we played Joe Cocker when he was young, over and over on a reel to reel amchine), a SFC Neal, Capt. Lydell, Maj. O'Connor the Bn XO, SSG Atterberry from El Paso. God Bless the infanrty.
    Allen <lynn.allenatdas.state.oh.us>
    ohio USA - Friday, June 02, 2006 at 16:34:02 (EDT)

    LONGS , SC USA - Wednesday, May 31, 2006 at 11:27:32 (EDT)

    McGee, Ever had the resupply choppers socked in by weather and been without food for awhile.Sure wish I coulda traded my towel for some food.
    USA - Wednesday, May 31, 2006 at 00:35:58 (EDT)

    Went on a hike yesterday on a mountainous farm next to a federal land reserve. Humid and 95%. I had forgotten the most important gear to a grunt in RVN; not the Bible, rifle, water, foot...............but the most important, a towel.
    McGee <McGee2517@aol.com>
    Paducah, KY USA - Tuesday, May 30, 2006 at 17:35:45 (EDT)

    Brothers, I just returned from the Red River Memorial Day Run, at Angel Fire New Mex. Incredible turn out, about 6,000 bikes, they did us proud. Ed.
    Edward Latini <sargent196infantry"at"msn.com>
    evergreen , Co USA - Tuesday, May 30, 2006 at 11:44:35 (EDT)

    For EP Robertson from 1971 3rd platoon, B Co., 3/21 of 196th. Every May 28, at least, I wonder about your recovery (as well as the helicopter crew which was brought down with you on board by an RPG on Que Son on May 28, 1971). Livnig in Arlington, VA now, Rolling Thunder made me wonder about this several times over the weekend. Several other guys from the unit have also wondered about you. As medic for this platoon, I also wonder about the wounded crew on the resupply helicopter shot down by this RRG. For any of this crew, if you were shot down on May 28, 1971 about halfway up Que Son, I was the medic on the ground getting you in the DustOff. Hope you all recovered. Peace.
    Doc Crawford <Crawford.Dave@epa.gov>
    Arlington, VA USA - Tuesday, May 30, 2006 at 08:38:26 (EDT)

    Remembering the KIAs, MIAs, POWs - they gave their all, to the ones who made it home THANK YOU. I learned of the program, FREEDOM TEAM SALUTE, while in DC for Memorial Day, thought some of you might be interested; the site is FREEDOMTEAMSALUTE.ARMY.MIL. You may nominate yourself, another veteran, or someone who is active duty to receive a Certificate of Appreciation and a letter of thanks, both are signed by the Chief of Staff and the Secretary of the Army. Best to all. Peggy
    Peggy <plreider ATaol.com>
    Dover, PA USA - Monday, May 29, 2006 at 22:13:07 (EDT)

    May we all remember our friends, and all present and past that gave the ultimate for us.
    Ralph Urrutia <ralphurrutia"at"bellsouth.net>
    Miami, Fl. USA - Monday, May 29, 2006 at 11:33:08 (EDT)

    hi i served in 68-69 hhq 3/21 i was a cook on lz center and i am looking for any of the guys who served on lz center from jan 68- jan 69 just to remember the days when the nva attacked the hill and the day the guys got caught in the mine field..... or just want to talk.....
    Richard Michaels <rmich1948"at"aol.com>
    alpharetta, ga USA - Monday, May 29, 2006 at 11:29:17 (EDT)

    good morning men. i am taking this moment to honor all of the soldiers who gave the ultimate for this great country. i hope all of you are doing well .
    jim gray d 3/21 and hhc196 67/68 <mrtirejpgatmsndotcom>
    bradenton, fl USA - Monday, May 29, 2006 at 05:01:28 (EDT)

    LONGS , SC USA - Sunday, May 28, 2006 at 23:50:49 (EDT)

    Served in Recon 2/1, 196th with Jim Crummish, a native of Scotland. I think he came to CA when 15, drafted. He used to talk of the beauty of "purple heather". Anyone else serve with a native of another country? What a bummer to get drafted after just getting here! Good soldier.
    mcgee <mcgee2517@aol.com>
    Paducah, KY USA - Sunday, May 28, 2006 at 16:29:22 (EDT)

    Happy Memorial Day to all the survivors and I know I won't forget the ones that did not survive.
    GILBERT "FRENCHIE" MANASSELIANn <namratsathotmaildotcom>
    USA - Sunday, May 28, 2006 at 14:11:39 (EDT)

    Let us all remember our brothers who have fallen this Memorial day
    john webre <swampy70_71"at"yahoo.com>
    Pensacola, fl USA - Sunday, May 28, 2006 at 13:32:14 (EDT)

    To All Have a veryPeaceful Memorial Day
    john p flynn <shooter685 at cox.net>
    peoria , az USA - Sunday, May 28, 2006 at 11:45:58 (EDT)

    I served with A Battery 3/82 Artillery, gun number one at LZ Linda from Feb 1972 until June when we stood down. I helped to take LZ Linda apart sand bag by sand bag. I was the last group to be drafted and the last to be sent to Nam. My nickname was "Freakman" and I remember Bill Johnson from Greennich Village, New York. I remember "Baby Face Gib" whose last name was Gibson and I believe he was from Florida. Also E5 Chapman with the packed afro and he was from Florida also. Sgt Chapman cut his afro before we left LZ Linda. I can't remember any other names. We had the 105's with the rubber tire at the rear. We must have fired what seemed like hundreds of artillery rounds during the 1972 Eastertide Offensive, mostly at night and catnapped during the day. It was the worst campout I have ever been on. I have a photo of all the arty guys that was taken on the LZ by a Korean photography. I am the guy kneeling on the front row shooting the peace sign. I have a friend from high school who was on LZ Maude at the same time I was on LZ Linda and he had to stay until August. His name is Sonny Grant and he is from Louisana.Just want to say hello to all of the 196th LIB.
    Francis Lee Fagan <flfaganatmsn.com>
    Dallas, Tx USA - Sunday, May 28, 2006 at 03:52:42 (EDT)

    I just want to say that I hope all have a great Memorial Day weekend and take a moment to remember our fallen brothers this Memorial Day. The Gimlet Association 21st Infantry mailed more than 150 May Memorial Day editions of The Gimlet to brother Gimlets this past week. The edition honored the two 21st MOH Gimlets from Vietnam as well as honoring some of the fallen Gimlets from Vietnam. Remember our brothers who made the ultimate sacrifice and say a silent prayer for them.
    Mitch <gimletmail21"at"yahoo.com>
    USA - Saturday, May 27, 2006 at 13:17:19 (EDT)

    I just want to I hope all have a great Memorial Day weekend and take a moment to remember our fallen brothers this Memorial Day. The Gimlet Association 21st Infantry mailed more than 150 May Memorial Day editions of The Gimlet to brother Gimlets this past week. The edition honored the two 21st MOH Gimlets from Vietnam as well as honoring some of the fallen Gimlets from Vietnam. Remember our brothers who made the ultimate sacrifice and say a silent prayer for them.
    Mitch <gimletmail21"at"yahoo.com>
    USA - Saturday, May 27, 2006 at 13:15:38 (EDT)

    I'm the aunt of Steve Blaskovich jr. One of your brother in arms 196th K.I.A june 8th 70 Nam. I feel a special bond to the 196th because of Steve but I want to say thanks from the bottom of my heart to all you vets who gave of themselves for our freedom. I hope people really understand what Memorial Day is all about and takes the time to say thanks to our vets and let them know they really are appreciated. I hope you all have a good day and know your all in my thoughts and prayers, not just Memorial day but (always) I salute each of you. And thanks from my heart. http://cplsteveblaskovichjr.homestead.com/SteveBlaskovichJr.html In Memory Of My Beloved Nephew Steve Blaskovich Jr.6-8-70
    BETTY SMITH <Photoboop@cs.com>
    Toledo, OH USA - Friday, May 26, 2006 at 10:46:04 (EDT)

    Thank you for your thoughts & sincerity on my brother Marlin. As the only female officer (AGR) in my family with 7 years active & 13 total, I fall back on all my brothers who were enlisted active duty every day to keep things in perspective. MAJ "S"
    Martina Slabchuck <martina.slabchuckat us.army.mil>
    atlanta, GA USA - Friday, May 26, 2006 at 08:31:32 (EDT)

    If there is a 196th brother out there who lives in Ky. Could you help me locate Garyling Wilson lived in Richmond ky. if you could look up some phone no. and send them to me at swampy70_71@yahoo.com. we were with Aco 4/31 196th 70-71. Any help would be great. My name is John Webre nickname[swampy] WELCOME HOME BROTHERS.
    john webre <swampy70_71"at"yahoo.com>
    Pensacola, fl USA - Thursday, May 25, 2006 at 13:45:28 (EDT)

    I'm looking for informtion on the time period April 72 till August 72. I was with 3/21 at that time and was medicaced out to Phubai.
    Danny Mott <papasan3711@aol.com>
    Zavalla, TX USA - Thursday, May 25, 2006 at 11:55:51 (EDT)

    Hi Fellas, I was a supply clerk with E 3/21 for about july 70 to may 71 at Chu Lai and then Da Nang when the Marines moved out. I worked with a fellow named Dale Goodhue..anyone know where he is these days?
    ED SCHILLER <libraman57@hotmail.com>
    MOUNT VERNON, OH USA - Thursday, May 25, 2006 at 11:01:48 (EDT)

    Million Dollar Hill. Some of you may remember it off of Hiep Duc. I've been back, took its picture, and pocketed a rock living next to it. I've been living in Saigon for about 4 years now. Married and expecting our first child (better late than never?" Living with the Vietnamese has given me perspective on what we fought for and for what. Bottom line, they like and respect Americans. They don't like the French or Russians. I have had vets who fought for the South, thank me for trying to save their country. I've had VC say they were betrayed by their fellow communists from the North who had promised them jobs after the war. This month I turned 56. Just wanted to share this bit of reality with you from Saigon, Vietnam. Oh, I was with D/4/31 Oct 69-70 Birthday Wishes to All Ranger Bob
    Bob Delzell <BobinSaigon"at"gmail.com>
    Saigon, USA - Thursday, May 25, 2006 at 08:57:58 (EDT)

    For information and suggestions on how to react to the data theft from the VA please go to the following website -http://www.firstgov.gov/veteransinfo.shtml
    Warren <President>
    Cicero, IN USA - Tuesday, May 23, 2006 at 22:46:58 (EDT)

    You may have already heard, it's been on the news for a few days. Seems somebody stole a laptop computer from a Veterans Administration employees home. The computer contained a disk with the records of over 26,000,000 veterans names , social security numbers and who knows what. Since 9-11 as you know all financial accounts have been IDed by SS numbers . All anyone needs to completely steal ones assests is thier name, social security number and their mothers maiden name, and a few other easy to obtain goodies.If the thief or person who eventually has this information has your mothers maiden name (which is one piece of information the VA has) watch out below.Anyway don't be suprised if 1000s of veterans have financial and identity theft.
    USA - Tuesday, May 23, 2006 at 18:31:41 (EDT)

    Yo-2 old radio relay men from LZ West are having a beer in Boston after 38 years-67-68-156Th Sig Plt-life is good!
    Whalen <wwwillymonatcs.com>
    Boston, Ma USA - Tuesday, May 23, 2006 at 17:16:49 (EDT)

    REPOST:looking for my RTO when I became PLT. SARG. Last name Hunnicutt(SP)can't remember first name.SGT.Don Robinson call sign RED DOG Company C 3/21 196 th 2nd platoon.Have a pic.Would like to contact you.
    Don Robinson(RED DOG) <vetarms2@netzero.com>
    St.Peters, MO USA - Tuesday, May 23, 2006 at 09:53:07 (EDT)

    Looking for Garyling Wilson Aco 4/31 196th 3rd paltoon have had no luck finding him at the site i go to. If you see this Wilson e-mail me at swampy70_71@yahoo.com are call 850-390-3215 year 70-71 GILBERT AND PHIL GLAD TO HAVE HELPED YOU BROTHERS Any one i can help e-mail me i will give it a shot i will need name and state and city they are in.
    john webre <swampy70_71"at"yahoo.com>
    Pensacola, fl USA - Tuesday, May 23, 2006 at 09:30:19 (EDT)

    SUCCESSSTORY: Thanks to SWAMPYS help and tips i have located and have spoken with my squad leader of Co C 4/31 2nd Platoon....thanks Swampy! youre da man!!!!
    GILBERT "FRENCHIE" MANASSELIAN <namratsathotmaildotcom>
    USA - Tuesday, May 23, 2006 at 01:40:02 (EDT)

    Still looking for Garyling Wilson ky? and James McMillian Houston Tx. if anyone can tell me a site to go to please let me know. Have tryed with no success . we were with Aco 4/31 196th 70-71
    john webre <swampy70_71"at"yahoo.com>
    Pensacola, fl USA - Monday, May 22, 2006 at 09:32:36 (EDT)

    still looking: Co C 4/31 1968--1969 looking for BRAD HOMER from NEVADA and CARL JOHNSON from Houston(?),Texas...
    GILBERT "FRENCHIE" MANASSELIAN <namratsathotmaildotcom>
    USA - Sunday, May 21, 2006 at 23:38:40 (EDT)

    Mitch, I will find my year book and answer any questions you may have. Yes, Is was a Gimlet. The book I have covers the entire 196th from its start in Ft.Devans.
    Kent Bruce <none>
    Grandview, Mo USA - Sunday, May 21, 2006 at 16:29:23 (EDT)

    To Charles Rowell below: Now I don't know anything about a missing jeep but I was under the impression that if it was painted green it was community property.
    USA - Sunday, May 21, 2006 at 01:21:11 (EDT)

    i served with the 175th engs 66--67. i'll be in dc. for rolling thunder. hope to see someone from the 196th there, i'll have my hat on. also, you have to see the show after the parade it's great.take care and remember our brothers that can't be there with us.
    don maxfield
    prospect pk., nj, USA - Friday, May 19, 2006 at 22:40:00 (EDT)

    I am looking for anyone that served with David Marshall Winters. He is listed as KIA on the Vietnam Wall. I served with a David Winters, and was a good friend of his, in the 509th Abn. Mainz/Gonsenheim Germany from 1964-1966. I wanted to find out if this is the same fellow. I have pictures of him, and can send them to anyone that will verify his identity!
    Jim West <jyetwest@msn.com>
    Kingston, Tn. USA - Friday, May 19, 2006 at 14:15:00 (EDT)

    Kent Bruce, I see by your post that you have a yearbook from your days with the 3-21 IN in VN. Is that a Charger (196) or a Gimlet (3-21) yearbook? Please contact the Gimlet Association 21st Infantry headquarters. Gimletmail, PO Box 661977, Sacramento, CA 95866-1977
    Mitch <gimletmail21"at"yahoo.com>
    USA - Friday, May 19, 2006 at 11:49:43 (EDT)

    Was with B Co. 3/21st from Nov.66 to Nov. 67.Was Ops Cedar Falls,Junction City and Gadsden. I have the Year Book the second year. Got it before leaving Tay Ninh to Chu Lai. To Dennis Eads No computer at home the old one went tits up
    Kent Bruce <none>
    Grandview, Mo USA - Friday, May 19, 2006 at 10:20:30 (EDT)

    Was with B Co.3/21`st from Nov 66 to Nove 67 Tay Ninh and Chu Lai. Was also in Ops Cedar Falls, Junction City and Gadsden. I still have the year bood the second year.
    Kent Bruce <non at this time>
    Grandview, Mo USA - Friday, May 19, 2006 at 10:07:54 (EDT)

    i'm looking for andy fasciana from buffalo ny. he is one of the originals who served at ft. devens to nam. he was with "b" company, 2d battalion, 1st infantry, 1st and 4th platoons. i'm going to washington, dc for the rolling thunder event. i am to meet nicky capezzera in toms river, nj for the ride there. nick has one of your dog tags. you gave it to him and said "someday, you'll get it back from him". it's important for nicky to do so. you two had a great bond. my nunber is 585.266.3677. nick's is 732.929.4447. call one of us. if anybody out there knows andy's location, please give him this information. thanks chargers.
    Phil Conrad <fastphil@rochester.rr.com>
    rochester 14622, ny USA - Wednesday, May 17, 2006 at 19:42:49 (EDT)

    Jerry Anderson were you in Aco 4/31 196th 3rd paltoon in 70-71 if you see this call me at 850-549-3063 do you remember Chase? my name is John Webre
    john webre <swampy70_71"at"yahoo.com>
    Pensacola, fl USA - Wednesday, May 17, 2006 at 08:34:54 (EDT)

    I was with the 196th My second tour was as the Senior Advisor at the RFPF Training Center in Quang Ngai. My Jeep was padlocked and parked at the 2nd VN Div Advisory Compound in Quang Ngai. Someone stole the jeep. We had painted a white strip underneath the front end and taped an extra key to the firewall. After about a month my driver and I were driving North on #1 just South of Chu Lai and I noticed a jeep with a white strip approaching us. We turned that truck around and forced the jeep to the side of the road. I approached the jeep on the passenger side and reached to the firewall and pulled the tape along with the extra key. We commandeered the jeep and returned to our compound. My Question: Was this anyone assigned to 196th Light Infantry Brigade? If so I apologize for the inconvenience. Date was approximately May of 1969.
    Charles Rowell
    Zumbrota, MN USA - Tuesday, May 16, 2006 at 22:05:26 (EDT)

    Here I am with a follow up to my e-mail. Thanks Jim for pointing out that it would really be helpful if I had put the Battalion that Bert Selness served in. Bert was in Delta and Echo Companies of the 3/21 Infantry. Thanks Again Jim. Most Respectfully to All Who Served in Vietnam. Deb Monson
    Deb Monson <dmonson@co.winneshiek.ia.us>
    Decorah, IA USA - Tuesday, May 16, 2006 at 12:41:00 (EDT)

    This message is for anyone who served with either Delta or Echo companies between November of 1970 and August of 1971. I am a veterans service officer and am trying to assist a Vietnam Vet by the name of Bert Selness in establishing service connected disability. I would like to hear from anyone who may have served with him and especially any medics who may have treated him for a burn wound to his right hand and for a right ankle injury. Bert was at LZ Center, LZ Yonkers and at Chu Lai. He also went by the nickname of Baby Ranger. Any assistnace that can be offered on behalf of Bert, would be greatly appreciated. Thanks much for all you help. Most Respectfully to All Who Served in Vietnam, Deb Monson.
    Deb Monson <dmonson@co.winneshiek.ia.us>
    Decorah, Iowa USA - Tuesday, May 16, 2006 at 10:58:01 (EDT)

    Admin traffic follows direct replies & questions on Hawaii trip to LIB196BOBatAOL.COM. 2008 is an off year for 196th and the active 196th will welcome us. See you all in Kentucky 2007
    Bob Kelly <lib196bobataol.com>
    Reading, Pa USA - Tuesday, May 16, 2006 at 10:33:00 (EDT)

    I am floating a search for interest in a trip of "Chargers" to Hawaii as a tour. The beauty of retirement is I can go on any day that ends in "Y". You would get to a West Coast airport on your own. I will organize the trip if we have an interest.
    Bob "Doc" Kelly <lib196bobataol.com>
    Reading Pa, USA - Monday, May 15, 2006 at 20:57:18 (EDT)

    Bill Giles I had a Reply from Leo Kelly (C 3/21 Medic) he went on R&R with you . The chance to find an old comrade is unique to those that served . Welcome Home
    Bob "doc" Kelly <lib196bobataol.com>
    rehoboth beach, De USA - Monday, May 15, 2006 at 13:51:06 (EDT)

    Ron, great news see you there. Ed. Alpha "67-68"
    Edward Latini <sargent196infantry"at"msn.com>
    evergreen, Co USA - Sunday, May 14, 2006 at 18:23:55 (EDT)

    Hello everyone I went to the Brason reunion hoping to see some of the guys that I was with in A/co 4/31 70- 71 but I wasnt lucky. But I did meet alot of brothers from different times and had a nice week chatting with them.With alot of luck we have located about 12 men from alpha 70-71 and were planning to go to Kentucky 07 Iwould like some info so I could pass it on to the others This going to be an important year for all Thanks Ron Davison 909-899-9830
    Ron Davison <rufraod@aol.com>
    Fontana , Ca USA - Sunday, May 14, 2006 at 15:09:15 (EDT)

    Kham Duc Mothers Day 1968. I was there. Call sign CA10. "A" 2/1 196 LIB July 67 to July 68.
    Mike Robertson <oatsteamataol.com>
    Ventura, CA USA - Sunday, May 14, 2006 at 08:48:19 (EDT)

    Hello Brothers: I am hoping to hear from guys who were in E Co. 2/1 from 3/68-3/69 in the 4 deuce mortar squad.
    Bill (Zack) Zarrella <bz4853@hotmail.com>
    Hazlet, NJ USA - Friday, May 12, 2006 at 21:29:20 (EDT)

    Has there been a reunion in detroit...if so..what year...does anyone remember luther w. he carried a g. pig in delta c..4/31..69-7o
    C. Wynn <bojack49@bellsouth.net>
    lacombe, la USA - Thursday, May 11, 2006 at 21:15:55 (EDT)

    I am trying to locate a Hal Ross who would have been in the army in the years 1969-1970?
    peggy craft <pcraft17@yahoo.com>
    USA - Thursday, May 11, 2006 at 19:08:57 (EDT)

    do any of you ex-medics know how to contact Ken Cullem (not sure of last name spelling.He was a sp/6 clinical tech with HHB 3/82,67-68.Was a career guy,who went to Ft. Carson after Nam.
    bill russell <Rwill62atsbcglobal.net>
    norman, ok USA - Thursday, May 11, 2006 at 09:51:18 (EDT)

    Echo 2/1 Recon 1970; remember slipping on a terraced hillside during the monsoon season. Grabbed hold of elephant grass to break fall and grass cut fingers like razor blades. Fingers were so pithy they didn't bleed.
    Bill <Mcgee2517"at"aol. om>
    Paducah, USA - Wednesday, May 10, 2006 at 22:12:32 (EDT)

    Regarding "B" Company and that gold they buried, you know "A" Company buried all the diamonds and rubies.I think those guys cut me out of my share .Oh by the way I was at another site today and an old Marine said he was going to Kent State, going to drink alot of beer and piss all over their "peace memorial".Wish I'd thought of that.
    USA - Wednesday, May 10, 2006 at 15:38:38 (EDT)

    hi i was in vietnam june 1966 to nov 1966 i met my wife in ft devens i was in hhc 196th my friend charlie house goy married the day afteri did i would like to here from any one ibenn married for 40 years have 8 grand kids
    walter faulkner <faulknerdw@aol.com>
    hamden, ct USA - Wednesday, May 10, 2006 at 11:27:21 (EDT)

    doc crawford i arrived in the nam in early oct 67. it seemed like it rained every day. i know that many times in the field i woke up in water. we had a lot of problems with trying to get our feet and socks to stay dry. oh those were the days . keep on humping
    jim gray d 3/21 and hhc196 67/68 <mrtirejpgatmsndotcom>
    bradenton, fl USA - Tuesday, May 09, 2006 at 19:44:11 (EDT)

    Was reading some of the posts talking about monsoons. I'm been puzzled about what I've read since about monsoon occuring in Vietnam in the summer. That is definitely not my recollection. I remember it rained every day for a month Nov to Dec 1970 and 3 days straight several times. What do you guys remember for the monsoon season in the Chu Lai-Danang area? Also, some posts a while back on how much our rucksacks weighed, mine as a medic about 90 lbs including water, weapon and ammo early in a mission. 90 lbs seems about right to me because I had some experience picking up 50-200 items as a meatcutter before and after the Nam. Often wondered if the Army had actually made me a medic on the logic that blood would not bother me. The big ole medic bag on top of my rucksack may have saved my life once. Climbing up a hill I had fallen backward into a hole. My medic bag hit the ground. Otherwise could have broken my neck.
    Doc Crawford <Crawford.Dave@epa.gov>
    Arlington, VA USA - Monday, May 08, 2006 at 12:34:55 (EDT)

    May is the first newsletter month for the Gimlet Association. The Gimlet Association 21st Infantry puts out two newsletters a year. So, if you want to keep up with 21st Infantry Regiment news contact the Gimlet Association and sign up.
    Gimlet Association <gimletmail21"at"yahoo.com>
    USA - Sunday, May 07, 2006 at 12:04:04 (EDT)

    Guesssssssss who? I like to write individually to some of you but its impossible when you only include your name and no email address. I would encourage you to type in your email address in the manner that i do to avoid spam stuff... Good luck to all.
    GILBERT "FRENCHIE" MANASSELIAN <namratsathotmaildotcom>
    Fresno, CA USA - Sunday, May 07, 2006 at 00:40:40 (EDT)

    Hi I am one of the ORIGINALS, at FT. Devens in 1965. I was in Co. C 3/21 196LIB.
    Bill Giles <sbgilesatcomcast.net>
    Fennville, MI USA - Friday, May 05, 2006 at 18:33:18 (EDT)

    Update on The Dignity Memorial Vietnam Wall on display this weekend in SanDiego: Veteran's Museum and Memorial Center 2115 Park Blvd Open 24 hours a day, from 10:00am today (Friday) until 8am Monday morning. Hope to see you 196'ers there!
    Neil Gray <ngray@barona.com>
    Lakeside, CA USA - Friday, May 05, 2006 at 13:07:56 (EDT)

    mayday 71 rockets and mortars snag got killed. hell of a way to spend a day peace to all.fast eddie C 2/1 2ND PLT.
    ed corman <quickone196@hotmail.com>
    lincoln , ne USA - Friday, May 05, 2006 at 09:57:15 (EDT)

    Probably LZ Dottie or LZ Stinson. The town of Nook Mau was famous for its Nook Mau 100's. The town must have got its name from the fast moving creek that ran through there.
    Ron <ronniepayne@adelphia.net>
    Va. USA - Thursday, May 04, 2006 at 21:32:58 (EDT)

    when i first arrived in the nam we were at a base camp south of chu lia. i think the name of the town was nook mau ? does anyone know the name of that base camp? my first patrol off of that base camp we were hit by monsoon rains and lost all contact with base camp . we spent the night on a hill and had to walk back using the railrood tracks our base camp was torn up pretty bad.
    jim gray d 3/21 and hhc196 67/68 <mrtirejpgatmsncom>
    bradenton, fl USA - Thursday, May 04, 2006 at 18:49:19 (EDT)

    I may know what happened to a duffel bag of cold beer sent out to lz judy August 24th, 1970. 2/1 was digging in, the T.O.C was being set up, a dozer digging a big hole for the 2 connex's.
    Allen <lynn.allen"at"das.state.oh.us>
    OH USA - Thursday, May 04, 2006 at 16:22:44 (EDT)

    I am a former member of 4/31 inf 196LIB, from July 1968 to July 1969 in Vietnam with recon plt we were attached to the Artillery unit on LZ West and I was also in the battle on LZ Baldy in May of 69, and Nui-chom Nov of 69. Just wanted to say hi to our polar bear buddies, God bless you all. My nickname was snuffy because I chewed tobacco.
    Terry L. Fowler <terrydf80911"at"yahoo.com>
    Colorado Springs, CO USA - Thursday, May 04, 2006 at 15:17:45 (EDT)

    To Rob Kenny: The "B" Company guys went back and dug up all that gold they buried near the overgrown railroad tracks just east of that bamboo forest south of the Antennae valley. Last I heard they were all sipping tropical drinks on the beach somewhere in the pacific islands with the local girls rubbing oil on their backs.Doesn't that just frost you that they cut you out?
    USA - Thursday, May 04, 2006 at 15:12:57 (EDT)

    i would like to know what happened to companyB.Do they not wish to talk?
    rob kenny <roborob@hotmail.com>
    omaha, ne USA - Thursday, May 04, 2006 at 14:51:27 (EDT)

    Just a note for all Vietnam Vets in the San Diego and SoCal area: If weren't aware of it, a 3/4 scale model of the Wash. D.C. Vietnam War Memorial Wall will be on display through this weekend, 24 hours a day, at Balboa Park on Parkway Avenue. I don't have the exact address or which building it's in. The truck carrying the display to the site is entering San Diego from Viejas Casino (just outside S.D.) by about 1500-2000 motorcycles, many of whom are Vietnam Vets. I'll try to find out the exact address for the display and pass it on. If you know it...????? Thanks guys
    Neil Gray/HHC 196th/1968-69 <ngray@barona.com>
    Lakeside, CA USA - Thursday, May 04, 2006 at 14:40:50 (EDT)

    I just figure something is wrong, when all of the coments made in this site come mainly from the guys from the people with charlie and alpha companies with the 4/31st and th 3/21st. All of us are here now and were there then. I as you might guess, was a medic durring the summer of 1969 with Bravo Co. 4/31st and don't see to many of the people I served with, almost makes me feel like a lepper....my hat is off to all that served with the 196th..
    Doc Hodges <antennaking"at"sbcglobal.net>
    Lees Summit, Mo. USA - Thursday, May 04, 2006 at 14:24:03 (EDT)

    I would like to ask prermission if we could use the insigma of the buring rop for a combat veteran who passed away lat year and we are honouring him at the upcoming Traditional pow-wow of where he was original from. We would like to insert his insigma under neat his photo on the t-shirt that we would like to print and present to the family members. Appreciate a reply Thank you.
    rebecca Barnhart <rebeccapreuit7@hotmail,com>
    Green Bay, Wi USA - Thursday, May 04, 2006 at 12:43:38 (EDT)

    I am still looking for anyone who remembers Harold (Skeeter) Menzie. He served in 67-68 C 4/31. He died of cancer last year. Would love to hear from anybody who was with him in Nam or in one of the posts he was at while in the service. Sandy
    sandy Calabrese/Menzie <scalabrese7975atsbcglobal.net>
    New Milfofrd, CT USA - Wednesday, May 03, 2006 at 21:32:22 (EDT)

    i like to hear what my fellow 196rs did in the nam. i find it interesting that so many medics visit this site. i love it. i never get tired of the banter. we all have stories to tell and i think that this is a good place to tell them as long as it is 196th related. my problem is i remember the things we did but do not really remember the names of the people very well. i tried very hard to forget all of it when i got back to the states. keep up the banter
    jim gray d 3/21 and hhc196 67/68 <mrtirejpgatmsn.com>
    bradenton, fl USA - Wednesday, May 03, 2006 at 18:21:22 (EDT)

    I am Wayne Barksdale and served as a medic B 3/21 in 1970-71. Have a message in 2004 guestbook. Talked with good friend and fellow medic, Dave Crawford. Correspond regularly.Other medic was Mark Hunter. At last word he had lung cancer and I do not know the results. Still get emails from young people whose father or relative was with us when we killed the big lizard. Larry Flurry shot the lizard walking point, He was from Tallasee, Al. Those there will remember he lost both legs by a claymore mine. He did get his horse farm when he returned home, lived in pain most of his life and passed away a few years ago. He was a courageous man. Still looking for "Lurch", I do not know his real name but he was very tall. He caught the NVA asleep when he was standing guard. The NVA said he had about 30 buddies with him but they had apparently ran off. Lurch picked up the soldier and carried him like a little kid back to our logger site. It was such an odd scene I will never forget. Also talked to Raymond Womble. He was in New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina. Need to hear from him.Welcome any phone calls from those in B company in 3/21 Have seen pictures of LZ center. It is grown over and taken back by the jungle. Phone number is 256-232-7329. Address is 407 N. Madison St. Athens, AL 35611
    Wayne Barksdale <BarkBRKC7ataol.com>
    Athens, AL USA - Wednesday, May 03, 2006 at 13:55:16 (EDT)

    You guys who are looking for next of kin of brothers who were KIA or passed since coming home. There is a web site in the latest VFW Mag. that gives you the location of where vets are buried. I just found the family after 30 some odd years of searching using this.It is VA grave sites on line. Just go to http://gravelocator.cem.va.gov. It will give where they are buried and you can use the white pages to find if any relatives are in the area. Works great. Stoney
    Stoney <jstone10(at)msn.com>
    Lexington, Ne USA - Wednesday, May 03, 2006 at 10:27:42 (EDT)

    Frenchie keep reminicing, love it, as thats all we have left, our stories. If you don't want to read it, thats what the scroll thing is for, just scroll on down and go to the next of what ever you are interested in. Stoney
    Stoney <jstone10(at)msn.com>
    Lexington, Ne USA - Wednesday, May 03, 2006 at 10:19:52 (EDT)

    Rob when were you there and what unit? I was there 70-71 with Aco 4/31 196th. And like all the others it was hot went to sleep wet when it rained.Eat c-rats that an animal would not eat i know when i got home tryed to feed it to my dog he sniffed it and looked at me liked i was crazy.
    john webre <swampy70_71"at"yahoo.com>
    Pensacola, fl USA - Wednesday, May 03, 2006 at 09:41:17 (EDT)

    like to hear more comments from 196th in years other than 68 or 69
    rob kenny <roborob@hotmail.com>
    omaha, ne USA - Wednesday, May 03, 2006 at 08:55:24 (EDT)

    "Frenchie"-I love your stories!!! Please don't stop. These stories help me understand what happened with all of our units. Because of these stories I have made contact with two of my best buddies in the last month. Both Bob Herrmann and Juan Class helped save my life Aug.26,1969. Thanks to you and the "Docs" we now share pictures and talk on the phone for hours. C4/31,Nov68 to Nov69.
    Jeff Miller
    USA - Wednesday, May 03, 2006 at 07:55:56 (EDT)

    I guess it's up to the webmaster to decide the format here. For me personally I like to read whatever people write. This is one spot in the universe where people have something in common , the 196th. As for me that gives everyone a certain priviledge to say anything they want. I for one am not the thought police.
    USA - Wednesday, May 03, 2006 at 00:02:32 (EDT)

    john coombs Youre right. Im sorry. No stories, no reminiscing....I didnt mean to monopolize the space on here...Looking forward to reading YOUR Guestbook entries. Gilbert "Frenchie" Manasselian
    GILBERT "FRENCHIE" MANASSELIAN <namratsathotmaildotcom>
    Fresno, CA USA - Tuesday, May 02, 2006 at 23:29:45 (EDT)

    Just to let everyone know, we are going to set up a forum where these type of stories can be told and read by anyone wanting to converse back and forth. I'd also like to set up space for photos, etc. In the meantime, it's OK to relate stories here, just try not to carry on two way conversations too much. The forum will be set up in the next few months since my main effort is to get a newsletter out. The newsletter has been delayed because I've taken a consulting job that only gets me back home for two weeks a month, and it takes me time to get everything done at home before I have to leave again. Sorry the newsletter has been so late. If anyone would like to submit stories for publication in the newsletter, you can send them to me at: Ken McKenzie, PO Box 84, Eaton, NH 03832. I hope to get the newsletter out shortly. Regards, Ken-Editor
    Editor - Ken McKenzie
    USA - Tuesday, May 02, 2006 at 22:42:36 (EDT)

    frenchie, why not you and the doc, email each other,so we need not to read all you guys bull. 196th 1966/1967
    john coombs <jrcoombs@comcast.net>
    salem, nh USA - Tuesday, May 02, 2006 at 20:36:02 (EDT)

    I am not sure why but I find that I have great recollection of my military experience. However, there are days i dont know what i had for lunch....I tell all that everyone's Viet Nam experience is different...thus a perfect movie is not likely. Just to let you know fellow veterans I will be writing my recollection right here! in the GUESTBOOK....this will happen on a hmmmm semi regular basis...Ill try to write about the good the bad and very little about the ugly s--t. Just to let you know that most of my tour was not scary, Ive met great guys!!! I just wished there was a means to put pictures here...I dont want to go to MYSPACE ...lol. I can start anywhere...when i got drafted, why they call me frenchie? Or about the JOHNY WALKER RED story. Email me
    GILBERT "FRENCHIE" MANASSELIANn <namratsathotmaildotcom>
    Fresno, CA USA - Tuesday, May 02, 2006 at 20:16:11 (EDT)

    Alpha and Bravo, 4/31. Randy Kimes (from the ridge 5/8-/10, "68"Has had the surgery, at this point still touch and go..Sincerely, Ed.
    Edward Latini <sargent196infantry"at"msn.com>
    evergreen, Colorado USA - Monday, May 01, 2006 at 22:08:28 (EDT)

    I was the battallion armorer and supply Sgt. HHC,3/21st I arrived in June 1967, I left in July 1968 has anyone herd from Paul Westbrook, Jerry Butchko or Terry Cantwell? just a few of the names that I remember. Would like to hear from them. Best wishes to all of the 196th Brotherhood. GO GIMLETS!!!
    Daryl S. "Scotty" Zoulko <unicornsz"at"aol.com>
    Loma Linda, CA USA - Monday, May 01, 2006 at 14:59:26 (EDT)

    Frenchie & Doc Mercer It is funny that you remmber the blue sweat shirts. I wore a blue tee shirt when I came back from R&R in Hawaii and nobody would sit next to me because they thought they would get shot sitting next to me, thinking I had taken one of the blue sweat shirts from a dead little person and was wearing it. What was the name of the Recon Sgt from the 3/82nd who wore the chicken bone around his neck and told all the new guys it was alittle persons finger. Boy did we have some interesting people in our company. It seemed like after we left LZ Mellon he left the field and we got the Lt. The day he came into country a FNG also came to Charlie company and shot himself in the foot with his M16. I mean we smelled alittle bad but what the heck you don't have to shoot yourself in the foot! It was interesting sleeping in the rain, I did hump an air mattress my only creature comfort and it kept me out of the rain alittle bit. Boy did we have fun. Doc La Palio
    Doc La Palio <aml"at"vglabs.com>
    Long Beach , Ca USA - Monday, May 01, 2006 at 13:50:44 (EDT)

    http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20060430/ap_on_re_us/medal_of_honor_impostors;_ylt=AqwoYBm9arFKLjEYqjfG_1pG2ocA;_ylu=X3oDMTA5aHJvMDdwBHNlYwN5bmNhdA-- Friends: Click on the link ive pasted above..I am distressed by spineless weazels who are pretending (good enough pretenders) to be Medal Of Honor winners. I am sure their bulls--t stories are better than any of mine....after all they DO have the self awarded Medal Of Honor... Thank you for allowing me to vent. Gilbert "Frenchie" Manasselian
    GILBERT "FRENCHIE" MANASSELIAN <namratsathotmaildotcom>
    fresno, CA USA - Monday, May 01, 2006 at 01:05:21 (EDT)

    Hi! I was wanting information about the 2007 reunion in KY. I may be able to attend this year. I was with 196, HHC 3/21 and Co B, 8th Support Bn during 1967-1968. I was a senior medic in these unites
    David Israels <cid60@mac.com>
    Salome, AZ USA - Saturday, April 29, 2006 at 17:29:16 (EDT)

    Frenchie like you I remember times where we humped all day sweated out gallons and at nightfall we were so dog ass tired that we would sleep through driving rain and wake up in puddles. The thing I remember was that it could be over 100 degrees during the day but you could wake up shivering and freezing. Sometimes it also felt like the whole country was against you whether it was the huge red ants, six inch blood gourged leeches that you found on your body or vicious bees that looked more like small birds. Wasn't it fun! Strangely, the insects never bothered the locals, must have been the smell.
    Doc Mercer
    USA - Saturday, April 29, 2006 at 16:56:27 (EDT)

    I remember the rain....I learned a lot about the monsoon that year. I was told it traveled from North to South and we got the rain season from Dec to Feb....One particular day I was filling sand bags on LZ West and in looking out east towards Laos I noticed clouds....that in itself did not attract my attention. As i was doing my part in sand bagging I noticed the clouds were growing and now were near LZ Oconnor....at that moment there was no rain on LZ West but I started noticing a "noise". It is hard to explain the sound of the noise. Like cellophane cracking and popping. Still no rain on West but by now the clouds were over Hill 441 and rapidly circling around LZ West......next thing i knew BIG drops started falling out of the sky...and the noise i had previously heard was now just below LZ West and we were instantly all wet....an inpromptu bath became SOP...needless to say the sandbagging crew was outa there quickly looking for soap and a towel. My other memorable rain experience was one day just south of LZ West near what we called Alpha Company hill...we were patrolling. That day we spent the night on the side of the hill...I started noticing it was raining but did not worry much since i was rolled in the poncho...howwwwwever, it was within a few minutes i noticed that a flash flood developed and I had been laying in the middle of a shallow creek. I rolled over a couple times, never missed a beat, out of the creek bed and kept on snoring. Gilbert "Frenchie" Manasselian
    GILBERT "FRENCHIE" MANASSELIANn <namratsathotmaildotcom>
    fresno, CA USA - Saturday, April 29, 2006 at 15:00:50 (EDT)

    Hi, Chargers My name is Gene Hutmaker and I am one of the ORIGINALS at Ft. Devens in '65 - I fondly remember the local "watering holes" - The Little Club (ID required) and The Wigwam (no ID necessary). Anyway I was one of the Jersey guys in C 2/1 (Lt.Armstrong's platoon). In AIT I was transferred to D 2/1 (Lt.Wicks' mortar platoon). I was partaking in Operation Attleboro for about a week or so when I was notified that my mother passed away - the Army sent me home ASAP and I was reassigned to Ft.Dix NJ. I was possibly the first Charger to be in the States as most of the personnel at Ft. Dix wanted to know of the "burning ropes" that I wore on my right shoulder. I have recently had my book published "Banned in the Bronx The Yankee Hater Memoirs 1953-2005" that I did with my son Mike. As I recall there were a lot of Yankee Haters in The 196th. The chapters 1965 and 1966 have some humorous stories about The Brigade. The book can be obtained through my website www.bannedinthebronx.com or just by putting in banned in the bronx on your computer - at Barnes & Noble you can order it at the customer service desk. Iwould like to hear from some of the ORIGINALS.
    Gene Hutmaker <genehut"at"comcast.net>
    Monmouth Junction, NJ USA - Saturday, April 29, 2006 at 12:37:47 (EDT)

    Looking for the follwing brothers: Rick Dobratz; Paul Nichols; Gib Adams; Roger Panneton; David Classic; Cpt. Pry; Victor Ayroud; Jay Westbrook; Romy Traugh; and Doug Franks. If you have addresses or other commo information, please let me know. Would like to reconnect with any or all of them. Thanks, Randall Hain 3/21 A and C Company 196th Bde 68 Sep. to 69 Sep.
    Randall Hain <revrick@centurytel.net>
    Walden, CO USA - Thursday, April 27, 2006 at 21:54:56 (EDT)

    Doc I cant tell which base camp youre speaking of...i dont know about a guy falling off the trail. myself and some lanky guy from ohio found a base camp just below Mellon...August 68 i believe...that camp had it all...blue sweatshirts with the label in english "made in hanoi" as well as flamethrowers, MGs,Ammo sealed up like sardines cans, radios, rubber suits and misc...in early March 68 we found one I dont know where, i was new..it was mostly a flat area...in low shrubs and trees near a creek..LZ Polar Bear comes to mind..Kaki NVA uniforms everywhere, lose ammo everywhere...mortar rounds, rpg ammo, bullets etc..but no live or dead bodies..made this new guy(me) nervous...later in april i recall one base camp found on Hill 441 with 122MM rockets, a training camp of sorts ..we burned the hootches, they made a few of the guys dig up the graves found to see how the decedent died... that area was always a problem i learned from the "old" timers...Those are the base camps that come to mind currently. I am sure there were others while i was there....The one by Mellon is the most significan in size and results....many chopper trips to haul off the booty.
    GILBERT "FRENCHIE" MANASSELIAN <namratsathotmaildotcom>
    Fresno, CA USA - Wednesday, April 26, 2006 at 00:15:55 (EDT)

    Frenchie, Doc Mercer, and members of Charlie Company. What was the name of the guy who fell off of the trail and landed by in a Base Camp. You guys found a bunch of weapons,one of you gave me a SKS rifle. I took it back to the world. I remember being plenty scared because there clothes were still hanging on a line and the food was still hot in the pots. That night we lagered across from the camp on top of a hill. We knew we were going to get mortared but it did not happen. The next day all sorts of guys showed up Sam Wetzel was real happy. Doc La Palio
    Doc La Palio <aml"at"vglabs.com>
    Long Beach, ca USA - Tuesday, April 25, 2006 at 17:26:25 (EDT)

    Mike Wicke, I have red your entries and we had overlaping time in country. I was with c 3/82. I am filing a va claim and need to pick your brain, it sounds like you have info that might help. I spent a lot of time on baldy. pls contact me asap 530-272-1716 or em tomunroe@sbcglobal.net. thanks
    tom munroe <tommunroeatsbcglobal.net>
    GRASS valley, ca USA - Monday, April 24, 2006 at 13:21:23 (EDT)

    Aco 4/31 196th 3rd paltoon 70-71 looking for JERRY ANDERSON / JAMES McMillian GARYLING WILSON. If you guys see this contact me by e-mail are call me at 850-390-3215 a few names you might remember CHASE/ RON/ DOC CLARK/ ROY SEAWRIGHT/ WOODY. MY NAME IS JOHN WEBRE { SWAMPY} REMEMBER
    john webre <swampy70_71"at"yahoo.com>
    pensacola, fl USA - Sunday, April 23, 2006 at 15:25:39 (EDT)

    A lot of good it did giving the 45s to the officers. we had a Capt. with 3/82 that had one and he brought it into the aid station every couple weeks for me to clean it for him so it wouldn't rust up. I don't think he ever fired it and he had no clue on how to dissasemble it to clean it.
    John clough (Doc) <clough001@msn.c>
    USA - Sunday, April 23, 2006 at 03:16:20 (EDT)

    Regarding humping pounds. Kinda depended on the resupply schedule.Also somewhat on how much extra you wanted to hump (rubber bitch) etc.On a two week resupply schedule during the occasional dry season in high ground, you could be humping quite a bit after resupply. Regardless of what you humped, it became quite a bit heavier as time went by. It seemed like a reasonable amount at first, but at the end of the tour it seemed extremely heavy.I remember telling an old timer it wasn't that bad the first week I was there. He said "just wait you'll see". He was right.
    USA - Saturday, April 22, 2006 at 19:14:45 (EDT)

    B Dunphy 2/1 remember sp packs, have a friend of mine still brings me chuckles when he visits, also not only did the vietnamese not like John Wayne bars they didn"t like Pall Malls number 10
    Bob Dunphy <mdunphy1@msn.com>
    Phila, Pa USA - Saturday, April 22, 2006 at 09:19:45 (EDT)

    Jeff and Doc and others from c/4-31 ... do you recall the guy who lost his 45cal early one morning? it was dark still and we were moving out...Possibly LZ Polar Bear or Maybe even Mellon...the guy couldnt locate his handgun and was charged 50 bux...I never got over that story... By the way I had a .45 when i carried the M-79 and at some point they collected it...possibly in June 68...Sgt Payne said that they ran out of 45's for officers coming in....nice eh?
    GILBERT "FRENCHIE" MANASSELIAN <namratsathotmaildotcom>
    Fresno, CA USA - Friday, April 21, 2006 at 22:07:35 (EDT)

    doc la palio. i remember that if you went to buy a beer on baldy you were allways given a ballentine. it did not matter if it was a bad can or not, sometimes the cans were half empty but we had no choice. if you bought 3 at the same time you still got at least 1 ballentine. at least we did get a few good ones once in a while. my what fun we had
    jim gray d 3/21 and hhc196 67/68 <mrtirejpg>
    bradenton, fl USA - Friday, April 21, 2006 at 19:35:39 (EDT)

    Jeff Miller, I arrived in country 10/16/68 spent time with 3rd platoon C co and HHC 4/31st. Humped the boonies off LZ West, experienced the chinook crash, the gook sapper attack, Sgt Gutierez's saper squard, Nui Chom, etc. in april of 69 I rotated to LZ Baldy. In may 69 the LZ was attacked and I was wounded and sent to Camp Oji Japan to recover for 5 months and from there back to the world. Frenchie, Doc Lapalio, I was there for the river crossing incident and remember the hassle of paper work involved because the guy's M16 was lost. He also loss a pair of boots which made humping the rest of the day interesting.
    Doc Mercer
    USA - Friday, April 21, 2006 at 19:34:03 (EDT)

    Frenchie, and Gentlemen thanks for the information. I could not remember if we walked or flew off LZ Mellon. But I do remember the river incident very well, the trooper was Larry Krill 3rd platoon. I was the lifeguard that day I swam across the river tied off the ropes and then you guys started coming across the rope got wet and streched out and Larry dropped his M-16 went to grab it and his pack dropped him to the bottom. I remember him telling me about it at the reunion in Gettysburg. Dick Dixon also told my wife about the incident a couple of years ago. It sure is fun to read the postings about the beer,I beleive it was you Frenchie who was yelling during stand down in Chu Lai "Off the table Mable the quaters for the Beer", The SP packs, and the very heavy loads we carried. Who had more fun than we did. Doc La Palio HHC, Delta, Charle 4/31st 68/69
    Doc La Palio <aml"at"vglabs.com>
    Long Beach, Ca USA - Friday, April 21, 2006 at 14:35:41 (EDT)

    Earlier on at Tay Ninh, there was a Philippine Engineer Batallion near by that got San Miguel beer issued to them through their regular supply system. My recollection is that San Miguel was owned by the government. The amount issued was generous enough that the Engineers had plenty to trade for US goodies. It was good beer (and still is).
    Jim Armstrong <jimarmatpacific.net>
    CA USA - Friday, April 21, 2006 at 12:11:44 (EDT)

    Yes, Ballantine beer, next year at the reunion, there is a small brewery in Fort Wright, Ky that has a dinning room and the walls are all line with cans of beer. I mention Ballantine beer to my customer and he said no way... we look up on the wall and there was a collection of Ballantine beer cans! I will try and get name and address if anyone wants to check it out. One story I have was when C 3/82 XO, sent one of my sgts back in the rear for "supplies". We were only allowed 1 case of beer per tube (105) at any given time. My Sgt came back and ask him where the supplies were and he said it would be coming. The next day a chinook came in with a sling of a whole pallet of Ballantine beer!! Well at the same time behind the chinook was a huey that had the Diverty Commander. I got on the horn and told my sections that the chinook coming in had beer and the huey behind was the diverty Commander and before the huey landed I did not want to see any beer on the pad!! You never saw a whole pallet disappear. The full bird never said a word and I did not stick around.....
    Lloyd Martin <martyc382"at"hotmail.com>
    Austin, TX USA - Thursday, April 20, 2006 at 23:22:21 (EDT)

    A couple of good things about carrying the 60 or the radio was the operators usually didn't go on daytime squad patrols or nitetime ambushes. One of the troops carried the radio, usually the squad leader, and the 60 stayed with the platoon for protection. The RTO laid up with the LT. and babysat him. Thats the way it worked in our PLt. and one of our gunners said that was the reason he carried the gun, So it wasn't all bad. We all had loads to carry.
    Stoney <jstone10@msn.com>
    Lexington, Ne USA - Thursday, April 20, 2006 at 23:18:48 (EDT)

    dave i carried everything that i listed when i was an rto for lt seibert. i also carried an m60 for a while. no m16 ammo but 600 rounds of 60 cal ammo. ammo alone about 50 lbs.plus everything else. none of us had it easy. i was glad each time we ate to reduce the weight of the c rats. also my understanding of sundries packages. 1 box for 100 men every 4 days along with resupply of c rats.
    jim gray d 3/21 and hhc196 67/68 <mrtirejpg>
    bradenton, fl USA - Thursday, April 20, 2006 at 19:00:16 (EDT)

    Ballentine,Black Label were both good compared to Korean made OB,and Crown.All four were available when we were still in the Chu Lai area.
    bill russell <Rwill62atsbcglobal.net>
    norman, ok USA - Thursday, April 20, 2006 at 14:50:58 (EDT)

    Jim, Gray- I'm guessing only the guy carrying the gun would have carried as much as 100 lbs. I was a medic and generally carried the 2nd heaviest load in our platoon. Even on the 1st day with a full load of rations, a full medic bag, my M-16, a band of ammo, and 8 quarts of water (alone 16 lbs), I was generally only carrying 90 lbs (For some reason, I had wondered, and weighed myself with and without grear).
    Dave Crawford <Crawford.Dave@epa.gov>
    Arlington, VA USA - Thursday, April 20, 2006 at 14:25:42 (EDT)

    Geez, I'm glad I rode on my house, and didn't carry it on my back. Yeah, I know, M113s were death traps if hit with a RPG or a mine, but it was better to cross patties at 30 mph. Ant it sure was nice when the 50 and 2 M60s started to rock and roll. Charlie Fries, 3rd plt, F Trp, 17th Cav
    Charlie Fries <cfries"at"comcast.net>
    Independence, MO USA - Thursday, April 20, 2006 at 09:05:05 (EDT)

    Doc LaPalio ...To answer your question of days ago....i believe we flew out of Mellon. Soon after i believe we had to cross a wide stream/river and almost lost a guy who was trying to swim accross with a rope in his hand...after his dropped his pack in the river and almost drowned....they higher ups decided to get a chopper to ferry us accross....my time frame maybe off but it did happen.
    GILBERT "FRENCHIE" MANASSELIAN <namratsathotmaildotcom>
    Fresno, CA USA - Wednesday, April 19, 2006 at 23:20:50 (EDT)

    Anyone remember the Ballantine beer. We seemed to get a lot of that and most of the guys didn't care much for it. We nite laggered next to Nui Loc Son one nite and bought a duck from momasan to roast. We roasted that duck over the fire for a couple of hours until they said to put out fires. Man that duck was like rubber. You couldn't even tear it with your teeth, let alone chew it. After all of that work we had to chuck it. That duck had to be 20 years old. Man those were the days. Stoney
    Stoney <jstone10(at)msn.com>
    Lexington, Ne USA - Wednesday, April 19, 2006 at 23:06:45 (EDT)

    Felt more like 200lbs going up those hills
    john webre <swampy70_71"at"yahoo.com>
    pensacola, fl USA - Wednesday, April 19, 2006 at 18:46:57 (EDT)

    i think that at times we humped up to a 100 pounds or more. i remember that it was a chore to to carry all of it especially up some of those hills. like i said oh what fun we had. hope everyone is doing well
    jim gray d 3/21 and hhc196 67/68 <mrtirejpg>
    bradenton, fl USA - Wednesday, April 19, 2006 at 18:08:33 (EDT)

    It would probably scare us half to death to find out what the weight of a ruck and all the other crap was. B4/31 69
    fletch <fletchw20"at"comcastdotnet>
    USA - Wednesday, April 19, 2006 at 15:30:00 (EDT)

    And the warm can or two of Black Label beer in the other pocket. Of course, that was the day after stand down.
    USA - Wednesday, April 19, 2006 at 12:23:13 (EDT)

    Doc Mercer-I sure will tell Lt.Josey about you. I still need to figure out what Doc you are. It bugs me. Knowing your time frame with location in the company would help.-C4/31,Nov68 to Nov69, 3rd platoon & company CP
    Jeff Miller
    USA - Wednesday, April 19, 2006 at 10:18:24 (EDT)

    Don't forget that half block of C4 in your right cargo pocket to heat up them C-Rats.....
    Warren <President, 196th>
    USA - Wednesday, April 19, 2006 at 09:34:02 (EDT)

    Jim, you forgot the extra batteries for the radio, LAW, Claymore, E-tool, map and map case, plus a side arm that many of managed to get our hands on and carry. Aint life grand and we managed to survive. Today I think I'd have proplems carrying the radio up a hill. lol
    USA - Tuesday, April 18, 2006 at 19:03:23 (EDT)

    i pounded ground for a while. lets see 4 days of c rats, 4 ammo pouches each with 4 magazines, 4 bandoleers each with 5 or 6 magazines, 100 rounds 60 cal ammo, 4 hand grenades, 2 smoke grenades, a rifle, a prc 25 with 2 batteries and your personal stuff, 4 canteens of water. now i remember why my back is still sore and my knees pop all of the time. my what fun we had.
    jim gray d 3/21 and hhc196 67/68 <mrtirejpg>
    bradenton, fl USA - Tuesday, April 18, 2006 at 18:10:28 (EDT)

    Try a M-79 w/ 70 rds. H.E and a vest w/18 rds. shot plus ruck, you bet I grunted. Ed.
    Edward Latini <sargent196infantry"at"msn.com>
    evergreen, co USA - Tuesday, April 18, 2006 at 17:04:46 (EDT)

    Doc Mercer, or any of you warrior's did any body actually weigh a ruck sack and a aide bag? It seem to me that it weighed about a gazilllion pounds! You guys that humped the M-60 must have really enjoyed carrying it up and down and through the valley's. Is that were the term "Grunt" came from the noise we made trying to stand up with that monster on our backs. I remember Sgt.Johnson from would carry guys on his back when they got hurt. You guys were amazing! Doc La Palio 4/31st 68/69
    Doc La Palio <aml"at"VGlabs.com>
    Long Beach, ca USA - Tuesday, April 18, 2006 at 13:27:02 (EDT)

    Doc Mercer,or any of you fine warriors did any body actually ever weigh a ruck sack and aide bag? It seem to me that they weighed about a million pounds espically after re-supply. I remember the guys that humped the pig Sgt.Johnson etc. It seemed to weigh even more. Is that were the word grunt came from when we tried to get up with that damn heavey ruck sack? Doc La Palio 68/69
    Doc La Palio <aml"at"vglabs.com>
    Long Beach, Ca USA - Tuesday, April 18, 2006 at 13:15:44 (EDT)

    Bob Herman.Jeff Miller,this is PR,reading your posting sure bought back some good memories.will like to make contact with you guys as well as anyone else that were in our unit.I can be contacted at 1-609-584-1538 or you can e-mail me at:jclass@optonline.net.
    HAMILTON, NJ USA - Tuesday, April 18, 2006 at 08:55:39 (EDT)

    I was assistant division provost (under LtCol Jode Wilson) in 1968. Later became CO of D Co, 723d Maint Bn. both at Chu Lai. Most MP's will remember me as Captain Sam. After release became Police Officer in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Have now retired. would like to hear from anyone who knew me.
    Sam Newton <majorsam22@aol.com>
    Tulsa, Ok USA - Monday, April 17, 2006 at 19:52:36 (EDT)

    Jeff Miller, When you get in touch with Jerry Josey tell him hi from Doc Mercer. The skinny kid that could always out hump him over those killer hills in that blistering Nam heat; and all this with a heavy aid bag on my back!
    Doc Mercer
    USA - Monday, April 17, 2006 at 19:12:31 (EDT)

    My favorate were the Chuckles-The red followed by the white,orange,yellow and green.Was the Army good to us or what?
    Jeff Miller
    USA - Monday, April 17, 2006 at 15:06:52 (EDT)

    Yes, the wooden tipped cigars really enjoyed them. Don't forget the smokeless tabaccos in the SP packs, another of my favorites. Also believe there were Lifesavers too.
    USA - Monday, April 17, 2006 at 14:36:55 (EDT)

    Frenchie, Jeff and Bob. Boy is it good to see your postings. It takes you back with the names and places, even the SP packs by the way they had tootsie rolls, and cigars, Top Swafford would take the cigars, and the Captain of Alpha Co. would take the tootsie rolls, he even had a moniker of the toosie roll kid. It is hard to beleive it was thirty eight years ago and change. By the way gentlemen did we walk off of LZ Mellon or did we fly off? Doc La Palio HHC,Delta,Charlie Co Senior medic. 4/31st 68/69
    Doc La Palio <aml"at" vglabs.com>
    Long Beach, ca USA - Monday, April 17, 2006 at 13:23:18 (EDT)

    Hi Jeff Miller! Bob Herrmann e-mailed me your contact information. My Dad is Jerry Josey and I have sent your info to him also. He will be in touch~ Take care, Summer
    Summer Josey Meetze
    Lexington, SC USA - Monday, April 17, 2006 at 10:18:34 (EDT)

    I served with Bravo co. April 69 March 70. Has anyone heard from Sgt. Shepard, Sgt. Sheppard, Sgt. Sebastian. Hope all is well with everyone. Mike Long
    mike long <mikelong@century21countrynorth.com>
    oregon, il USA - Monday, April 17, 2006 at 05:56:25 (EDT)

    Would like to find out what company I was with 3/72 - 8/72. Was at Phubai, close to Quang Tri, Charlie Ridge and Da Wang. Danny Mott.
    Danny D. Mott <Papasan3711@aol.com>
    Zavalla, TX USA - Sunday, April 16, 2006 at 20:07:12 (EDT)

    I found this info below about SP's. After reading the last sentence it brought back memories of the Vietnamese children throwing them chocalate disks back at the caravan of trucks going along Hwy 1 into Chu Lai for stand-down. SP: Sundry Packs. Government issued care packages. Given out periodically by some unknown formula, to provide soap, tooth brushes, writing paper, envelopes, gum, candy, and cigarettes to the troops in the field. Essentially the stuff that we would have purchased at the PX if we had a chance to go to a PX, but since we spent extended periods of time in the field, these boxes of goodies would be delivered from time to time. SP sundry packs were sent to units in the field they were for 100 men - 10 cartons of cigarettes per pack also soap, gum chuckles, hershey tropical chocolate bars, razors, shave cream and some other things. They came once a week. The Hershey's tropical bars were so bad, when you threw them to the Vietnamese they threw them back.
    USA - Sunday, April 16, 2006 at 19:45:39 (EDT)

    Does anyone remember what kind of candy that was in the SP packs we used to get. Also when I got to Nam in Oct 67 there was Tropical Choclate Bars everywhere. They absolutely would not melt, just turn white, and even the gooks wouldn't eat them.They were everywhere.
    Stoney <jstone10(at)msn.com>
    Lexington, Ne USA - Sunday, April 16, 2006 at 11:45:45 (EDT)

    Does any one know when the newsletter will be out if you have it can you e-mail me a copy---- john
    john webre <swampy70_71"at"yahoo.com>
    pensacola, fl USA - Sunday, April 16, 2006 at 09:58:55 (EDT)

    Hey Jeff, Alright! now I remember you and I certainly remember that Gook that shot at us on Nui Chom, sorry bastard, I hope you have had contact with Josey. Hawkins raises Clydsdales in Michigan, Lytel is in Ohio so is Zemen and Buckner In fact Buckner married Zemen's sister, Simms retired a LTC in Pennsylvania, Kouroupis (Byrd)is in Florida, He has alot of pictures, don't know where Juan is, Knowing Juan I'm sure he is having a good time, I Have had contact with alot of 3rd Platoon guys through the years, Rocky Blier wanted to know who carried him out of that mess, that was Roger Brown, Brown to my knoledge passed on after the war and is burried in Chicago, email me for more. Bob Herrmann 4/31 Charlie Co
    Bob Herrmann
    USA - Saturday, April 15, 2006 at 13:35:59 (EDT)

    As I scan the "Guestbook" i note entries from C/4-31 soldiers...i was on Baldy with First Sgt Swafford and Sgt Tom Kolberg...we were the greeting committee for the troops that were headed out to the bush...my memory is mostly there. We tried to (normally) do a cursory "inspection" of the backpack...You may not recall me but I was the one that asked you: WHERE DO YOUUUU THINK YOU ARE GOING WITH THAT AFTER SHAVE LOTION!!!!! DISNEYLANNND?????? or my other favorite line was....YOU DOOOO HAVE PLANS FOR THE WEEK END....GREAT!!!...the NVA will be happy to meeeet you for a beer or two. Life is great!!!! Gilbert "Frenchie" Manasselian
    GILBERT "FRENCHIE" MANASSELIAN <namratsathotmaildotcom>
    Fresno, CA USA - Saturday, April 15, 2006 at 13:01:36 (EDT)

    Bob Herman - You know me. You probably saved my life twice. You are one of the best pointmen Charlie Co ever had. In about March,'69, we were on top of Nui Chom Mt. and needed water. You and I were going down a trail looking for a stream for water. Since I had been on Nui Chom in Nov '68, I knew where the water was. Since you were pointman you wanted to take lead. About then a gook opened up on us. I fell backwards and my gun hit the ground but you instantly fired back with a burst long enough for me to jump behind a tree. Thank you Bob Herman. On Aug 26 '69 you and 3rd platoon rescued what was left of 2nd platoon and the company CP from certain annihilation. Thank you Bob Herman and 3rd platoon. You had reddish brown hair and freckles. You sang "Get Back Jo Jo" from a Beatles song. I remember Powell telling us a story when he jumped into a foxhole and strangled a gook in Sept '69. Powell was so funny when he told us his stories. I remember stealing c-rations with you from the helicopter pad on LZ West. I think it was you that killed the deer on the south side of LZ West. I remember Hawkins, Smith, Lytel, Juan Class, and all of my brave heroes from 3rd platoon. I was about 5'10" with blondish-brown hair, blue eyes and a baby face. I carried the radio for Lt. Josey and in about April '69, went to the company CP and carried the radio for Capt. Murphy...... Jeff Miller, RTO - 3rd Platoon & company CP - C4/31 - Nov '68 - Nov '69.
    Jeff Miller
    USA - Saturday, April 15, 2006 at 07:34:21 (EDT)

    Jeff Miller, I am haveing a hard time remembering you. I was with 3rd platoon Charlie company, I remember Ernie taking AK fire and getting hit in the leg and then two NVA running out of a houtch. I think the two got away because that stopped us from going any futher. I remember the Chinook that went off the south side as I was in a bunker on the south side at the time. Not a fond memory, I also remember CPT Long,CPT Murphy, LT Josey and then LT Simms. Do you remember Powell, a black guy that studdered. Do you remember when some of us from 3rd Platoon raided the Arty food bunker on LZ West and the only one that the Arty boys reported to our CP was a black guy who studdered. When the Captain called Powell into the CP and asked him the names of the others who stole food from the Arty bunker, Powell said "some somedays I can say say their names somesomedays I can't, today I I can't", he was our hero after that. Not all of 3rd Platoon were Zappers and the Zapper squad dispanded soon after I arrived. Bob Herrmann 4/31 C CO 3rd Platoon, Dec 68-Dec 69
    Bob Herrmann <sat516atcox.net>
    Sierra Vista , AZ USA - Saturday, April 15, 2006 at 00:31:52 (EDT)

    My brother served June 69-April 70 196 co.B 3/21 M60 gunner we lost him to cancer from agent orange this year anyone remember serving with him. Tony Nigro. were news groups ever embedded with the unit? if so is there film.
    James Nigro <jpnigroatyahoo.com>
    Twin Falls, id USA - Thursday, April 13, 2006 at 21:39:43 (EDT)

    Sam Mazzola, Alpha 4/31 6/67-6/68. To all Polar Bears the 31st Infantry Regiment Association is having a reunion this August in Syracuse, NY. The reunion also includes a tour of Fort Drum, the present home of the 4/31, attached to the 10th Mountain Division, a chance to see and honor our replacements. As keeper of the roster of A Company, with approximately 200 names and addresses, I know that at least 40 former members of the company live in the New York area (New York and surrounding states). So far I know of only three of A Company veterans planning on attending the reunion. (John Bezuyen, Ed Lantini and Myself,). What about all you guys from Bravo, Charlie, Delta, Echo and Headquarters Companies. How many of you live in the New York area? How many of you plan on attending the reunion? I was with 5/31 before I went to Nam, and I know a lot of guys were assigned to the 5/31 after you returned to the states to finish your time. 6/31 has been very active in the 31st Infantry Regiment Association; I know 4/31 has many more Polar Bears than 6/31. This is a chance to see and meet the present members of 4/31, veterans of Afghanistan and Iraqi. Looking forward to seeing all you Polar Bears in New York . If I don’t see you this summer in New York, see you at the 196th reunion in 2007. To all A Company members keep me updated with your addresses, the roster is for you. Sam Mazzola/Alpha 1-1
    Sam Mazzola <sammazzolaat earthlink.net>
    Greenbush, MI USA - Wednesday, April 12, 2006 at 00:38:13 (EDT)

    I served with Co. C, 2/1 Inf in 1971 and 1972. I was a Staff Sergeant and a Platoon Leader (we were short of officer). Cpt Terry Fox was my Company Commander and after he rotated; he was replaced by another Capt, Company Commander. I can't think of his name and I would like to contact him. Asking for help from anyone who served with us. Thanks: First Sergeant (E-8), Retired, Jim Clauson, Biloxi, Mississippi.
    Jim Clauson <coastalreport@aol.com>
    Biloxi, MS USA - Tuesday, April 11, 2006 at 22:58:57 (EDT)

    There is some really good stuff at http://vietnamresearch.com Pages and links on Agent Orange, manuals, maps, bases, campaigns and even cadence calls. Worth a look.
    Jim Armstrong <jimarmatpacific.net>
    CA USA - Tuesday, April 11, 2006 at 15:04:30 (EDT)

    I was a Sgt. E-5 with 2nd platoon Charlie Co. 1st of the 46th off LZ Professional. Our AO was mostly Happy and Dragon Valley to the south. I was also detailed to A company with my Kit Carson Scout when my first Sgt. from Shake and bake School was acting CO and hit a sapper unit with the Ruff Puffs I was assigned with. I arrived LZ in December 1970 and was wounded Hiep Duc in our mission to LZ Karen, Siberia, and West. I see some notes here from other Charlie Co. Guys and fromt he ARTY boys who have a nice website. I forgave them for the preacher (Garcia) when they aimed a little high firing through the camel hump. I see some families that have questions about some men that might have served and died at my side. One maybe in my arms. I am now able to talk about it a little. If they have the desire. I am currently still volunteering and dispatched to Afghanistan as an Army Civilian..... Now I build instead of fight...
    D.C. Steorts <sunkist@alaska.net>
    Fairbanks, Ak USA - Tuesday, April 11, 2006 at 08:05:28 (EDT)

    Hello to all the 4/31st 196th... we have recently reconstructed the 31st Regiment Association website... we invite all the men of the 4/31st to sign in at the 31st Assoc site... there is a message board with a forum dedictated to you guys, please visit us sometime and leave your comments. Hope to see you in Syracuse at the 2006 Reunion.
    31st Regiment Association
    MA USA - Monday, April 10, 2006 at 12:52:28 (EDT)

    john webre <swampy70_71"at"yahoo.com>
    pensacola, fl USA - Saturday, April 08, 2006 at 16:07:53 (EDT)

    Hey guys , sorry I missed a t in that url, here it is http://www.31stinfantry.org Ed.
    latini <sargent196infantry"at"msn.com>
    denver, Co USA - Friday, April 07, 2006 at 17:48:59 (EDT)

    Finally located Richie Meluso C 3/21--65 to 67. Please contact me if you were also looking for him. Ed Maneri C 3/21
    Ed Maneri <s9125ataol.com>
    USA - Thursday, April 06, 2006 at 21:26:47 (EDT)

    Bob, the info is available at http://www.31sinfantry.org It's on aug 3-5th. Syracuse N.Y. The 31st web site has all the info. It would be grreat having the 4th. of the 31st. guys present. Take care, Ed.
    Edward Latini <sargent196infantry"at"msn.com>
    evergreen, Co USA - Thursday, April 06, 2006 at 18:38:13 (EDT)

    I would just like to send a commo check to all of my wonderful friends and brothers of the 196th Brigade Americal Division as I served with C Company and A company from September 1968 to September 1969. I spent most of my tour out of LZ Center, LZ East, and the surrounding areas. I remember Tien Phuoc, The Butterfly, and the terrible firefight in August 1969 at Nui Lom. I was a platoon leader in C company and A Company most of my tour and remember with great love and respect the tremendous bravery and brotherhood of our units and I will always remember you. Sincerely, Randall Hain. P.S. Hope to see you at our Veteran's reunions, God bless you! Also, if you want to reply, send to my pastor, Rev. Rick Clair at this address.
    Randall Joel Hain <revrdc@peoplepc.com>
    Walden, CO USA - Wednesday, April 05, 2006 at 14:14:10 (EDT)

    Ed, Do you think it would be a good idea to publish the details about the 31st infantry reunion? Thanks and Best wishes to youse all
    Bob Barth A company 4/31 68-69 <bobbyb1146ataol.com>
    Charlotte, NC USA - Wednesday, April 05, 2006 at 09:39:07 (EDT)

    would like to hear from anyone that was in HQ&HQ COMPANY 196th from 1970-1971 stovall,hamilton,jones,tucker;Anyone.
    RUSSELL E. PRICE <rprice58@nc.rr.com>
    fayetteville, nc USA - Wednesday, April 05, 2006 at 08:44:25 (EDT)

    Trying to locate anyone from periods March 1972 to August 1972. Josh Randall alias Peanut. My nick name was Hoople. Remeber Navarin trying to hijack chopper around Phubai. We pulled duty at coast guard station by Quang tri. I was medivaced to Phubai around May 1972. Anyone with information please contact me.
    Danny D. Mott <papasan3711@aol.com>
    Zavalla, TX USA - Tuesday, April 04, 2006 at 21:53:38 (EDT)

    Hi Guys, are there any more beside, Sam, Buzz and I, that are going to the 31st. Inf. reg. Reunion?
    Edward Latini <sargent196infantry"at"msn.com>
    denver, Co USA - Tuesday, April 04, 2006 at 20:16:12 (EDT)

    Hi Doc, The one with the sachel charge that blew up was heading for the bunker I was in with Ed Thompson of Miami and Earl Johson, Cal. Do you remembeer Earl had a huge welt on his knee, he was guarding the entrance to the bunker with a shotgun waiting for them to come at us, a piece of that guys hit Johnson on the knee he thought he had been wounded, but we could not find any blood in the dark. Anyway when daylight came we saw what hit him( a piece of bone) and the mess of the body you have a picture off. That was one ugly sight.How lucky we are to be able to recall these ugly memories. If you can email what ever pictures you have, I also have a bunch that I can email to you ,see if you can remenber some names. Are you going to the Charlie Co reunion? Do you know of any other guys from our time frame that may go?
    Ralph Urrutia <raalphurrutia"at"bellsouth.net>
    Miami, Fl USA - Tuesday, April 04, 2006 at 18:04:49 (EDT)

    Jeff Miller, Ralph Urutia I remember the March 18th LZ West attack very well. I have pics of the two zappers who were killed next to the latrine as well as the one who's sachel charge blew up on him (whats left of him). There is also a shot of the bunker that was hit where one of our guys (forgot his name) loss both legs and one of our metal ammo storage enclosures with a 3ft hole blown clear through it from a rpg round. Like you I arrived in Oct 16th 68. Do you remember when C co and 3rd platoon went back to the field (antenna valley)and encountered a force that had a chinese anti aircraft installment that we took out. This was written about in the March 2nd Stars and Stripes paper. Afterwards we were airlifted back to LZ west where it was discovered that we were missing a guy (again I forget his name). Next day we went back and found his body that had been tortured. Lots of guilt to go around.
    Doc Mercer
    USA - Tuesday, April 04, 2006 at 16:37:35 (EDT)

    Went over in a packet group from Washington. Ercell Woods was our first sergant. D/2/1 196th. I knew Ken Bechtol, lorenzo mota, Lt. Alfred M. Falcon, Lt. Gendron, Capt. Schmidt(Great company commander) also Lt. Greenlaw. Took the mail out to the guys in the boonies. LZ Ross, Hue, LZ Baldy. Remember Grooms KHA when he hit bouncing betty. Last part in Nam company clerk after sheldon rotated back to the world. Hess followed me as company clerk. Travers accidentally dischaged his 45 it went through his wrist then hit me in the back. My buddies were Mota, Bechtol, Bowen, Falcon sang the 12 days of christmas and sent tape back to Bechtols wife at christmas time. New Ed Dougherty the mortar platoon who became a professional golfer now on the sr. tour. He could really arm wrestle. Remember Gambooza "the hairest man in the company". I was the second. Rear area Chu lai. Have roster of guys in the company somewhere in my records. A few pics. Would like to hear from anyone in D/2/1 196th. I was there from February 8th 1968 to March 22 of 1969. email if you can.
    Robert Siller <rps_49@hotmail.com>
    San Angelo, Tx USA - Tuesday, April 04, 2006 at 15:02:26 (EDT)

    I served in D2/1 from 2/68 to 12/68. I have a lot of pictures from that period. Is there a way to share them? I'm having problem remembering any of the names.
    Larry Wilson <l_wilson47atyahoo.com>
    Decorah, Ia USA - Monday, April 03, 2006 at 23:19:53 (EDT)

    WESTFIELD, MA USA - Sunday, April 02, 2006 at 12:28:33 (EDT)

    I served in B Co 2/1 from Feb 67 to Feb 68. I'd like to find a friend from that unit, his name is Ed Palmer. If anyone has any information on him I would appreciate it.
    Ric Johnson <riclynnjoh"at"aol.com>
    St. Louis Park, MN USA - Saturday, April 01, 2006 at 12:50:43 (EST)

    I was the commo chief of C/3-82 FA,1966-1967.New E -Mail address.
    Dennis Frane <horsenutz at hotmail.com>
    Becker, Mn USA - Friday, March 31, 2006 at 20:32:54 (EST)

    Ralph ...good to see your post...as an "old" timer (Feb 68/69)..lol..there was a couple occasion where we found bangelore torpedoes laying in the grass...for future use i guess...on a previous recon they got beat back and later patrols found electrical wires in the grass...and we learned that they followed the wire up the hill since they couldnt use their flashlights (assuming they had em)...we also found human bones around the perimeter...this would be in the middle of West on the north side of the hill...Second platoon position...
    Gilbert "Frenchie" Manasselian <NamratSathotmaildotcom>
    Fresno, ca USA - Friday, March 31, 2006 at 15:58:47 (EST)

    Hi Jeff, Thats true about the wire pieces of everything on there, that was in front of my bunker, we blew a claymore early on, we had heard some noises. I was the in the third bunker in from the point, they came in front of us and the next few bunkers in toward the middle. It was pretty steep out there. The funny story of that day was we had been on patrol, we started out going out the point to the bottom and came up in front of the quad fifty, there was a trail there, well the story goes that they saw us coming up the trail and did not hit us so they could get us by suprise. LOL They got the suprise. Yes I was with the second, You must of come in at the same time as I did. Oct 68 to Oct 69. Nice to hear from you. keep in touch. Ralph
    Ralph Urrutia <ralphurrutia"at"bellsouth.net>
    Miami , fl USA - Friday, March 31, 2006 at 14:43:05 (EST)

    Ralph Urrutia- I see from orders dated Jan.23,69 you and I received our Combat Infantry Badge the same day. What platoon were you in? Sounds like 2nd platoon to me. I remember the night we got hit on LZ West. Although I was on the complete opposite side of the hill,I was scared. Thanks for keeping the gooks off us! The next morning 3rd platoon went out to look for the ones that got away. In the razorwire in front of the bunkers were little pieces of meat, cloth and blood. One story was told about hand to hand combat when a gook was found hiding inside a latrine on your side of the hill. The gook lost.........My thanks to Doc Mercer,Doc LaPalio,"Frenchie" and everyone else shareing these priceless stories.C-4/31
    Jeff Miller
    USA - Friday, March 31, 2006 at 08:40:34 (EST)

    Going back to March of 69. Does anyone remenber the attack on LZ West March 18. Gooks came in the wire late that night. We KIA 10 or 12 (don"t remember how many). We where lucky.... If I recall we had only minor scraps. In one bunkerRocky Bleirs) the gook thru in granade that went back out to him. In front of my bunker... the guys from artillery shot one in the back...... he exploded with the sachels he had around him.....coming to my bunker, one piece of bone hit Johnson(California) in the knee he thought he had been wounde wounded..Leon glad to hear you made it out of that fire....
    Ralph Urrutia <ralphurrutia"at"bellsouth.net>
    Miami , Fl USA - Thursday, March 30, 2006 at 23:52:44 (EST)

    Thank you Vance for the call. Yes I was aboard the Chinook that went down on or about 16 March 1969. We were about to land on LZ West with troops and cargo. They were unhooking a sling load, when we lost power and crashed. I was sitting on a mailbag in the rear of the chinook. I was able to escape through the side door behind the pilot's seat with one of the injuried passengers. My rememberance is of smoke and fire. I still carry the 2nd & 3rd burns on my body (face, arms and back) and the memories of that day in my head. Yes a chopper burns quickly . My last look back was the "white flames and smoldering pieces of downed chopper" . Magnesium & Aircraft fuel (JP4)creates a"hell of fire". Today this day I was never told how many died that day and how many others survived. Thank you Jeff Miller for recall that event.
    Leon A. Wilson <leon. wilson2. @med.va.gov>
    West Haven, CT USA - Thursday, March 30, 2006 at 13:11:22 (EST)

    Anniversary day, 03/30/68; was WIA 38 years ago about 20 Klicks off Center. Reference the CH-47 crash; I know it was after July 69 as I was a Flight Medic with Chu Lai Dust-Off by that time and of course we got 'The Call'. The 23d ID morgue (old 196th) was IN OUR HOOCH AREA and next to the maintenance hanger so all of our REMFS got a taste of the real war. Body bags and litters with poncho covers, which they unloaded, were lined-up all around the tiny morgue (about a 12 MAN capacity). It was my impression that the CH-47 had a bunch of guys on it coming in to the Charger Hotel (Chu Lai) for a 3 day stand-down. Answer to a question a few days back about what 'logger' means. It is spelled 'Lager' (yes, just like the beer) and in German means 'Camp'. I'm sure some very wise REMF staff officer thought early on that this would confuse 'Charlie', yea you bet. Salutations to all who spent time in the 'Bush' or survived on one of the remote LZ's or FSB's. "out here".
    'Grunt Medic' E/C/3/21; 67-68
    USA - Thursday, March 30, 2006 at 12:18:20 (EST)

    Jeff you are correct, it was in 69. It lost power leaving the pad. Tremendous explosion, it had flame throwers in the cargo, they exploded on contact. The men in the rear of chopper had no chance at getting out.Some of the guys where coming back to West to say their fairwell to friends.... they where going home. I remenber it well, my squad had to take out the body's. That is still one of my worst recolections. Doc like you, the thing I most remenber is the spell ....it was also one of the worst day there. I think it was 10 or 11 died.
    Ralph Urrutia <ralphurrutia"at"bellsouth.net>
    Miami, Florida USA - Thursday, March 30, 2006 at 12:02:56 (EST)

    I was studying the Army map of the Hiep Duc, Antenna Valley, and Tam Ky areas last night, which was given to me by Ed "Doc" Den Braven, and I was able to locate the approximate latitude and longitude for the following LZs that were west or southwest of Tam Ky, and in the Hiep Duc valley area. Keep in mind that the map was printed with these names, and some were hard to distinguish. If I am wrong with any of the names, please let me know. LZ West, LZ Ross, LZ Donner, LZ Karen, LZ East, LZ Colt, LZ Siberia, LZ Polar Bear, LZ Gimlet, and LZ Mellon. Pete. www.lzcentervietnamvets.com
    Pete <lzcenter68@yahoo.com>
    San Diego, CA USA - Thursday, March 30, 2006 at 11:30:09 (EST)

    Several of you have contacted me with recommendations as to how to find LZ Center on Google Earth. Here is what Pete Shotts told me to do, and it worked for me. In the location block type in the following including the spaces, commas and decimals: 15.30, 108.15 For those of you who have not downloaded Google Earth (free by the way) and want to, just Google on "Google Earth" and follow the 5 or 6 instructions on downloading. I'm no computer whiz, and it only took me about a minute. Good luck. And thank you Pete Shotts.
    Dave Crawford <Crawford.Dave@epa.gov>
    Arlington, VA USA - Thursday, March 30, 2006 at 10:47:04 (EST)

    tudawg414 at yahoo.com
    springville, in USA - Thursday, March 30, 2006 at 03:30:39 (EST)

    SPRINGVILLE, IN USA - Thursday, March 30, 2006 at 02:30:37 (EST)

    carl flynn <tudawg414atyahoo. com>
    springville, in USA - Thursday, March 30, 2006 at 02:10:43 (EST)

    If you are looking for grid coordinates (sorry no lat./Long.) for LZ's here is a good web site for information. http://grunt.space.swri.edu/visit/maps/lzlist.htm
    Jim Pongonis <japongonis"at"ala.net>
    Dothan, AL USA - Wednesday, March 29, 2006 at 20:27:27 (EST)

    Does anybody remember in the summer of 1970 there was a group of ARVNS came into Centers AO and during their operation they hit a daisy chained mortar booby trap that killed 17. A week or two later Recon was in the valley southwest of Center one night on a stair cased hillside when in the middle of the night 8 inchers started coming in on us. The rounds hit real close to our position and moved down the valley to A company and killed a couple of men. The story I heard the ARVNS were firing from Tim Phuc or Tam Ky. I thought they did it on purpose because I also heard that Center fired on them instead of it being a booby trap. Does anybody remember?
    Roy G. Stephens <griddlyman@hotmail.com>
    Silsbee, TX USA - Wednesday, March 29, 2006 at 18:41:56 (EST)

    Doc Mercer - From left to right is Ging, Baum, Sgt. G., Peterson, Ernie, myself (with the watch on) and Smitie on his knee infront by the pot. These guys were all short timers when the picture was taken. I only knew them for a few months. Jack Strayer I believe, was a Sgt., he wore glasses, a necklace, a bracelet and had his fatigues tucked in his socks all the time. I remember the bullets hitting the rice paddy trying to get that chicken. Do you remember how tough the chicken was? Even the rice didn't get tender.
    Jeff Miller
    USA - Wednesday, March 29, 2006 at 18:26:21 (EST)

    Jeff Miller, Same picture! Peterson in the middle, Gutieriz to his right, Baum next to him. Don't remember all the others but do remember helping to chase the chicken down. I believe that I was your medic at the time. I may have even been the photographer because I have several more pictures of the event. Remember Jack Strayer, he's in some of them.
    Doc Mercer
    USA - Wednesday, March 29, 2006 at 17:45:18 (EST)

    Lt. Leon A. Wilson now of West Haven, CT. was the Delta - 4/31 X.O. and was on that Chinook. It was 1969 but I will see if I can get him to leave a posting or tell me some details about the crash. He was burned very badly and now works for the VA. May God bless us all. Vance A. van Wieren, Delta - 4/31st. 196th.LIB 10/68 to 6/69.
    Vance A . van Wieren <basecampdelta431"at" i2k.com>
    Fennville, MI USA - Wednesday, March 29, 2006 at 17:05:11 (EST)

    Doc Mercer-Did peterson give you the picture? Peterson made up pictures of us on Dec.10,68 in a village in Antenna valley.We are standing around a black pot cooking on a fire and we are eating chicken&rice with salt tabs in it from the medics bag. Lt.Josey was my platoon leader and I became his RTO. Capt.Long was our CO until Capt.Murphy took over the company later in 69 and I became one of his RTO's. I do not remember Haskell,what was his first name or nickname? My squadleader in 68 was "Rabbit". C4/31,Nov68 to Nov69
    Jeff Miller
    USA - Wednesday, March 29, 2006 at 17:02:45 (EST)

    Bless you all. Was with HHC 2/1 in 1970. SFC Neal was my commo plt sgt. Watched the chinnok get hit by that RPG trying to land on that pad at lz Judy. August 26, 1970. All those fine men from Delta co..along with willy pete mortar..... The boxcar veterans website says there was one survivor, Cpt Eric Reid jumped out and got away safely to fly again. Could this be the chinnok you folks are thinking of? God Bless the infantry.
    Lynn Allen <lynn.allen@das.state.oh.us>
    Columbus, Ohio USA - Wednesday, March 29, 2006 at 16:29:36 (EST)

    The chopper crash was early 69 maybe Feb. or March. It crashed about 300 feet below the latrine we infantry used. We heard the crash and ran out of our bunkers only to see alot of fire and smoke. Within minutes only a very little pile of smoldering pieces were left of the chopper. Man can those choppers burn quick. Many dead and only afew alive.
    Jeff Miller
    USA - Wednesday, March 29, 2006 at 15:58:07 (EST)

    Jeff Miller, Thanks for the info on the Chinook, unfortunately I remember the faces and smell better the dates. I also checked my paperwork, Tim Peterson from Ohio is correct maybe Pete was his nickname. I have pictures of him, Baum, Guteriez,Smith and others eating a freshly plucked and cooked chicken in a village from Dec 68. Were you the Miller that shared a bunker on West with Haskell from C co?. Also do you remember Lt Jerry Josey or Capt. John Long.
    Doc Mercer
    USA - Wednesday, March 29, 2006 at 15:57:25 (EST)

    I was C Btry XO Dec 68 on LZ West and do not remember any chopper going down, sure it wasn't 69?
    Lloyd Martin <martyc382athotmail.com>
    Austin, Tx USA - Wednesday, March 29, 2006 at 13:35:23 (EST)

    To Byron Dare. I have a map of the entire Hieop Duc valley area, and Antenna Valley. I believe I can get the coordinates of LZ West. I will check this evening. Pete www.lzcentervietnamvets.com
    Pete <lzcenter68@yahoo.com>
    San Diego, CA USA - Wednesday, March 29, 2006 at 11:26:56 (EST)

    Thisis the first time ive heard of a chopper crashing on LZ West. In 2nd platoon we had another guy whose sister was a playboy bunny...i believe she was august 68 or something like that..he was from san diego,ca. I cannot recall his name at the moment. He came in in june or july 68. I didnt know any of the Zappers. I'm certain I saw Sgt Gutierrez at one time or another. Like i always say: EVERYDAY IS A GREAT DAY.
    Gilbert "Frenchie" Manasselian <Namratsathotmail.com>
    fresno, ca USA - Wednesday, March 29, 2006 at 10:46:03 (EST)

    Doc Mercer-That was Dec.68 not 69.-sorry
    Jeff Miller
    USA - Wednesday, March 29, 2006 at 09:57:27 (EST)

    Doc Mercer-It was a Chinook that lost power on the south side of L.Z.West. The few guys that survived said they had jumped out the back door as the chopper was going down. I believe Pete was Peterson's first name. The Zapper Squad (Dec.69) consisted of Sgt.G.,Peterson,Ging,Baum,Ernie(lost his leg about Feb.69 by AK47 wound),Smitie and myself.-3rd Plt.&Co.CP,C4/31(Nov.68 to Nov.69)
    Jeff Miller
    USA - Wednesday, March 29, 2006 at 09:53:55 (EST)

    Frenchie, Doc LaPalo Were you guys there when the chopper (I think it was a chinook) slammed into LZ west and burned. Many bodies and burn injuries. Also do you remember Tim Peterson (one of Sgt Gut's Zappers)? His claim to fame included the fact that his sister was a centerfold in Playboy at the time. The caption under her picture was "Holy Toledo". Obviously Tim was from Ohio, and was a celebrity for a while.
    Doc Mercer
    USA - Wednesday, March 29, 2006 at 06:32:58 (EST)

    Does anyone have the google earth coordinates for Nuy Lon? For LZ West/Hill 445? thanks, BD
    Byron Dare
    Durango, Co USA - Tuesday, March 28, 2006 at 17:51:34 (EST)

    For those who may be interested, you can view LZ Center using Google Earth. The coordinates to enter in Google Earth are 15.30, 108.15 (space between the comma and 108.15). This has been confirmed with Dave Crawford and Ed Den Braven. www.lzcentervietnamvets.com
    Pete <lzcenter68@yahoo.com>
    San Diego, CA USA - Tuesday, March 28, 2006 at 14:33:06 (EST)

    Well I am terribly sorry you missed the promotion party we had Choo Choo Cherry, Kool Aide and all of the malaria pills and one B3 can for each of the party goers which included Sam Witzel, Crieghton Abrams just some of the Boys. They certainly enjoyed the John Wayne bar. And to answer your question yes, once the shower was installed and properly sand bagged that included one of the finest plumbing jobs that Charlie company ever accomplished. I did require you 11 bravo's to make appointments at the band aide station it was after all the "Last Outpost". You guys for some reason did not like to bathe all the much it must the infantry training. In the medical corpse we were required to bathe a least once a week. I do remeber some of the trinckets the zappers would bring back with them from their night out with the boys. They did seem to have that weird look in their eyes, sort of like one giant pupil with no white of the eyes. But they did get to go to Da Nang and guard some palace. If my mind has not failed me. I do rember the Patrick having alittle walking problem. Doc La Palio 4/31st 68/69
    Doc La Palio <aml"at" vglabs.com>
    Long Beach, ca USA - Tuesday, March 28, 2006 at 14:03:45 (EST)

    Jim Rose was in my Recon Unit in 1970. I have tried to reach you but no reply so far. If you read this get in touch. Roy G. Stehens
    Roy G. Stephens <griddlyman@hotmail.com>
    Silsbee, TX USA - Tuesday, March 28, 2006 at 11:13:11 (EST)

    7 oct 65 to 6 oct 67
    donald holbrook <dholbrook2@stny.rr.com>
    jamestown, ny USA - Tuesday, March 28, 2006 at 08:57:38 (EST)

    http://ajanta-ellora-india-package-travel.alakj.info/index.html http://ajanta-ellora-india-package-travel.alakj.info/package-travel.html http://ajanta-ellora-india-package-travel.alakj.info/ajanta-ellora-india.html http://ajanta-ellora-india-package-travel.alakj.info/ajanta-ellora-package-travel.html http://ajanta-ellora-india-package-travel.alakj.info/india-ajanta-ellora.html http://ajanta-ellora-india-package-travel.alakj.info/india-package-travel.html http://ajanta-ellora-india-package-travel.alakj.info/package-travel-ajanta-ellora.html http://ajanta-ellora-india-package-travel.alakj.info/package-travel-india.html http://ajanta-ellora-india-package-travel.alakj.info/ajanta-ellora--india.html http://ajanta-ellora-india-package-travel.alakj.info/ajanta-ellora--package-travel.html http://ajanta-ellora-india-package-travel.alakj.info/ajanta-ellora-india-package-travel.html http://ajanta-ellora-india-package-travel.alakj.info/ajanta-ellora-package-travel-india.html http://ajanta-ellora-india-package-travel.alakj.info/india-ajanta-ellora-package-travel.html http://ajanta-ellora-india-package-travel.alakj.info/india--ajanta-ellora.html http://ajanta-ellora-india-package-travel.alakj.info/india--package-travel.html http://ajanta-ellora-india-package-travel.alakj.info/india-package-travel-ajanta-ellora.html http://ajanta-ellora-india-package-travel.alakj.info/package-travel-ajanta-ellora-india.html http://ajanta-ellora-india-package-travel.alakj.info/package-travel-india-ajanta-ellora.html http://ajanta-ellora-india-package-travel.alakj.info/package-travel--ajanta-ellora.html http://ajanta-ellora-india-package-travel.alakj.info/package-travel--india.html http://ajanta-ellora-india-package-travel.alakj.info/ajanta-ellora-cave-tour.html http://ajanta-ellora-india-package-travel.alakj.info/ajanta-ellora-caves-tour-package.html http://ajanta-ellora-india-package-travel.alakj.info/ajanta-ellora-travel.html http://ajanta-ellora-india-package-travel.alakj.info/hotels.html http://ajanta-ellora-india-package-travel.alakj.info/india-travel.html
    Andy Muckhergee <india@package.in>
    Poznan, GN Poland - Monday, March 27, 2006 at 23:26:47 (EST)

    Thank you Cpt Jack...as the new generation would say....MY BAD :)Ill go back and read it over if i can find it again...If anyone knows the whereabouts of RICK LETT id love to hear from you...Rick is is a California guy, was in C/4/31 then became part of LRRPS in about 08/68...Thanks.
    Gilbert "Frenchie" Manasselian <Namratsathotmail.com>
    fresno, ca USA - Monday, March 27, 2006 at 20:48:39 (EST)

    Gilbert "Frenchie" Manasselian – I wasn’t in the LRRPs – just helping others find websites they might not know about – re-read my post - I’m just a grunt from Co.A 3/21st
    Krohn <captjack50-yahoo-com>
    A.3/21.71, Republic of Texas - Monday, March 27, 2006 at 20:32:13 (EST)

    I recall the Bear trap incident because Patrick was in our platoon...the guy (a nice country guy) had problems with his feet...flat footed or something like that to begin with...i recall that they tried to free his foot from the trap but it couldnt be pried open...ouch. I dont know how the heck the man got back so quick but they had him back PRONTO... Ahhhhhhhh memories of 1Sgt Swafford...I knew the guy fairly well since i was his gopher in the rear...i recall him telling us he was Ricky Nelsons drill sgt...i dont know if Little Ricky even was in the service...But Sgt Swafford had a mean bark...I dont recall him promoting you Doc...i guess i was not invited...I do recall the shower i have a slide of it when we used it ONCE...lol...Hey Doc is that when you started seeing patients on an appointment basis only????????? :) ... no i dont have a roster...i do have many names on my papers (orders)...as far as Sgt Gutierrez...3rd platoon i think....Im glad to say that i was not in that platoon...kinda eerie to see NVA family pictures along with official NVA ID and other personal knick knacks. lots of souvenirs for the future Ebay-ers i guess.
    Gilbert "Frenchie" Manasselian <Namratsathotmail.com>
    Fresno, c USA - Monday, March 27, 2006 at 19:04:17 (EST)

    Frenchie and Doc Mercer, The answer to your questions are yes and no! Yes I was your senior medic for the appendicitis and no, I was not one of the crazies of Sgt Gut's Zapper's. If I remember correctly the Zapper would peel off the company then haul but into the villages raise hell and haul buns up to our nightlogger. What in the heck is a logger? I had not had my lobotomy yet, so no I was not one of the zappers. Just the senior medic, sgt Gut emailed me a couple of years ago and that is the last I have heard from him. Frenchie, do you have a rooster of Charlie company? I belive Stan Cantrell might have a rooster. There is not a day that goes by that I do not think of you guys. I don't know if you guys remember first Sgt Swafford when he promoted me from 1st platoon to senior medic on LZ Mellon. The senior medic did not want the shower by the last outpost aide station. He asked me and I said I did not care where he put it as long as we can use it. He put the former senior on the resupply and said ok, doc you got it then he got on the next chopper and split back to Chu Lai. Frenchie thanks for the name. Take care. Doc La Palio HHC,Delta, and Charlie co's 4/31st 68/69 Take Care
    Doc La Palio <aml"at" vglabs.com>
    Long Beach , ca USA - Monday, March 27, 2006 at 17:44:42 (EST)

    Jack Krohn ......i read your entry that said that you were with the LRRPs......do you know a guy named RICK LETT? been looking for the man...plz email me if you know him... Thank you
    Gilbert "Frenchie" Manasselian <Namratsathotmail.com>
    Fresno, ca USA - Sunday, March 26, 2006 at 22:47:56 (EST)

    I do recall most of the bear trap incident. The guy that got the ankle caught in the thing was a kid named PATRICK from Tx...They could not OPEN the thing so they had put him in a chopper and sent him back...he was back to the field pronto. As far as the little person? not sure if the following is what you were referring to but our point guy came face to face with a couple NVA on the trail and he was faster with the trigger then they were...they said that he was a "tax collector". Thats my recollection of the Bear Trap incident...my favorite was the guy that had an appendicitis attack AFTER dark...we has to chop an LZ with machetes....for the chopper to land....circled the LZ with flashlights pointing straight up and waited for the chopper to land without his lights on...came and i have no clue how he did it without crash landing...got the guy and left ......all in complete darkness....Doc? were you our esteemed Doc that time also? Frenchie C/4/31 02/68-02/69
    Gilbert "Frenchie" Manasselian <Namrats@hotmail.com>
    Fresno, ca USA - Sunday, March 26, 2006 at 22:37:02 (EST)

    I am looking for the following people. Louis Russo, Howard Imes, Jim Krzynski, Gary Richards. These people served in HHC 196th radio section. I have been fortunate enough to have made contact with Neil Gray, Thomas Heisler, Joe Ortiz and Simon Eggerat all of whom I served with there. 1967 to 1968. If you are one of the people I am looking for, please contact me at the email address above or the mailing address of 689 South 200 East Nephi, Utah 84648
    Al Robb <ankrobb@sisna.com>
    Nephi, Utah USA - Sunday, March 26, 2006 at 17:05:12 (EST)

    I am looking for anyone who served in Recon E Co 3/21st 196 LIB in 1970. We were known as the Assassins, We Who Do Not Die. We worked off of LZ Center when we were not in the field. I carried a radio for part of the time. Went to Thailand with our medic Doc. Lt. Guy Hester & PFC Mark Matter were KIA in the latter part of my tour.
    Jim Rose <jfrhome@comcast.net>
    Denver, CO USA - Sunday, March 26, 2006 at 16:02:24 (EST)

    IF you want more info on Operation Attleboro and our other operations by way of new releases, go here http://www.homestead.com/175thengineers/196thNewspaperClips.html
    Ron <barny@usa.net>
    N.J. USA - Sunday, March 26, 2006 at 06:32:36 (EST)

    All I know is the one I brought up on "attleboro" was concise and in great detail. It didn't leave anything out. about 23 pages. It was a detailed account of every day what was happening. I do remember that on 31 Oct the unit began to take casualites and Cpt TOmpson , after I took over the mortor Platoon wanted me to move out on a 23 degree az to link up with (I think( alpha comany ) I did what I was ordered to do and we moved a few feet anf got shot up. I still wonder to this day id it was charlie or freindly. THe guys who got shot up were at the last last reunion and I thank god they survived. It has haunted me for many years. DOn't want to go into it at this forum, but you can call me anytime at 915855 9057 to discuss the crap tha went down if you need documentation of that op. I've got it together finally and conitnue tolive one day at a time. damn shame we were all so young. thoose days seem to live forever in my head. THey told me at the VA that they were scared that when I retired from my occupation that I would revert to what I was in th e past. Did.t believe them then , but do now. see you in Ky in 07. Charlie 16/46
    larry mlasdek <larrygranny1@yohoo .com>
    el paso, tx USA - Saturday, March 25, 2006 at 17:58:32 (EST)

    Doc LaPalio, I remember the bear trap incident but not the details please elaborate. Also do you have a roster for C co or HHC 4/31 68/69. I remember Lt Stan Cantrell & Capt Rice but need a refresher on others. Were you one of Sgt Gutierez's zappers?
    Doc Mercer
    USA - Saturday, March 25, 2006 at 17:10:15 (EST)

    i served with the 23d mp co and i am looking for ssg john grady who served with the same unit
    jimmie l kennedy4@hot.rr.com <jkennedy@hot.rr.com>
    copperas cove, tx USA - Saturday, March 25, 2006 at 12:12:33 (EST)

    Operation Attleboro. Larry: Google has 149,000 hits for Operation Attleboro; I can't find an official after action report for the 196th. More details? Did you mean "mauled"? Jim: Yeah, I think DeSaussure was the ultimate culprit, though the battalion commanders bear a lot of responsibility as well. Bill: I think I may have forgotten the ripoff at the base camp on purpose; those were some low days. It is interesting that, due to the fragmentation of the Brigade, we all have such different memories; even 2/1 was so split up that we all had disparate experiences. There are some photos I'd never seen before on the Stars and Stripes page (it comes up on the Google search). I'm looking forward to other's input here. "Fighter Alpha Three Six"
    Jim Armstrong <jimarm"at"pacific.net>
    CA USA - Thursday, March 23, 2006 at 11:55:31 (EST)

    WESTFIELD, MA USA - Wednesday, March 22, 2006 at 20:47:44 (EST)

    Looking for anyone who knew SP/4 Richard John Jones. He was with 196th inf bde C company 4/31st infantry. Estimated dates of 11/70-4/71. His sister wants to know of his time in Vietnam. He passed away before they could have that talk.
    Stephen F Dalrymple <SDalrym856@aol.com>
    USA - Wednesday, March 22, 2006 at 16:53:50 (EST)

    For the official after action report on Operation Attleboro, go to google and type in Operation attleboro. It is a long detailed, who did what. it discusses the fact that c/2/1 was mulled during the operation. That report assisted me in rec'ing my VA PTSD of 30 percent. It backed up everything I remember and gave me credibility with the system. If any of you are still having problems from that Op, here is a healing point. It goes into detail of all thhe screwups on the part of command and control from the air.
    larry mladek <larrygranny1@yahoo.com>
    el paso, tx USA - Wednesday, March 22, 2006 at 16:22:41 (EST)

    Notes on Operation Attleboro: Having participated in this Op while serving with Recon Platoon Delta Co. 3/21, I recall the confusion, and that one person held accountable for the "Cluster #" was Brigadier General DeSasurre, hope it is spelled right. He was relieved of commmand when the Big Red 1 took over. We were airlifted to a Foreward Base Area of the 1st, where the Helos were. I got from I think Steve Tanner a documentary of the Battle written by CSM L.L. Cole (Ret)
    Jim McGinnis <jmgin196@aol.com>
    Waldwick, NJ USA - Wednesday, March 22, 2006 at 16:16:43 (EST)

    'Military Historical Tours' has a tour coming up in a couple of days - "I Corps, Chu Lai to DMZ" March 26, 2006 through April 9, 2006 - http://tinyurl.com/pb6py
    A.3/21.71, Republic of Texas - Wednesday, March 22, 2006 at 00:39:28 (EST)

    "Chojnowski" wrote- “CAPTJACK50@YAHOO FOR REAL ...????” - what do you need? – did you try to send me an email? Just put the “at” symbol and period back into the address?
    Krohn <captjack50-yahoo-com>
    A.3/21.71, Republic of Texas - Tuesday, March 21, 2006 at 23:40:38 (EST)

    is "CAPTJACK50@YAHOO FOR REAL ...????
    westfield , ma USA - Tuesday, March 21, 2006 at 21:34:22 (EST)

    There is another version of the shame that was Operation Attleboro, but from the perspective of the 1/27 Wolfhounds at www.mcrosieworks.bravepages.com/research.html None of the accounts (Meloy's, Nulson's or S.L.A Marshall's) admit to the fact that a great many of the casualties of those three or four days were the result of 196th LIB and 25th ID units firing on each other due to the loss of command and control. And no one who was there will ever forget the huge assembly of KIA's gathered for evacuation when it was over.
    Jim Armstrong <jimarm-pacific.net>
    USA - Tuesday, March 21, 2006 at 12:14:34 (EST)

    "Carl Flynn" - sorry about that- got the 2nd addy wrong- here they are again - here's two website addies for 196th Recon/LRRPs - http://www.lrrpranger.org/index1.html - http://lrrp.xf.cz/english/lrp_in_nam_us.htm
    Krohn <captjack50-yahoo-com>
    A.3/21.71, Republic of Texas - Tuesday, March 21, 2006 at 10:50:58 (EST)

    "Carl Flynn" - here's two website addies for 196th Recon/LRRPs - http://www.lrrpranger.org/index1.html - http://www.lrrpranger.org/index1.html
    Krohn <captjack50-yahoo-com>
    A.3/21.71, Republic of Texas - Tuesday, March 21, 2006 at 10:46:56 (EST)

    Here's another story from our past - "Task Force Doland at Hill 63" by James Humphries who also wrote the book about the 3/21st - "Through The Valley" - Humphries was CO of both Delta & Echo 3/21st in 67-68 - http://www.vwam.com/client/contentclient.php?intIdContent=33
    Krohn <captjack50-yahoo-com>
    A.3/21.71, Republic of Texas - Tuesday, March 21, 2006 at 10:42:36 (EST)

    "Chojnowski" - McKenzie's email addy is at the very bottom left of the 196thLIB's front webpage - wehere it says contact Webmaster - you can click on the link or here it is - KenMcK196-aol-com
    Krohn <captjack50-yahoo-com>
    A.3/21.71, Republic of Texas - Tuesday, March 21, 2006 at 10:38:11 (EST)

    I want to inform everyone that John L. Derkits(from Coplay,Pa,),Who served in '70/'71 passed away on March 19,2006 from stomach cancer. He fought this valiantly for seven months and never gave up hope. He will be buried with full military honors on 3-23-06 at St.Peters cemetary in Coplay,Pa.
    James R. Kloiber <MiniProS10@aol.com>
    N.Catasauqua, pa USA - Tuesday, March 21, 2006 at 09:30:29 (EST)

    Anyone know how to reach Doc Miller Or Doc Lopez from E 3/21 Recon 1968 "Assassins" I have a few pictures to share with them.....thanks Sit Rep Negative, Over and Out
    Skip <smenard"at"hanover-co.com>
    Breaux Bridge, LA USA - Tuesday, March 21, 2006 at 09:13:09 (EST)

    WESTFIELD, MS USA - Tuesday, March 21, 2006 at 07:09:01 (EST)

    i dont here from anyone that served with e co. 196th americal div. dec. 1968 aug. 1969 recon was hard to deal with.lives lost; there should be an answer to all my heartaches.TO MY LOST BROTHERS.
    CARL L. FLYNN <tudawg414@yahoo.com>
    springville, in USA - Tuesday, March 21, 2006 at 02:31:33 (EST)

    In August of 1969 my company had been in the field forever and had been ground down for so long that they QUIT" - refused to go on. This is a news dispatch written by Horst Faas and Peter Arnett, A.P. in N.Y.TIMES - http://www.angelfire.com/pa3/bravo1bn20vietnam/24aug.html
    Jack Krohn <captjack50-yahoo-com>
    A.3/21.71, Republic of Texas - Tuesday, March 21, 2006 at 00:55:14 (EST)

    When the 196th first came in country in 1966 the first major operation they were involved in was "Operation Attleboro" This was an action down south around TayNinh. As most of us joined the 196th after they were christened under fire in Attleboro I thought you might enjoy reading what happened. As written by Colonel Charles K. Nulsen, Jr., U.S. Army (ret.) who was battion commander of 3/21st Gimlets - http://www.homestead.com/mywar/history.html
    Jack Krohn <captjack50-yahoo-com>
    A.3/21.71, Republic of Texas - Tuesday, March 21, 2006 at 00:51:37 (EST)

    Looking for anyone from C 2/1 196th. D. J. Cohn, Larry Sams,Buskirk,Robinson and any others. Having a reunion in Gatlinburg, Early May.RVN 70-71.
    Louis C. LaParl Jr <lla854@comcast.net>
    Clay, Mi USA - Saturday, March 18, 2006 at 23:36:02 (EST)

    WESTFIELD , MA USA - Saturday, March 18, 2006 at 12:42:40 (EST)

    Dear sirs. My name is Gary Jones. I was with the 92nd Engineers out of Long Binh in first part of 1970, on or about 27 May, 1970, I had an accident with a yellow MAC-LOC cement truck near Xuan Loc. I got to meet the M.P. who was at the scene later in Feb 1971 in Ft. Lewis, Washington. . I have not found any one who can help me to try and find this man. To thank him. and see if there are any pictures of the truck available to me.I never got to see it. Yours Truly Gary Jones.
    EMDEN, MO USA - Saturday, March 18, 2006 at 04:46:36 (EST)

    DAVE CRAWFORD; go back to Jack Krohn's entry of 03-12-06 where he lists 'Pete Shotts" web site. Pete has a pic of Center from Heip Duc as it was in 2002--concrete power line poles and nothing but else but shades of green. "out here".
    'Grunt Medic'; 196th, 67-68.
    USA - Friday, March 17, 2006 at 19:14:46 (EST)

    i was with cco 1st/46th at da nang from jan72 june72 i would hope that some one remenber me .i had a good friend name tex elligton from eulis texas
    calvin penwell <calvin.penwell@va.gov>
    rio linda, ca USA - Friday, March 17, 2006 at 18:13:22 (EST)

    i was with cco 1st/46th at da nang from jan72 june72 i would hope that some one remenber me .i had a good friend name tex elligton from eulis texas
    calvin penwell <calvin.penwell@va.gov>
    rio linda, ca USA - Friday, March 17, 2006 at 18:07:09 (EST)

    Armstrong- thanx for the headsUp on the 25thID TropicalNewsLetter – one of my best friends was a platoon leader in Co.A 1/5th 66-68 – he’ll definitely get a kick out of it – he was at Attleboro & CedarFalls
    Jack Krohn <captjack50-yahoo-com>
    A.3/21.71, Republic of Texas - Friday, March 17, 2006 at 17:29:52 (EST)

    Hi, has anyone successfully used Google Earth to look at Landing Zone Center? How did you do that? Did you need longitude latittude, and if so can you tell me what to use? I remember what it looked like in 1970-1 and would like to see it today. Please email me at Crawford.Dave@epa.gov if you have information about this which might help.
    Dave Crawford <Crawford.Dave@epa.gov>
    Arlington, VA USA - Friday, March 17, 2006 at 09:32:23 (EST)

    Don't put "2/1 '65-'67" in the address I gave just below. That was my time and unit with the 196th, but it came out in the wrong place. Again: www.25thida.com/TLN/
    Jim Armstrong <jimarmatpacific.net>
    USA - Thursday, March 16, 2006 at 14:32:50 (EST)

    I may have posted this before, but I could not find it. An interesting resource for early 196ers is the Tropic Lightning News. It was published weekly by the 25th Infantry Division, but many issues are missing. The ones for 8/19/66 and 2/27, 3/6,13,20, 4/3,10 and 5/1/67 all include news of the 196th, with operations, personnel, photos (you might see someone you served with) and some awards. The first one has news of our arrival and the last, of our move north. It is at www.25thida.com/TLN/ 2/1 '65-'67
    Jim Armstrong <jimarmatpacific.net>
    CA USA - Thursday, March 16, 2006 at 14:28:18 (EST)

    This would be for the members of Charlie company around the later part of October of 1968. We were humping through the Que Son and one of the guys stepped on a bear trap and hit and crushed his ankle. I was trying to put some names with the incidents. Frenchie do you remember the incident, I do remember what we did to the first little person we found after that occured. Thanks Doc La Palio Delta/Charlie Co's 4/31st 68/69
    Doc La Palio <aml@vglabs.com>
    Long Beach, ca USA - Thursday, March 16, 2006 at 13:43:25 (EST)

    This would be for the members of Charlie company around the later part of October of 1968. We were humping through the Que Son and one of the guys stepped on a bear trap and hit and crushed his ankle. I was trying to put some names with the incidents. Frenchie do you remember the incident, I do remember what we did to the first little person we found after that occured. Thanks Doc La Palio Delta/Charlie Co's 4/31st 68/69
    Doc La Palio <aml@vglabs.com>
    Long Beach, ca USA - Thursday, March 16, 2006 at 13:40:33 (EST)

    In case some of you may not have heard the attached link is to the PBS documentary series Independent Lens. This film (Be Good, Smile Pretty) is about a woman who googled on her father's name, who was killed in Vietnam, and found this website devoted to the incident in which he was killed. Particularly interesting to me, since he was from and buried in western Missouri, not far from where I lived at the time in Kansas City. Watch for PBS listings if you want to catch it. http://www.pbs.org/independentlens/begoodsmilepretty/
    Dave (Doc) Crawford <Crawford.Dave@epa.gov>
    Arlington, VA USA - Wednesday, March 15, 2006 at 13:39:02 (EST)

    Was member of B 2/1 1970 looking for anyone that was on lz judy when chinook went down aug 26 1970. Bob Dunphy nickname Irish.
    Bob Dunphy <mdunphy1@msn.com>
    phila, Pa USA - Wednesday, March 15, 2006 at 12:54:59 (EST)

    It is with a heavy heart that I notify members of the 196th. Light Infantry Brigade Association that Fred G. Martin, 2nd. Platoon - Delta - 4/31st. from 1/69 to 1/70 recently passed away at home from a heart attack. To the best of my knowledge he is survived by a brother & sister - in - law in WI. Good old Major Martin will be missed. May God bless us all, Vance A. van Wieren
    Vance A. van Wieren <basecampdelta431"at"i2k.com>
    Fennville, MI USA - Tuesday, March 14, 2006 at 23:20:28 (EST)

    I too remember being on LZ Linda, Hill 270, just before DEROS'ing, and watching many 122 mm rocket launches heading in to Danang. The dinks used automatic, clockwork timers, which we captured, and were probably long gone when the launches happened. I also remember a typhoon. And when the artillery battery took a stray 105 round from another firebase. The FDC roof collapsed and the FADAC computer and some redleg guys got crushed. The day I left, arty was firing continuously and resupplying hundreds of artillery rounds, until their tubes burned out and had to be replaced and manhandled into battery from the pad. They were firing in support of a joint ARVN Cav, and ROK Marine attack on a reported VC battalion caught out on the beach. Allegedly the ARVN Cav was to attack and push the VC into the dug-in ROK Marines, but refused. Instead, the ROK Marines fixed bayonets and charged, and drove the VC into ARVN Cav APC's. Ah, the fond childhood memories of a mis-spent youth in Asia. C. Mid-June 1971. TOM 1/46 196 LIB
    Tom Schmitz <Tom Schmitz AT use.salvationarmy.org>
    Oneida, NY USA - Tuesday, March 14, 2006 at 10:56:21 (EST)

    I got to Hawk Hill about a month before we moved to Da Nang. I spent most if that month working at the 3/82nds aid station and at the 23rd Meds receiving area getting a heavy dose if what to expect in the field. After we moved to Da Nang I wound up with D battery on a hill west of Da Nang that we called LZ Linda. There was a IOS tower on the hill and we were on the east end of the hill and Infantry was on top and on the west end facing Charlie ridge. I remember one night about four rockets were fired from the ridge line to the south of us and we got clearance From IOS to fire and each gun had gotten about 2 rounds out when we got a star cluster up right where we were shooting at and a cease fire on the radio. We had wiped out some Arvins who claimed to have not seen or heard any rockets. Is there anyone out there that remembers this incident? D Battery consisted of four 105s and we changed fire bases about 6 times in a period of about 2 months and I never really knew where we were most of the time.
    John clough (Doc)
    USA - Monday, March 13, 2006 at 23:06:45 (EST)

    I'd like to second Larry Mladek's request (3/11/06 below) to support the naming of a middle school for Ron Van Sessen, C Co, 2/1, KIA 10/31/1966. The subject is on the Crown Point School agenda for next Monday, 3/20/06, and will be voted on in April, so there is a little time pressure to make your feelings known. The Superintendent's secretary will forward emails to the school board; her addy is peterson@cps.k12.in.us Jim Armstrong, 2/1 1965-67
    Jim Armstrong <jimarm'at'pacific.net>
    USA - Monday, March 13, 2006 at 16:17:23 (EST)

    HELP NEEDED! My father was Lt. Ronald Van Sessen, C2/1, KIA October 31, 1966. In his home-town of Crown Point, IN, they are building a new middle school. The school board has received several suggestions of people to name the school after. My father is on that list. Anyone who would like to write a letter, fax, or make a phone call in support of the school being named after my father, please contact me at your earliest convenience. Those of you whom I have already spoken with, thank you so much for your support! God bless you all and thank you!
    Ron Van Sessen <Rvansessen at comcast.net>
    Chesterton, IN USA - Monday, March 13, 2006 at 16:15:54 (EST)

    Thanks for straightening me out on the Arty. I really enjoy this site and visit it daily. It is a lot of fun rehashing old times when we were all young and not so smart. Well anyway keep posting and I will throw in my two cents every now and then. Stoney
    Jim Stone <jstone10(at)msn.com>
    Lexington, Ne USA - Monday, March 13, 2006 at 11:26:29 (EST)

    one more post and then I'm done--A friend was in Nam year or so ago,and said they found gold on Lz East,and are mining it.Ain't that a kick!!
    bill russell <Rwill62atsbcglobal.net>
    norman , ok USA - Sunday, March 12, 2006 at 22:26:38 (EST)

    From June 69 to June 70 Alpha Battery was on LZ Baldy and LZ Hawk Hill Bravo Battery was on LZ East then LZ Center and spent a week (2 guns) on LZ MaryAnn Charlie Battery was on LZ West Delta Battery was on LZ Siberia During that time, there was some 155mm on LZ West and some 8 inch and 175 mm at Tien Phouc
    Mike Wicke <michaelwickeatoptonline.net>
    Ocean, NJ USA - Sunday, March 12, 2006 at 22:05:54 (EST)

    I am still searching for anyone that knew my husband "Skeeter" real name was Harold Menzie. He served in Vietnam in 1967-68. C 4/31. It was one year this last Feb 22nd that he passed away. What a guy. I am still having a tough time with his passing. PLEASE if anyone out there knew him it would comfort me to share some of his experiences with the men he called his friends, and who he trusted his life with, and survived while he was in Vietnam. Sandy
    Sandy Menzie <scalabrese"at"sbcglobal.net>
    New Milford, CT USA - Sunday, March 12, 2006 at 21:43:29 (EST)

    Stony; when I arrived on Center (boot-top deep in greasy mud) there was a 155 Btry on the end opposite the 105's and that is where we got our 155 support when I was with recon. I returned to Center in June of 68 and the 155's were still there as I stayed in their area at night as medic. I recall meeting the 155 guys when we (2 Recon teams) humped up the finger to Center after the TET fiasco. We had been out since 30 Dec or so. "out here".
    'Grunt Medic'; 196th, 67-68.
    USA - Sunday, March 12, 2006 at 20:22:39 (EST)

    3/16 was our general support 155 unit throughout the move up from Chu Lai. C btry ,along with B3/82(105s) were on Center from the Thanksgiving 67 battle to at least feb or more 68.They had a laison NCO in the 3/82 Bn FDC. They may have gone north with us to Camp Evans/Nia Hia,but I'm not sure.A btry was on East,and went with 2/1 to Kham Duc.B btry stayed on Center, and did not go north. C btry was on West,and D btry was formed and put on Colt,and went north with BDE,came back to Baldy. Then everybody started moving around,and I gave up and went home in Jun68.
    Bill Russell <Rwill62atsbcglobal.net>
    norman, ok USA - Sunday, March 12, 2006 at 20:04:15 (EST)

    nope - that isn't right - the 155 weren't 3/16th - looked it up
    Jack Krohn <captjack50"at"yahoo.com>
    A.3/21.71, Republic of Texas - Sunday, March 12, 2006 at 19:07:06 (EST)

    Stoney- as I remember 3/82nd is a battalion of 105 batterys and 3/16th was the battalion of 155 batterys- but the Arty guys are going to have to straighten us out- I'm a grunt too.....
    Jack Krohn <captjack50"at"yahoo.com>
    A.3/21.71, Republic of Texas - Sunday, March 12, 2006 at 18:45:39 (EST)

    I was on Center in 68 and don't recall any 155's there. All that I recall are 105's ,81's, and 4 duece. Maybe I'm wrong as I was infantry but sure don't remember any. Stoney
    Jim Stone <jtone10atmsn.com>
    Lexington, Ne USA - Sunday, March 12, 2006 at 17:35:55 (EST)

    well shucks - don't know why he didn't post it? - just got an email with the answer to where 3/82nd was deployed - from Jun69-Jun70 - A-Btry was on LZ Baldy and LZ Hawk Hill - B-Btry was on LZ East then LZ Center & spent a week (2 guns) on LZ MaryAnn - C-Btry was on LZ West - D-Btry was on LZ Siberia. Being a slob grunt in A-3/21 I owe my ass to B & C Btry - thanx guys!!!!
    Jack Krohn <captjack50"at"yahoo.com>
    A.3/21.71, Republic of Texas - Sunday, March 12, 2006 at 17:13:00 (EST)

    this is the URL to the website Pete Shotts put up on LZ Center - http://www.lzcentervietnamvets.com/
    Jack Krohn <captjack50"at"yahoo.com>
    A.3/21.71, Republic of Texas - Sunday, March 12, 2006 at 13:27:43 (EST)

    grunt medic,67-68,I recall the unit on Center of 155's as being C btry,3/16 arty.
    bill russell <Rwill62atsbcglobal.net>
    norman , Ok USA - Sunday, March 12, 2006 at 13:24:46 (EST)

    'Doc' Clough; Pete Shotts has a web site in honor of his father Rudy who served a year on Center with 'B'/3/82d the 105 Arty unit. . If you check it out you will find a picture taken of LZ Center from Heip Duc as it was in 2002, really beautiful. There are some photos of guys (of the era) you might know. One is a 'Doc" Den Braven. Also, Danny Jordan, Mike Smith and Pete Polaski. Don't remember what Btry designigation the 155's were. Call signs were "Boom Boom" and "Bigest Balls" respectively. I had an 'earth shaking experience' when my team leader called a Btry of 155''s in on us (in error). A later situation confirmed his poor map reading skills. FDC said they were going to walk in a Btry of 3 guns, 3 rounds each; 5 rounds hit before I could shake the SSG out of his shock and get a cease fire called. No injuries as we had pulled back into our night CP, a hugh volcanic rock that had a "S" shaped crack thru the middle of it which is the only reason we lived as rounds were landing 10 to 20 meters away. The first round hit about 2 meters from the OP where we had just called the guy back to the CP. This should shake the memories of the other 4 guys there if they read this. The guns were checked and all were "OK", not likely that 3 guns would have the samy problem. "out here".
    'Grunt Medic'
    USA - Sunday, March 12, 2006 at 11:54:43 (EST)

    Dennis, I was a medic with 3/82nd in 71 and at that time if I remember right Charlie Battery 3/82nd was on FSB center. I spent most of my time with D battery but relieved the medics on all of 3/82nds FSBs at one time or another if I saw a picture of your dad I might recognize him but I only remember nick names of few and didn't know many full names.
    John clough (Doc) <clough001@msn.com>
    Hesperia, Ca. USA - Sunday, March 12, 2006 at 02:10:43 (EST)

    need people to write to Administrative Service Center,200 East North Street, Crown Point, In 46307. Lt.Ron Van Sesson wes kia nov 1966, Operation Attleboro. With enough letters written they may name a school after him. Request is from his son. ROn was an outstanding officer and human being. He left behine a wife and two children. Lets help the family honor his name.. Thanks guys and gals.
    larry mladek <larrygranny1@yahoo.com>
    el paso, tx USA - Saturday, March 11, 2006 at 15:52:00 (EST)

    Wasn't C 3/82 on Siberia in 68/69? It was 105's That would be dot net in the email addy too.
    fletch <fletchw20"at"comcast.not>
    USA - Saturday, March 11, 2006 at 14:57:20 (EST)

    Dennis- have you scanned you father’s photos? (prints or negatives)– If your dad took 35mm film you can take the negatives to Walmart and they will scan them and put them on a CD for you -You can always re-size them down to 600x400pixels after they are scanned and then post them on a free on-line photo album (like Yahoo) so you can share them with us. – It would be good to know which FSB Charlie 3/82nd Btry. was stationed on – Baldy?, Center? & which months and years he was stationed there?
    Jack Krohn <captjack50"at"yahoo.com>
    A.3/21.71, Republic of Texas - Saturday, March 11, 2006 at 13:40:58 (EST)

    My Father was Section Chief Alvin O. Lindahl He took 100's of photos in Vietnam. I am looking for interested parties to share them with (they are not for sale) I would like to preserve Alvin's memories of Vietnam and would like to correspond with anyone that knew him or that was in his unit. 710410 Section Chief 13B40 HHBBtry3rdBn82dArtyUSARPAC PSC 710701 Section Chief 13B40 CBtry3dBn82dArtyUSARPAC PSC
    Dennis Lindahl <dennislindahl@hotmail.com>
    Minot , ND USA - Saturday, March 11, 2006 at 09:41:02 (EST)

    and for all you 3/21st "Gimlets" - this is the URL to the image I put together last year of the company patches and unit insignias - http://tinypic.com/a9tv7l.jpg
    Jack Krohn <captjack50"at"yahoo.com>
    A.3/21.71, Republic of Texas - Saturday, March 11, 2006 at 01:31:58 (EST)

    I post these two links about once a year- these are two links to some of my photos from the QueSon valley and the HiepDuc area - if you enjoy the pics please sign one of my guestbooks - http://www.netsnapshot.com/pcw/buildalbum-cgi?ACCOUNT=7495&KEY=1 - http://www.netsnapshot.com/pcw/buildalbum-cgi?ACCOUNT=7495&KEY=2
    Jack Krohn <captjack50"at"yahoo.com>
    A.3/21.71, Republic of Texas - Friday, March 10, 2006 at 18:25:03 (EST)

    GruntMedic & Skip - The story of the Gimlets up on the DMZ at NhiHa is on-line if you want to read it. _ This is from Nolan's book - http://www.gruntonline.com/TheWar/Nhi_ha_k_nolan.htm
    Jack Krohn <captjack50"at"yahoo.com>
    A.3/21.71, Republic of Texas - Friday, March 10, 2006 at 17:52:49 (EST)

    Looking for anyone who was with Aco 4/31 196th 3rd paltoon 70 to 71. trying to get as many of the 3rd herd together for the 2007 reuion. also welcome home to all my brothers in 4/31
    john webre <swampy70_71"at"yahoo.com>
    pensacola, fl USA - Friday, March 10, 2006 at 11:55:07 (EST)

    Hi guys: Just my usual hello and God Bless to all. Looking for anyone who was in C CO 2/1 67/68. Take care. Bill
    bill <wilfr5"at"aol.com>
    ny USA - Friday, March 10, 2006 at 08:04:53 (EST)

    Reference entries on 12 May 1969, on LZ Baldy I was the XO of Alpha 4/31 when we were hit in the early morning hours. I awoke to explosions and was able along with others to organize a reaction force. Our 1st Sgt. was Jim Ferguson I believe who wrote me up for "heroic" actions taken that morning. I never saw it that way ~ there were other times where I was involved in other actions which required much more "crazy" action without much forethought or after action fanfare. There was another Lt. (would like to learn his name) who was hit with I believe small arms fire as we both talked about responding to one of the bunkers on what I believe was the North side of Baldy's perimeter. We later learned the guys inside the bunker were GI WIA's and KIA's. I then directed someone to get a box of grenades and me and this other guy started taken turns throwing them into an area of large rocks where sappers were seeking cover. The next morning we pulled two or three from the area and their bodies were blistered with holes large and small. I have pictures of these dead VC/NVA along with another one killed in the wire. There was some hand-to-hand combat in our area and I think a guy named "Grey" or "Gray" was involved in this action. We plugged a sapper or two under the hootch I was sleeping in ~ he was hiding right under the floorboard of my cot. Would like to get other information on 12 May 69 on the LZ Baldy attack. God Bless and watch over those who go in harms way.
    Eddie W. Zuleger <eddiezuleger@msn.com>
    Litchfield Park, Az USA - Thursday, March 09, 2006 at 09:06:27 (EST)

    SKIP; there are guys that can be more exact than I, but it was the very last of April 68 that 3/21 began it's OPCON to the (I believe) 2d Marine Ret and the really bad Do Do started around the 2d of May lasted 10 days or so; I believe they were there a month or so The major complaint by the guys that caught up with me in Hospital was the poor medical evacuation available to the Marines AND those attached to them. One hears the cry for better everything for the combat troops today, where was their heads in VN. The Marine philosophy then was they could do anything with blood and guts (a hang-over from WW II & Korea) and Lord knows they spilled too much of both. "out here".
    'Grunt Medic'
    USA - Wednesday, March 08, 2006 at 21:15:20 (EST)

    Grunt Medic was that when we went to the DMZ to help out? I remember collecting bodies and putting them into an APC and that was in 68
    Skip <smenardathanover-co.com>
    la USA - Wednesday, March 08, 2006 at 15:54:31 (EST)

    Checking my memory and did some research; Warrent Officers Bob Layman and Fred Walters along with SP/5 Dave Ewing and PFC Jeff Richardson of Chu Lai Dust-Off were were blown out of the sky 22 May 69 while attempting a mission back in the 'High Country', believe it was 4/31's AO. "out here".
    'Grunt Medic'; 196th, 67-68.
    USA - Wednesday, March 08, 2006 at 00:54:39 (EST)

    Whoa; I just lost a year, it was May 68 that the 'Gimlets' were sent to assist the Marines. "chia chi doi ky"
    'Grunt Medic'; 196th, 67-68.
    USA - Tuesday, March 07, 2006 at 23:07:55 (EST)

    In May 69 3/21 was on the "Z" with the Marines, I was in hosp WIA; joined them again after 2 months Hosp and rehab; I met several 'Gimlets' as they caught up with me in the Hospital chain. The tome, 'Magnificant Bastards' by Nolan tells that story, my replacement was wounded there. "out here"
    'Grunt Medic'; 196th, 67-68.
    USA - Tuesday, March 07, 2006 at 23:04:42 (EST)

    The NVA launched a major spring offensive in mid May 1969 in I Corps. LZ Baldy and other FSBs were hit during this time frame. Two Chragers from the 196th LIB were awarded the Medal Of Honor during this major offensive: 1/46 and 3/21. Click on these two links or cut and paste for more info: http://bgmarrs2.tripod.com/id2.html http://lzsally.com/stories/Lamar.html
    USA - Tuesday, March 07, 2006 at 20:56:05 (EST)

    The time frame would had to have been Jan or Feb of 69
    George Sanders <gsanders@kans.com>
    Staffford, Ks USA - Tuesday, March 07, 2006 at 20:09:53 (EST)

    Your comments about LZ Baldy peremiter being breched brings back memories. A/2/1 was on stand down and doing part of the perimeter security. When all hell broke lose on the far side of the lz. That night we used about everyones lumination. Morters, artilary, and helicopters dropping lumination canisters all night long. My squad was asked to go in the perimeter to find NVA. Also the next morning we were called upon again to check if we could find what size of NVA had probed the lz. Also remember the dump trucks full a NVA bodies.
    George Sanders <gsanders@kans.com>
    Staffford, Ks USA - Tuesday, March 07, 2006 at 20:03:24 (EST)

    LZ Baldy was hit on May 12th 1969. I know because that was my ticket out of Nam! I was wounded sent to Da Nang then to Camp Oji Japan to recover for the next four months. Lost contact with my comrades even lost my personal effects but still better off than many of my buddies who gave there all. Doc Mercer hhc& c co 4th 31st 196th
    doc mercer
    USA - Tuesday, March 07, 2006 at 18:37:01 (EST)

    I was a battalion Fire Direction Officer for 3/82 Artillery. Our Battalion FDC was located on Baldy before it relocated to Hawk Hill. I arrived at LZ Baldy in June of 1969. Some of the folks in the Battalion FDC were there when Baldy got hit, so the time had to be between Feb 69 and May 69. There was a SSG Dwayne Swedberg who worked with us in the battalion FDC who was there the night Baldy got hit and was responsible for picking up an NVA satchel charge that was thrown into the FDC bunker and throwing it out before it exploded.
    Mike Wicke <michaelwickeatoptonline.net>
    Ocean, NJ USA - Tuesday, March 07, 2006 at 15:51:12 (EST)

    I was a battalion Fire Direction Officer for 3/82. Our Battalion FDC was located on Baldy before it relocated to Hawk Hill. I arrived at LZ Baldy in June of 1969. Some of the folks in the Battalion FDC were there when Baldy got hit, so the time had to be between Feb 69 and May 69. There was a SSG Swedberg who worked with us in the battalion FDC who was there the night Baldy got hit and was responsible for picking up an NVA sachel charge that was through into the FDC bunker and throwing it out before it exploded.
    Mike Wicke <michaelwickeatoptonline.net>
    Ocean, NJ USA - Tuesday, March 07, 2006 at 15:39:59 (EST)

    Neil Gray: I was absent the AO from Jan 69 to July 69, heard nothing reference to a 'push' by the NVA during that time. They were preparing for the August 69 offensive during which they hit every American FSB and LZ of any significance in I Corps--which they did. I would suspect that was when the perimeter at Baldy was Breached. The sly devils knew of the protests in the USA and wanted to compound that ill will by killing as many Americans as they could. I was with Chu Lai Dust-Off at that time and logged over 90 hours flt time that month. The 236th Dust-Off covered Baldy and was swamped as well, in fact we were helping then out. I recall making a night pick-up on the perimeter of Hawk Hill (the wire had been breached) and we landed near a bunker that had been hit with RPG's; first guy brought to us had to weigh 250 or more. My Crew Chief could not make the lift to hang the litter until he stood on the deck of the cargo compartment. We were taking fire the entire time. That paticular night we flew 7 hours with out shuting down, did hot refuels (took a leak while doin that) and took the missions in while in the air, had 9 hours before we were relieved; we had flown past the Acft's required 25 hour maintenance inspection. We had 4 Acft flying out of Chu Lai and 3 at our field sit at Duc Pho(11th LIB). We were taking missions as close in as the Charger Academy and LZ Gator (198th LIB). It was a fun filled night--at least I could take a cold shower and have a warm beer after I cleaned up the Acft which those folks at the LZ's and FSB's could not.
    'Grunt Medic'; 196th, 67-68.
    USA - Tuesday, March 07, 2006 at 14:13:40 (EST)

    What was the date LZ Baldy was almost overrun by VC/NVA? I left there in Feb '69, and I'm thinking it wasn't long after that. My dates may be wrong.. Can somebody enlighten me? Thanks.... Good luck to all 196'ers!
    Neil Gray <ngray@barona.com>
    Lakeside, CA USA - Tuesday, March 07, 2006 at 13:15:14 (EST)

    I would like to contact anyone in C/1/46th from 71 through 72. I did a lot of operations on Charlie Ridge, Fire Base Linda and Hill 69. LT Cole was my platoon leader and SSG Thompson was the platoon SGT. KIA. Hope all 1/46 buddies are doing well and I love to hear from any of you.
    Mike Stewart <spankee1@earthlink.net>
    angier, NC USA - Monday, March 06, 2006 at 17:41:30 (EST)

    I would like to contact anyone in C/1/46th from 71 through 72. I did a lot of operations on Charlie Ridge, Fire Base Linda and Hill 69. LT Cole was my platoon leader and SSG Thompson was the platoon SGT. KIA. Hope all 1/46 buddies are doing well and I love to hear from any of you.
    Mike Stewart <spankee1@earthlink.net>
    angier, NC USA - Monday, March 06, 2006 at 17:40:46 (EST)

    served in nam aug 1969 to aug 1970 americal div bco. 4/31 196th lib my computer crashed & lost my buddies email address would like to keep in touch craig fletcher, degeeter, pete peterson, doc, etc my brothers had my back
    russell Fenton <russfen at wmconnect.com>
    Reeds, M0 USA - Saturday, March 04, 2006 at 10:20:57 (EST)

    Served in HHC 3/21 Tay Ninh and Chu Lai Nov. 66 to Nove 67. A heartfelt hello to all. Remember R&R with Bob Tominey in Hawaii. Ray Norcross and many others. Godbless to everyone. Dave Lee
    David Lee <liageel@gmail.com>
    Tucson, Az USA - Saturday, March 04, 2006 at 09:53:56 (EST)

    VETERAN NEEDS YOUR HELP. Gentlemen, I represent Richard Palmer Davis here in San Antonio, Texas. Mr. Davis has had a tough experience here and needs a character reference(s) for Court puposes. He was with the 136 Signals Group and won the bronze star at LZ Baldy during a VC/NVA attack that almost overan the base. During the second wave he stayed at his radio calling in air strikes. If you are one of the 76 guys the Army says he saved that day, please consider writing a letter to the Bexar County District Courts about self sacrifice and going above and beyond what most people wont even consider. He really needs your help now. I thank anyone that will assist. My fax number is (210)807-5434
    Oscar L. Cantu, Jr. <R3Oscar@aol.com>
    San Antonio, TX USA - Thursday, March 02, 2006 at 14:54:48 (EST)

    Relative of Jack Shaw C 3/21 I lost your E-mail address but I have some data on his passing. Please give me a Holler
    Bob "Doc" Kelly <lib196bobat@aol.com>
    Reading, Pa USA - Tuesday, February 28, 2006 at 13:45:43 (EST)

    Looking for Chaplain (Captain) Neal Davidson. Chaplain Davidson actually "humped the boonies" with the 1/46 grunts. He was recommended for a C.I.B. by the grunts, which created a minor furor with the head Sky Pilot. (LT) Tom Schmitz, Echo Recon, Co. D, and HHC 1/46 1970-1971
    Tom Schmitz <tom_schmitzATuse.salvationarmy.org>
    Oneida, NY USA - Tuesday, February 28, 2006 at 08:53:13 (EST)

    There's no glory for our buddies that had to die and no glory for us who remember them and cry.Ron, d-2-1,196th.
    Ron Payne <ronniepayne"at"adelphia.net>
    va USA - Sunday, February 26, 2006 at 19:42:12 (EST)

    Steve Tanner: Lets try once more.To my recollection,Keanely had prior service with the U S Navy, was a loner, and went AWOL to Saigon, fired at Friendlies and was Killed by MP's. I vividly remember this. Hope all is well, I will be attending the next reunion in Louisville. Jim McGinnis jmgin196@aol.com Call Sign Romeo 1-1
    Jim McGinnis <jmgin196@aol.com>
    Waldwick, NJ USA - Friday, February 24, 2006 at 17:43:21 (EST)

    I agree with you Grunt Medic. I was told somewhere along the way that it took 15 people in support to keep one grunt in the field. And that was only the boots on the ground in Vietnam, didn't take in the Navy or Air Force. I hope that included our MEDICs, God knows we needed them. And you can even second guess that because I have a company roster from Delta 1/46th from Dec 1970 that has 148 names, which included our Medics. The roster was sent to me last week by Sgt.Andy Olints, one hell of a Soldier/ Guy. I can't recall ever having near that number in the field at one time.God bless the grunts.
    Joe Wolfe <hwolfe14 at comcast.neta>
    Cahrleston, SC USA - Friday, February 24, 2006 at 09:29:20 (EST)

    Joe, when I came across your post in January it did not seem right in regards to the number if folks who served in the S.E. Asia Theater of Operations (includes Laos, Cambodia, S. & S.E. Thailand) and there were those AF pilots and crews who came from Guam and elsewhere as well as the 'off-shore Navy; going on memory which still serves me quite well in the long term, the total having served there was in excess of 13 million. The million plus figure is probably correct if it is broken down to those who actually experienced "Combat". "out here".
    'Grunt Medic'
    USA - Friday, February 24, 2006 at 07:04:13 (EST)

    I arrived in Conus 06/18/1968 38 years of anger. frustration, and a cancer bout. The VA said "Doc We accept the responsibilty 100% PTSD" . Keep the faith and hold true to the pursuit of your well being - Brother Charger
    bob "Doc" Kelly <lib196bobat@aol.com>
    Millsboro , De USA - Thursday, February 23, 2006 at 16:23:58 (EST)

    Susie, unfortunatly you are correct, the average life span for front line troops is approx. 59 yrs!! I turn 61 next month. I'm past due! Still planning to attend next reunion. Sincerely Ed. P.P.
    Ed Latini <sargent196infantry"at"msn.com>
    evergreen, co USA - Thursday, February 23, 2006 at 10:41:32 (EST)

    Hi Joe, Can you tell me where you found this information please? According to some research done by a VVA member the number of living Vietnam Vets in 1995 (census) was slightly above 1,700,000. By the year 2000 (census) that number had dropped to slightly more than 1,000,000, a loss of about 700,000 in five years. There is no current data available but in 2005 ( using the previous five year drop) the number of Vietnam Vets is probably 300,000+. The average lifespan in America is just under 80 years and that is for people whose birthdate is prior to the average Vietnam Vets birthdate. The average age of the Vietnam Vet was 21 years and the average of the personnel curve was 1969. That would make the majority of Vietnam vets about 58 years old. Since 2,7 million men served in Vietnam and roughly 300,000 remain 2.4 million Vietnam Vets have already died.If all those numbers are accurate it would mean 88% of Vietnam Veterans are dead. The vast majority of the deaths would have happened before their 58th birthday, 22 years before the national average. Of course numbers lie and other things have not been factored in but even so there is an obvious problem with the health of Vietnam vets.
    Susie <susieq7921at juno.com>
    USA - Wednesday, February 22, 2006 at 21:48:10 (EST)

    I was wounded 36 years ago today, February 22, 1970 at LZ Mary Ann. I can't believe so many years have passed and the memory is still so vivid. Served with Americal, 196th, 1/46, Delta Company. Humped the pig and proud of it. We lost David Janish that day, he was a good man…I’ll never forget, never want to. I got 36 more years then he did. I was lucky. Dan Holguin
    Dan Holguin <tkddan at comcast.net>
    Canton, MI USA - Wednesday, February 22, 2006 at 19:23:10 (EST)

    Steve, I don't know you, but that crap gets on because YOU use @ instead of"at". Check out the entries. Anyone using @, is making the "webmasters'" job that more difficult. It's S.O.P. Remember, "front towards enemy" Sincerely, Ed.
    Edward Latini <sargent196infantry"at"msn.com>
    evergreen, co USA - Wednesday, February 22, 2006 at 10:24:55 (EST)

    another casuality not listed on the honor roll that i think was with the 196th was donald soby. he came to us from the 101st when the big shake up occurred and we moved to chu lai. he was from one of the dakotas and one heck of a nice guy. kia 7-7-1967 does anyone remember him. thanks
    steve tanner <sj_tanner@yahoo.com>
    mccutchenville, oh USA - Tuesday, February 21, 2006 at 14:28:31 (EST)

    webmaster i noticed on the honor roll the name of cornelius kenealy kia 9-13-1966 as unknown co. and bn. if my memory serves me and it usually doesn't cornelius was one of the 1st casualities of co. b 3/21. some help here from anyone who might also remember. thanks
    steve tanner <sj_tanner@yahoo.com>
    mccutchenville, oh USA - Tuesday, February 21, 2006 at 14:16:58 (EST)

    Hello Everyone! I have talked and corresponded with many of you over the last 4 years. I hope everyone is well! I just want you guys to know that you are loved and appreciated, and to let you know that I am working on something special for you guys. I am working for a motorcycle helmet company. I am in the process of designing a Commerative Vietnam Helmet in honor of my daddy and each one of you. I will keep you guys up to date on the progress and the release date. Love you guys! Candy Sweet Thomas
    Candy Sweet Thomas (Larry E. Sweet) <cthomas@fulmerco.com>
    Memphis, TN USA - Tuesday, February 21, 2006 at 13:25:44 (EST)

    E 3/21 of 196th 1970
    Roy G. Stephens <griddlyman@hotmail.com>
    Silsbee, Tx USA - Tuesday, February 21, 2006 at 00:10:41 (EST)

    Was On LZ west and Hill 442, looking for Tom Golightly, Frankie Tucker...remember High Soada...
    Sgt Gomez "Chief" <waminega@yahoo.com>
    Tampa, Florida USA - Monday, February 20, 2006 at 10:27:45 (EST)

    Looking for anyone who served with the 196 Charlie Company 3rd 21st LZ Center. Have lost contact since wounded in 1969 would enjoy corresponding.
    John M. Kester
    Wrightsville Beach, NC USA - Sunday, February 19, 2006 at 13:39:40 (EST)

    Do any of you guys know David Rice who was from the LA area? he served with D/2/1 in 67/68.
    wayne carlton <carl0210462aol.com>
    bartlett, tn USA - Saturday, February 18, 2006 at 10:03:48 (EST)

    For you guys that are concerned about where Agent orange was actually sprayed in Viet Nam, the VA's official position is as follows. "Any veteran who served in Vietnam between January 9, 1962, and May 7, 1975, and has one or more of the diseases on the list of presumptive conditions that the VA maintains is presumed by the VA to have been exposed to herbicides, and therefore that his or her disease is recognized for a service connection if rated at 10 percent or more disabling". .....More info at www.VA.gov/agentorange......Good Luck!!!!! (The above quote was take directly from the Department of Veterans Affairs, Agent Orange Review, dated October 2005.
    Michael Smith <airsmith1@cox.net>
    Tulsa, Oklahoma USA - Friday, February 17, 2006 at 22:54:52 (EST)

    looking for anyone from HHQ 3/21 67-68 on LZ Center mostly. I was in the 106 platoon.
    Don Miller <dj196libataol.com>
    MD USA - Friday, February 17, 2006 at 21:29:03 (EST)

    California is not the only state on the west coast! I went to Nam from Walla Walla Washington. A 4/196 gun squad attached to 3rd plt. May-Nov '68. I saw many of you in San Antonio, and wouild also like a west coast reunion.
    Jim Willard <jimwillard"at"charter.net>
    Walla Walla, WA USA - Friday, February 17, 2006 at 19:34:16 (EST)

    We had four guys I know of that were from Ca. in Alpha 2nd.Plt. 67-68. Whever they are held, I'll attend,( unless it is in the Nam ). I haven't been in Ca. for years, wouldn't mind visiting again. Pro Patria, Ed.
    Edward Latini <sargent196infantry"at"msn.com>
    Evergreen, Co. USA - Friday, February 17, 2006 at 13:58:32 (EST)

    Doc and Joe: My home of record was Alhambra, though I grew up next door in San Gabriel. I moved to Northern California in 1970 and haven't been back to LA since 1989. I, too, have often thought that a 196th reunion on the West Coast would be nice; I did manage to attend the Denver event. I know of several Californians from the 196th and perhaps input from them and others would argue for a left coast reunion in the future. Jim Armstrong, C, HQ and A, 2/1, 1965-'67
    Jim Armstrong <jimarm"at"pacific.net>
    USA - Friday, February 17, 2006 at 11:30:36 (EST)

    doc. when i was at lz baldy in 68 there was a guy from southern ca. im not sure where but his name was donald pina so i guess there are some vets from there
    jim gray d 3/21 and hhc196 67/68 <mrtirejpg>
    bradenton, fl USA - Thursday, February 16, 2006 at 18:47:23 (EST)

    Doc La Palio, I see the city of Long Beach, ah yes had some fun times there.Used to live in Agoura for a long time ( that's about ten minutes inland of Malibu where Malibu Canyon Road meets the 101.I lived in the area most my life and in all that time I can't recall ever meeting a Vietnam Vet. However I never asked anyone if they were one.I do know of one Charger that used to live in Alhambra prior to Vietnam, he's probably still there.
    USA - Thursday, February 16, 2006 at 16:12:00 (EST)

    Is there any time in the next twenty or so years that a reunion would be held on the West coast? I guess there just were not enough Chargers from California or any of the other western states. Doc La Palio, HHC Delta and Charlie Co's 4/31st 68/69
    Doc La Palio <aml"at" vglabs.com>
    Long Beach, Ca USA - Thursday, February 16, 2006 at 13:09:48 (EST)

    Has anyone heard anything on the 2007 reuion in kentucky (Editor's note: A newsletter should go out within a month that will have preliminary information.)
    john webre <swampy70_71"at"yahoo.com>
    pensacola, fl USA - Wednesday, February 15, 2006 at 16:49:21 (EST)

    C2/1 196th will be having a reunion Sept. 15-16 2006 in Decatur, Al. 35601. All 68-69 vets are ask to contact us if you would like to attend. Name and address would be appreciated so that the information could be sent. Quickly and Ron we are looking for you. If you have attended previously and lost contact please contact us asap.
    Donald W. Perry <DWPerry:"at"Hiwaay.Net>
    Decatur, Al USA - Tuesday, February 14, 2006 at 23:13:09 (EST)

    I was with Aco 4/31 3rd paltoon 70-71 looking for anyone who was with 3rd herd at that time
    john webre <swampy70_71"at"yahoo.com>
    pensacola, fl USA - Tuesday, February 14, 2006 at 12:59:13 (EST)

    I was in A 2/1 196th from 67-69, ChuLai TayNinh, and was there for CamDuc, Mothers Day May 12 1968, The Longest Day
    Dr. Vance S. Davis, Sr. <vsdatprepaidlegal.com>
    Sumter, SC USA - Tuesday, February 14, 2006 at 11:18:47 (EST)

    Served jan 68 Recoilless plt 3/21 thru July 68 then sent to f Trp 2nd Plt 17th Cav until rotation Made the trip frm the mud monster to the Z with the 3/21 Keeping the faith sence 68
    Larry Pedersen <crazylarry75@hotmail.com>
    Alvarado, Mn USA - Tuesday, February 14, 2006 at 01:35:42 (EST)

    I was with the 196th. from june67-june68 1 corp area but traveled a lot was with d co 3/21 then to lrrp and to the med support before leaving rvn would like totalk with anyone that was there with me oh by the way was a medic thanks. vietnamdoc01@yahoo.com
    Dave Richardson <veterandoc01@yahoo.com>
    desert hot springs, calif. USA - Saturday, February 11, 2006 at 20:05:44 (EST)

    DENNIS PASSWATER <thepasswaters@yahoo.com>
    ROSEVILLE, OH USA - Saturday, February 11, 2006 at 14:49:47 (EST)

    Does VA stand for Veterans Adversary or what? Bugs eating dink sores real funny.
    USA - Saturday, February 11, 2006 at 14:32:35 (EST)

    The reunion for 4/31, Charlie Co, is going to be held in Gettysburg, Sept 22nd - 24th, 2006. The hotel they are staying at is the Holiday Inn Gettysburg (Battlefield), 516 Baltimore Street, Gettysburg, PA 17325. Phone 717-334-6211. If you call tell them you are making reservations for, "Charlie Company Reunion." The rate is $105 plus tax per night. They have a hospiitality room for Friday and Saturday night. The airports you would be coming into is either: Harrisburg International Airport, Customer Info Desk 717-948-5900 (7am to midnight, 7 days a week) http://www.flyhia.com or, BWI Airport (Baltimore/Washington) 410-859-7111, http://www.bwiairport.com
    Greg O'Neil <goneil90804 "at " yahoo.com>
    Long Beach,, CA USA - Friday, February 10, 2006 at 21:55:36 (EST)

    Some one send me a letter during the holidays about a reunion of Charlie Co 4/31 I misplaced it. I would be very interested in going, and getting in contact with this group.Please e mail or mail it again. Thanks Ralph
    Ralph Urrutia <ralphurruti"at"bellsouth.net>
    Miami, Fl USA - Friday, February 10, 2006 at 13:36:04 (EST)

    Thanks Joe; lots of good info at the website you posted.
    'Grunt Medic'; 196th, 67-68.
    USA - Thursday, February 09, 2006 at 17:43:54 (EST)

    Dennis Passwater: If I recall that area of III Corps was one of the most heavily sprayed areas in vietnam.
    USA - Wednesday, February 08, 2006 at 23:23:37 (EST)

    Agent Orange Info found here, also has Maps and data, http://cybersarges.tripod.com/aospraymap.html
    Jon Burns <jonkburns@verizon.net>
    Wimberley, TX USA - Wednesday, February 08, 2006 at 20:25:03 (EST)

    Agent Orange Area Spray Map at, http://www.lewispublishing.com/map1.htm
    Jon Burns <jonkburns@verizon.net>
    Wimberley, TX USA - Wednesday, February 08, 2006 at 20:20:45 (EST)

    DENNIS PASSWATER <thepasswaters@yahoo.com>
    ROSEVILLE, OH USA - Wednesday, February 08, 2006 at 15:54:07 (EST)

    I was with the 196th LIB HHC 2/1inf from Ft Devens thru Chu Lia. I was assigned to S-4. A few men that I remember are Kenny Nelson, John Babayak, Major Snow, Sgt Carter,Sgt Casper,Sgt Oldaker,Butch Drake. Would like to here from anybody that remembers me.
    larry d mcknight <mcknight4662@cs.com>
    parkersburg, wv USA - Wednesday, February 08, 2006 at 09:50:06 (EST)

    I have included my new email address. Damm Just included my new email address.Damn has it really been forty years since Tay Nihn.What a great bunch of men to have served with.God bless all.
    Kermit M Marion <kmarion@clearwire.net>
    High Point, NC USA - Tuesday, February 07, 2006 at 21:38:16 (EST)

    Wrong E-mail former note. Sorry bout that! Ron
    Ronnie Payne <ronniepayne@adelphia.net>
    Va USA - Thursday, February 02, 2006 at 22:45:19 (EST)

    Steve Southland re post 1/12/06 NORBERT HOLZAPFEL, I served with him and have picture of us together. I have tried to contact you couldn't get through. If you wish to contact me at MALACHIBiscuit@aol.com will be happy to talk with you. Ron
    Ron <MALACHIBiscuit at aol.com>
    LA, CA USA - Thursday, February 02, 2006 at 20:21:41 (EST)

    Looking for anyone with Dco/2-1, 196th I was in 1st Plt.
    ronnie payne <ronniepayne@adelphia.com>
    Martinsville, Va USA - Thursday, February 02, 2006 at 17:30:46 (EST)

    Looking for anyone who was with Aco 4/31 196th 3rd platoon from oct.70 to oct.71 please e-mail me if you see this or call 1-850-390-3215 john
    john webre <swampy70_71"at"yahoo.com>
    pensacola, fl USA - Wednesday, February 01, 2006 at 09:59:29 (EST)

    I am seeking any of the people who were in Danang to go on R&R the night of Tet. We went to the bunker during the rocket attack and I had an injury to left foot. Need a backup that it happened , if you wetre there give me a holler.
    Bob "Doc" Kelly <lib196bobatmsn.com>
    Reading, Pa USA - Wednesday, February 01, 2006 at 08:25:30 (EST)

    My brother is Donald Sparks and I'm looking for the men who served with him.C/3/21/23rd InfDiv (Americal) He was captured on June 17, 1969 at Tam Ky.
    Elaine <powsSis"at"aol.com>
    Belle, Mo USA - Tuesday, January 31, 2006 at 23:53:16 (EST)

    Tet '68: Bunker duty with the 196th, in Chu Lai just before assignment. Got in country about two weeks before the big blow.
    Neil Gray <ngray@barona.com>
    Lakeside, CA USA - Tuesday, January 31, 2006 at 18:21:45 (EST)

    SAM MAZZOLA Could you add my name to your list. I served with Aco 4/31 Oct. 70 to Oct. 71. My name is JOHN WEBRE 5445 McGrits Blvd ' Pensacola' Fl 32507. could e-mail me the list of names JOHN WEBRE [SWAMPY]
    john webre <swampy70_71@yahoo.com>
    pensacola, fl USA - Monday, January 30, 2006 at 13:58:01 (EST)

    Sam Mazzola, please add my name to the Company A, 4/31st members list. Sgt. Duey (Chase) Holm, Company A, 4/31st, Aug/70-Oct/71, 4855 Oxford Street, Shoreview, MN 55126. Is the 200 name list available, if so please email.
    Duey (Chase) Holm <dueyholm "at" yahoo.com>
    Shoreview, MN USA - Monday, January 30, 2006 at 13:31:08 (EST)

    Are any of you Polar Bears planning on attending the 31st Infantry Regiment Associations reunion in Syracuse New York this August? I plan on attending. Hope a few of you 4/31 guys attend, 6/31 out numbers us and is very active in the 31st Association. Also looking for all members of A Company 4/31, Im the keeper of the roster, I have a list with approximately 200 names and addresses of A Company personnel.
    Sam Mazzola <sammazzolaatearthlink.net>
    Greenbush, MI USA - Monday, January 30, 2006 at 00:22:27 (EST)

    To all those brothers having troubles with the va; get yourselves to a Vet Center and ask, or better yet, DEMAND to see a counselor that is also a VET and you'll stand a better chance of being heard.I'm a "grunt" who happens to be a mental health counselor; I can guarantee you that at least at my center, vets are welcome and treated with the respect and courtesy they deserve.
    Gil R. <gilvv@aol.com>
    nyc, ny USA - Sunday, January 29, 2006 at 15:16:07 (EST)

    Jim Kiner, I emailed you awhile back about recon 3/21. Did you get it. I know many recon 68-69 and would like to know what happened to recon after Jan. 70. William Simpson was there about the same time but would like to hear from others. Would like to hear from you. We recon and proud of it.
    Kenneth McParland <knmcpr@aol.com>
    Sioux City, IA USA - Saturday, January 28, 2006 at 00:42:10 (EST)

    Looking for Danny Zunino who had served with the 4th/31st between 1970-1971. I had seen an old post (Sept 25, 2002) of yours on the Veitnam Memorial Wall website. Your post was in rememberance of John Weaver. If by chance you see this Danny would you please make contact with me. I had served with the 4th/31st, Charlie Co., from June 1970 to December 1970 before rotating out of the unit to a rear job at Hawk Hill and have a question for you abour John.
    Greg <goneil90804 at yahoo.com>
    Long Beach, Ca USA - Friday, January 27, 2006 at 12:22:05 (EST)

    So where were you on Tet 68??
    will whale <wwwillymon@cs.com>
    Boston, ma USA - Thursday, January 26, 2006 at 20:35:57 (EST)

    Don Maxfield If you have trouble filing a claim with the VA, you can get assistance getting your claim through by seeking help through a vet service organization such as VFW or DAV. As a Viet Vet and a Mental Health professional, I do not want to see even one vet with less care that he deserves. Good luck, Jim
    Jim Willard <jimwillard@charter.net>
    walla walla, wa USA - Thursday, January 26, 2006 at 01:44:56 (EST)

    why is the get together for c/2/1 only for certain year group? perhaps there are some us out here that would like to attend and see who replaced us????? larry
    larry mladek <larrygranny1@yahoo.com>
    el paso, tx USA - Wednesday, January 25, 2006 at 21:10:57 (EST)

    Yes, military retirement is considered income, taxable income, however only the taxable portion is considered income for those that draw military retirement with a disability rating. Many times it is better to go with a VA disability pension than military. I just worked with a man who was in the same boat. She was getting everything, now she gets none of his VA or SSD money. The remaining child at home is paid by Social Security. In fact, when it is all over she will probably face a judgment in the matter and at some point have to pay back the money she took for years. Again, an attorney is the best course of action in one of these ugly divorce matter, not message boards or guest books. Just too many loop holes. Be strong and drive on.
    USA - Wednesday, January 25, 2006 at 08:58:05 (EST)

    Gary: I was in the same boat 11 years ago--hang in brother, it can be a very ugly process. In my case, I was rated at 30% (the magic cutoff for a medical retirement, as opposed to a med. discharge) in 1969. That gave me the same benefits as a lifer retiree at age 21 and the option to take my pay from the army or the VA. Scuttlebutt on the ward was that the va tends to cut benefits over time, while the army retirement pay gets colas, so I opted for the green machine. So, when divorce time came, my benefits were considered just like any retirement even though they were due to a disability. It is possible that some of it might depend on the judge, but if you are receiving your checks from the army you are probably s.o.l. Perhaps it is different if the source is the va. Stay strong and drive on, and keep reminding yourself that you have been through experiences worse than this one. Best, Byron
    Byron Dare
    USA - Wednesday, January 25, 2006 at 08:13:49 (EST)

    Gary, here's another site for those with questions. http://p203.ezboard.com/bvetbenefits
    USA - Wednesday, January 25, 2006 at 06:07:40 (EST)

    Gary, you might try posting your concerns about your pension on this site http://www.vahelp.net/forum/index.php
    USA - Tuesday, January 24, 2006 at 21:09:23 (EST)

    Gary, according to the laws where I live and have lived, and I believe fed law, disability compensation is just that, compenstation. I think your wife's attorney maybe be blowing smoke. But maybe wrong. Best hire an attorney for this one.
    USA - Tuesday, January 24, 2006 at 17:17:12 (EST)

    C 2/1 Infantry: Our little group will be holding our annual reunion in Gatlinburg, TN from May4-7. If you served with Charlie Company in 1970-71 and would like to attend, shoot me an e-mail with contact information so I can put you on our mailing list. So far, we've found nearly 30 former members from that time frame.
    Gary Capshaw <kiteria@cablerocket.com>
    Denison, TX USA - Tuesday, January 24, 2006 at 17:08:38 (EST)

    paul flynn please contact john flynn
    john flynn <shooter685atcox .net>
    peoria, az USA - Tuesday, January 24, 2006 at 15:04:03 (EST)

    Does anyone know of any laws that govern disability pension and if it can be used as income for paying spousal maintenance. Her atty says it is incoome. I am trying to find otherwise...Thanks brothers.
    gary vigoren <vigsatastound.net>
    sartell, mn USA - Tuesday, January 24, 2006 at 13:57:37 (EST)

    Dear "Grunt Medic": Thanks for your quick, expected reponse. I MAY have overstepped my bounds by offering free legal advice about discussing alleged war crimes. But I would hate to see the public discussions on this website show up in some unrelated venue, like a newspaper article, book, or political document seeking to show that widespread killing of non-combatants is the norm in war, or in Vietnam, and certainly not in our units. I am still a licensed attorney, though I do social service administration for the past 26 years. Kind of my penance, for being a lawyer. I was then (1970 -1971) a grunt lieutenant, battalion Recon platoon leader, rifle company commander, and battalion S3 Air in 1/46, 196 LIB. I know, you probably don't trust ex-officers any more than you trust lawyers, or the VA, or others. As several other brother Charger vets have offered, I also received a lot of life-saving help from our Vets Center, for five years, and our VAMC here in Syracuse, NY since then, for my physical needs and (50%) PTSD. TOM
    Tom Schmitz <Tom_SchmitzATuse.salvationarmy.org>
    Oneida, NY USA - Tuesday, January 24, 2006 at 11:57:12 (EST)

    I find the increased activity here to be a good thing. Another good thing is that a US District Court decision on 12/1/2005 requires the VA to pay disability benefits retroactively to the date of filing a claim for Agent Orange related Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia. Up to now, all benefits for this condition were effective October 16, 2003. If you are a Vietnam Vet with CLL, you are eligible for benefits based on a presumptive exposure to Agent Orange. If you made a claim before 10/16/03, contact the VA or your local Veterans Service office. The National Veterans Legal Services Program (www.nvlsp.org) offers to help with filing at no cost; I intend to use them if direct contact with the VA fails. Jim Armstrong, 2/1, 1965-67
    Jim Armstrong <jimarm "at" pacific.net>
    Potter Valley, CA USA - Tuesday, January 24, 2006 at 11:46:20 (EST)

    Gary Capshaw; I've been in the VAMC system intermittently since 1986 to include the MH portion; I've spent the past 5 years and at least a half million dollars (good insurance) trying to correct what the "system" screwed up (physical) with misdiagnosis, neglect and just plain 'give a rat's butt' attitude. I worked 3 VAMCs as a ADN/RT and each time quit due to the 'Sunday on the Farm attitude' and waste, do just enough to get by. I was an avowed patient advocate which didn't set well with the entrenched Supervisors; I will add that I have been a Behavorial Science Spec and lack 27 hours having BAs in Psy, Soc and Crimnology (was forced to quit school due to a misdiagnosed illness). You tell me some dork with a doctorate in psyc who has never experienced one day of ANY TYPE hard ship let alone mental trauma can in good conscience counsel a severely traumatized Vet. I still see a retired Vet in the MH Dept of a VAMC 180 miles from me on a monthly basis; let me put it this way, I have found that the treatment of choice is 'drug them into oblivion' and they will not return so often. I refuse to live like that so I see a Psychologist rather than a Psychiatrist. I do know there are good folks and good VAMCs in the system and I have had some favorable experiences, altho few. I'm 220% Combined SCD which includes 50% PTSD; had the 'System' taken care of the physical problems correctly and expediously, I would not be dealing with the hate and distrust of most everyone and everything. The reason I don't use my 'name' is I want to focus on the issues and not on a person; the Web Site President knows who I am and if he wishes me to get lost I will.
    'Grunt Medic'; 196th, 67-68.
    USA - Tuesday, January 24, 2006 at 08:17:12 (EST)

    PROSPECT PK., NJ, USA - Tuesday, January 24, 2006 at 06:12:30 (EST)

    Gary, thanks for your good advice to seek help at the VA nearest to each of our fellow Viet vets. I was in A 4/31, wounded on Nui Chom Nov 20, 68. After runing from the horrors we all sufered through, in 1998, I graduated from ursing school. I am now a mental health nurse in the Walla WAlla VA Medical Center. I've been there, seen it, done it. Now is the time for healing! I know that there was a time when the VA gave us the short end of the stick, but things are changing. You will find that there is a team of professionals who care, and want to help. To all my brothers-in-arms, good luck and God bless. Get the help you need. Jim "Gunner Will" Willard
    JIm Willard <jimwillardatcharter.net>
    Walla WAlla, WA USA - Tuesday, January 24, 2006 at 02:19:02 (EST)

    Grunt Medic: There IS a place where you can talk about it all among people who understand. It's called the VA Mental Health clinic nearest you and I would strongly, strongly encourage you to go there. Run, don't walk. It's the best thing that ever happened to me and I wish I'd gone years earlier.
    Gary Capshaw <kiteria@cablerocket.com>
    Denison, TX USA - Tuesday, January 24, 2006 at 01:20:50 (EST)

    LZ Hurricane is back on line here: http://www.lzhurricane.com/index.aspx?page=Home Thanks Peggy! She checked w/Ron and he got it back up. Jim
    Jim Pongonis <japongonis@ala.net>
    Dothan, AL USA - Monday, January 23, 2006 at 21:58:53 (EST)

    TOM SCHMITZ; the last thing any of us needs is your 'free' advice however meaningful you think it might be. How many guys have lived with these haunting incidents and not had a place to share what is maybe killing them 'in their gut and mind'. Nobody is justifying any specific action and if you weren't there for a first hand account your caveat is unnecessary and probably unwanted. We could get into the Political and 'legal' aspect of these issues; however, I doubt that any of us can be held accountable for WHAT WE SAW. I could care less and would welcome a forum to let the world know what I think. JOHN SEEBETH; I see you have strayed a bit, August 69 was a wild ride, I was with ChuLai DO. I have made the comment that it was like "TET 68" at which time I was with 3/21/196th, the American Forces were the primary target of the NVA and VC in this deal. They had gotten the word that if they killed enough Americans 'we' would run and we did.
    'Grunt Medic'; 196th, 67-68.
    USA - Monday, January 23, 2006 at 16:17:30 (EST)

    I was a flight medic for the 236th Medical Detachment located at Red Beach Danang.(http://www.45thdustoff.org/html/236th_med__danang_.html) I was in-country from 11/68 to 8/69. On August 20th, my Dustoff crew was located at LZ Baldy, providing support for the 23rd Medical Battalion aid station(http://www.lzbaldymedic.homestead.com/), flying numerous medevac missions into the Hiep Duc valley retrieving the dead and wounded of the 196th and 7th Marine under VERY difficult circumstances. Many of these medevac missions were conducted in the area between LZ Center and LZ West involving Grunts from the 3/21 & 4/31. I was subsequently wounded with a gunshot wound to the neck while retrieving a wounded Grunt from a "hot LZ" without gunship support. (http://www.dfcsociety.org/citation_detail.asp?ID=4033) My wife and I are writing an historical novel based on my experiences during this time and would like to talk with those "Gimlets" and "Polar Bears" who participated in this battle at the location and dates mentioned above. The names listed below were on a copy of orders for the Purple Heart, and I would very much like to talk with them. Thank you all, and best of luck. Names listed on orders for Purple Heart awards: Bruce Breitstein- SP4 Co C 3/21 196th George P. Trova PFC Co C 3/21 196th Frank Scorpino PFC Co C 3/21 196th William Nall PFC Co C 3/21 196th Grant Brown PFC Co C 3/21 196th Raymond Weaghersbee PFC Co C 3/21 196th Lowell Worster PFC Co C 3/21 196th David Moore PFC Co C 3/21 196th Wesley Davis SGT. Co C 3/21 196th John Seebeth SP5. 236 Med Det Fred Salerno SSG. Co C 3/21 196th George Darby PFC. Co C 3/21 196th Michael Margino PFC. Co C 3/21 196th Albert Retze PFC. Co B 1/46 196th Carlos Latorre PFC. Co A 3/21 196th
    John Seebeth <jns5@mindspring.com>
    Issaquah, WA USA - Monday, January 23, 2006 at 14:38:29 (EST)

    Does anyone know what happened to the LZ Hurricane web site? This is the web site for the 82d FA and had a lot of 3/82 Cannoners comments on it.
    Jim Pongonis <japongonis"at"ala.net>
    Dothan, AL USA - Monday, January 23, 2006 at 13:45:25 (EST)

    Some experts state that fifty to sixty percent of the 107 million people killed in war in the 20th century were "non-combatants". As combat grunts, many of us are all-too-well aware that people are accidently killed in firefights, KBA'ed (killed by artillery, gunships and tacair),slaughtered by individual and unit loss of control, and by misguided "payback" homicides. Especially in wars where distinctions between "combatants" and "non-combatants" are deliberately blurred, as in Vietnam, then, and in Iraq, now. However, in my opinion, NOTHING justifies lining up 106, or 306, fellow human beings in a ditch and machine-gunning them. Whether they are combatants or not, civilians or not, POW's or detainees or "V.C.I" infrastructure, or not. Not then, in Vietnam; not now, elsewhere. Common sense, morality, and international law, would all proscribe it. And while I don't want to shut off the new enthusiasm for open dialogue on this 196 LIB website, a little free legal advice, public discussions of such alleged incidents may be ill-advised, since there is no statute of limitations on prosecution for war crimes.
    Tom Schmitz <Tom_SchmitzATuse.salvationarmy.org>
    Oneida, NY USA - Monday, January 23, 2006 at 11:38:38 (EST)

    I have said before, That because of My Lai all of us from the Americal got the blame. Any of us with multi-tours in the Infantry came across all the situations that Grunt Medic desribes. Does that gives us the right to line up guilty or innocent people and shoot them? As I think back one morning coming off a LZ with friendly AVRN's on it, they watched as one of our Platoon was wounded by a mine. Did my troops and I want to shoot them, Hell yes, but we restrained each other doing the wrong thing. I even wanted to shoot a farmer working in a nearby rice paddy, because the toothless sucker was leaning on a hoe grinning at us. That Lt. was Hugh Harrell and that wound could ened his days in Vietnam, but he elected to return to his platoon after recovery from his wounds, said he didn't want to leave his men behind. He was wounded again a few months later and lost a leg. I'm happy so many of us made it home and can exchange emails, today. I'm afraid our Government never learns anything from War, look at where our troops are today faced with some of the same situations we went through years ago. Reading The Assassins" Gate: America in Iraq by George Packer I came across this; The day Saigon fell in 1975 a writer found this quotation on a wall of the abandoned and looted American Embassy: " Better to let them do it imperfectly than to do it perfectly yourself, for it is their country , their way and your time is short". The words were from T.E.Lawrence sometime round World War I. Lt. Tom Schmitz, one of my former CO's from D/1/46 remembers these words told to our Bn CO, Colonel Doyle from a captured VC/NVA POW Senior Captain Noi, in English; " You know, Colonel one day all you Americans will have to go home and let us Vietnamese sort out our futures ourselves". God bless all of you logging on to this website, hold your head high, you served your Country. Yes we may have made some mistakes in the field, but not as many as those inside the beltway, our Government. Was it worth the price we paid? Thats a good question and I for one don't have a solid answer. I would like to think that our fallen brothers weren't for nothing. Did it change the way the Vietnamese farmer works his rice paddy or the way of life for those in the villages, probably not, but we tired to give them a cahnce for change. Did we stop communism in that part of the World, remains to be seen.I feel we slowed the pace to give them a chance at a better future. SFC Joseph H Wolfe, Jr. US Army (Retired)
    Joe Wolfe <hwolfe14@comcast.net>
    Charleston, SC USA - Monday, January 23, 2006 at 10:21:17 (EST)

    Next month it will be a year that my "soul mate" passed away. A new addition to the guest book was in regards to so many of our Vietnam Veterans who died early at the ages of 57 and 58. Harold (Skeeter) Menzie was 57 when he passed away from cancer. I would like to here from anyone who knew him. If you knew him, you would never forget him. I thought about him from the age of 20 to date, and we finally got together 13 years ago. It was the best union I ever had. I was recently divorced and he was able to finally meet our daughter who he had never seen. I wanted to attach his picture to this, but I can't figure out how? If someone could help me with that I would appreciate it. Or, better yet if you remember Skeeter please email me. Sandy (Moving back to Pueblo Colorado, not far from the post... Fort Carson Colorado
    Sandy Menzie <scalabrese7975atsbcglobal.net>
    New Milford, CT USA - Monday, January 23, 2006 at 04:02:31 (EST)

      I can vouch for Stoney; he HAS seen the 'whites of their eyes'. My Lai (which the 196th had nothing to do with) was roughly 40 klicks North of Ho Chi Minh's birth place, Duc Pho which was very near the 11th LIB's Fld HQ. It was totally hostile and considered one of the worst areas in regards to 'booby traps'. It also was a rare occassion that we flew thru that area that some one didn't bust a cap in our direction and periodically score a hit on the Acft. I personally (with my Crew)have Dusted-off dozens of severly wounded and maimed who were the victums of Booby Traps; the 155mm Howitzer HE round being the most devastating and a favorite of Charlie's. I could tell dozens of stories as well, but one should give you an idea of the frustration the 11th and 198th Folks were dealing with. We got a call for an urgent dust-off shortly after sunrise one day; after take-off and at appx 1500' altitude we were on station in appx. 10 minutes. The ground Cdr called 5 KIAs probable and at least 7 WIAs. We never hauled out KIAs unless we had extra room or it was a tactical urgent; in this case I had on board 6 serious WIAs. Four children (appx ages 10 to 12) had approached the bunched up Company as they were lining out for the mornings hump; the kids tossed several gernades which caused all the damage and the grunts never even shot at them as they ran away. The picture has to be understood that the population of farmers and families was much greater than in the 196th AO. I believe 50% of the KIAs in that AO could be attributed to explosive booby traps to include along HWY 1. The area South of the Quang Naghi River to the II Corps border was never pacified to any serious degree and to my knowledge it was never an authorized 'Free Fire Zone'. Stoney is correct in NOT assigning total blame on anyone. If your hands are tied behind your back and some Jerk comes by and knocks you on you duff every day or so; when you get your hands free you will be looking to unload all that anger on anyone you think responsible for your abuse. The individuals responsible for My Lai were very far from the reality of what we were going thru IN country.
      'Grunt Medic'; 196th, 67-68.
      USA - Sunday, January 22, 2006 at 21:01:09 (EST)

      jim . a lot of us are lucky to remember our own names. i myself remember a lot of faces but the names just do not come up. also you must remember that thousands of guys served in the 196th. i really hope that you do find someone that remembers your dad. good luck
      jim gray d 3/21 and hhc196 67/68 <mrtirejpg>
      bradenton, fl USA - Sunday, January 22, 2006 at 17:25:11 (EST)

      Out of all you guys making comments I do not beieve that no one remembers my father "John Williamson", If you do please e-mail.
      Jim Williamson <66willie@jobe.net>
      dixon, MO USA - Sunday, January 22, 2006 at 11:23:54 (EST)

      I'm not defending or appologizing for anyone but I can tell you that it is a lot easier to see all of the wrongs and rights from about a 1000ft up than it is when you are down on the ground with us. Where it gets up close and real personal. Just my two cents worth from a guy that was close and took things real personal. Stoney
      Jim Stone <jstone109at0msn.com>
      Lexington, Ne USA - Sunday, January 22, 2006 at 11:08:29 (EST)

      You're right Jim. There is censorship because we censor ourselves when we don't say what's really on our hearts and minds. I would like to find my buddies but first I need to find myself. I was a God fearing, family loving, Patriot when I went to Nam. Someone else came back wearing my clothes. Ron
      Ron <ronniepayne@adelphia.net>
      Va. USA - Saturday, January 21, 2006 at 18:15:16 (EST)

      The reason a person reading the comments and stories at our web site here might get the impression that we were "one big happy family" is that there has always been a certain amount of censorship exercised in the selection and editing process. A lot of reality gets filtered out. Am I right or has my memory betrayed me?
      Jim Becker <jaybker@aol.com>
      Clinton, NY USA - Saturday, January 21, 2006 at 11:16:29 (EST)

      John, the best deffinition of 'hardcore' was given by a SF 'Dai Ue' as follows; "when you would rather hear a fat boy fart than hear a pretty girl sing". I'm truly glad to see several folks posting their 'feelings'. VN WAS real and sometimes it was nice, but as is said, it was never real nice. The 196th was like each and every individual that served in it; complex with human failings, generally a good heart, good intentions that often turned to 'do do', but thru it all most sruvived altho we have been changed for the rest of our lives. I sense that some posted as a last ditch effort to be heard, reaching out to folks in the same boat; I believe that is what this 'Site' is all about. Up to recently one would think the 196th was a big happy family, not so from what I saw, heard and read. May the 'Great Commander' in the sky be with all of you.
      'Grunt' Medic
      USA - Friday, January 20, 2006 at 09:46:14 (EST)

      does anyone remmber cpt. conley was b 2/1 co march 68 also 1st plt leader known as hardcore same time
      USA - Friday, January 20, 2006 at 05:39:50 (EST)

      Seeing the names of Ranger Bob Delzell and Ray Bess from Delta - 4/31st. prompted me to once again post a notice that we have a current roster of well over 400 guys who served with Delta & HHC - 4/31st. in Vietnam. We invite all Grunts, Medic's, Chaplains & assistants, Arty. & Mortar guys,Commo guys and who ever else served with us in Vietnam. There is no charge for this and it makes finding old buddies as easy as looking in a phone book. Please contact me at basecampdelta431"at"i2k.com. May God richly bless us all. Vance p.s. we encourage all who can to join & support the 196th. LIB. Association. They bring us all together every two years for really great reunions. If you cannot afford the dues they will still put you on the mailing list so we can keep tabs on you and ensure you stay up on all current 196th. Association & active 196th. LIB. news
      Vance A. van Wieren <basecampdelta431"at"i2k.com>
      Fennville, MI USA - Friday, January 20, 2006 at 02:16:56 (EST)

      looking for any info on the family of James (Rondney??)Hurst from jaksonville,Fl meet his Mom in DC at the wall 2 days before his B day in 2005 any help to put the Mom with the name on the wall would be of great help or if you knew him please help me to the name on the wall
      kevin carr <showlights@yahoo.com>
      charlotte, nc USA - Friday, January 20, 2006 at 02:03:21 (EST)

      I was a "Grunt" with D-2-1, 196th. When I think about Hugh Thompson, I remember a time or two I should have stood the gap and didn't. If I had, maybe I could sleep better at night. Ron
      Ronnie <ronnierockpayne@yahoo.com>
      Va USA - Thursday, January 19, 2006 at 18:41:57 (EST)

      A few years ago, I learned that Hugh Thompson lived in Broussard, LA. I have in-law relatives there. This past Thanksgiving, while visiting relatives in Lafayette, LA., I finally looked up Hugh Thonpson in the phone book. After several missed messages, we finally connected. I told him that I was extremely grateful to him for his actions at My Lai and that he was indeed a special man with the highest level of integrity. I also mentioned that I was at Ft. Benning when Calley was court-martialed and I always wanted to say Thank You to him, Hugh Thompson, for what he did. Not realizing that he was sick when I talked with him, I told him I would try to meet him when in the area again. He answered "Thank You for the call. I really appreciate this". Hopefully, we will meet in Eternity! He was a fine man and an inspiration to many!!
      Ronnie <rrondem@comcast.net>
      Alpharetta, GA USA - Thursday, January 19, 2006 at 14:46:44 (EST)

      I would like to think that our VA will look out for all of us. But Grunt Medic and Joe are right, for the most part. The VA in Charleston SC takes good care of me, I'm 60% disabled and have Blue Cross Insurance. I'v told all concerned parties that I think this is wrong, VA shouldn't be charging for my care. The truth is that the Vietnam vet should be getting great care becuase most of the WW II and Korean War Vets are no longer in the system. The "bureacrats" at VA needs us, so they can cite these large numbers and keep promoting each other. We shouldn't take some of the answers they keep giving us. Joe mentioned the "TOXINS", war it self is a toxin they most of us will never overcome. It will be with us forever. All most of the Vietnam Vets are asking for is fair treatment and give us what you promised and stop treating us like second class citizens. And for the ones of us that can help a vet thru the system, we should be doing just that. Stop talking and start reporting all these issues to our Governemnt Reps, remind them we VOTE. Demand better care for our Combat Brothers.
      Joe wolfe <hwolfe14@comcast.net>
      Charleston, SC USA - Thursday, January 19, 2006 at 12:18:24 (EST)

      Still looking for memembers of Aco 4/31 196th 3rd herd vietnam 1970 to 1971. MAC- WILSON- BYRD- ADOLF WERE are you guys
      john webre <swampy70_71@yahoo.com>
      pensacola, fl USA - Thursday, January 19, 2006 at 09:42:15 (EST)

      JOE, you are on the right track; the war isn't over yet.
      'Grunt Medic'
      USA - Wednesday, January 18, 2006 at 22:51:50 (EST)

      I forgot to add as regards health problems of Vietnam Vets: Suppose I as an individual exposed millions of people to hazardous toxins which killed them prematurely, wouldn't I be held liable? That does not seem to be the case with the government and Vietnam veterans. Wouldn't the VA be responsible to inform every vet that he is 20 times more likely to die of cetain cancers etc, and to advise a checkup since early diagnoses might save some vets lives? Do you think the VA does not know your address? Funny how I got an AO questionaire in the mail in the 80s asking about chloracne etc. The sad fact is the VA could care less it seems. Some veterans feel the powers that be would rather we all die, probably so.
      USA - Wednesday, January 18, 2006 at 21:14:25 (EST)

      I was with the Public Information Office (PIO) with HHC, 196th Light Infantry Brigade. I arrived in Tay Ninh around 6 Nov 1966 and that very first night we got mortared. I covered the 4/31, 2/1 and 3/21 at one time or another. On one operation when the army misdropped some c-rations we were sent to go retrieve them and keep them off enemy's hands. One of our guys was shot pretty bad (one wound to the head) and we called in for a chopper to come get him, but the chopper did not want to land because there was not too much room. The pilot sent down a basket and we put the wounded soldier on the basket, and as it was being lifted he fell off. I remember several men were real upset. Does anyone remember these two incidents. I need names of people that remember these events and names of people that were wounded or killed during these operations. I was involved also in Operation Attleboro, Operation Cedar Falls, Operation Junction City and Operation Gadsden. There were several other smaller operations. I can be reached at cperales1@stx.rr.com.
      Cristoval (Chris) A. Perales <cperales1@stx.rr.com>
      Corpus Christi, TX USA - Wednesday, January 18, 2006 at 01:51:13 (EST)

      I'll try to answer a couple of questions that have come up. Time with the 196th=13 months; time with 3/21=11/67 to 03/30/68 (Recon & C) WIA then RTO with Charger Dust-Off at Baldy; Departed VN 12/68 extension cut short due to Hepatitis contracted during Surg for GSW; returned 07/69 thru 02/71 as Flight Medic with 68th Med Det which in May 69 had become part of Chu Lai Dust-Off along with the 54th Med Det. With 12 aircraft Chu Lai DO covered all of 11th and 198th AO. We also covered the southern part of the 196th and were there to back-up the single DO Crew from the 236th at Baldy. In essence we went where we were needed, I pulled missions as far north as Phu Bai, as far south as 173d's AO in II Corps and as far west as Laos. Last tour was with Spec Ops, 1st Fld Force, II Corps; 09/71 to 12/72, extension cut short cause nobody wanted to do the job right. Served the 196th for 33 months.
      'Grunt Medic'
      USA - Tuesday, January 17, 2006 at 22:24:48 (EST)

      I served with E company, recon, 3/21, in 71, 72. I’m hoping to renew old friendships with some of the guys. I alternated walking point and slack with Joe Whisler. Would love to hear from some of the guys.
      Jim Hiner <b1gr0ck@yahoo.com>
      Monroe, Mi. USA - Monday, January 16, 2006 at 12:56:29 (EST)

      On behalf of LTC Lawrence Lavato who served with the 2nd Bn,1stInf-Reg,196thInf-Bgd during his Vietnam days passed away on the 12th Nov 2005 peacefully in England at the age of 76, today l visited his wife Joan and presented her with a shadow box, with all his medals and ribbons etc, he served in the US Army for 30 years and his most loved patch he wore was the one of the 196thLIB, he served with pride.
      Guy Maxey <guyatmaxey7731.freeserve.co.uk>
      USA - Monday, January 16, 2006 at 10:23:00 (EST)

      To Ranger Bob Delzell. Yes, I was there that day. It actually was my second day in the field. I also believe the R.T.O. for the captain was killed that day. I was there while the permimeter for the medivac to come get the Captain was set up. I could not believe the bravery of those medevac chopper pilots. They were my heroes of the Vietnam War. I never could remember the name of the Captain. That day was very confusing for me since I was so new. Later that day, we moved back up the mountain to LZ West, and I believe shortly thereafter some of us were flown over to LZ Siberia. I certainly wish you only the best in your new life in Saigon. Ray Bess
      Ray Bess <raybess "at" myway.com>
      Houston, Tx USA - Monday, January 16, 2006 at 09:39:59 (EST)

      DEPARTMENT OF THE ARMY HEADQUATERS AMERICAL DIVISION APO San Francisco 96374 GENERAL ORDERS 17 February 1968 NUMBER 779 AWARD OF THE BRONZE STAR MEDAL 1. TC 320. The following AWARD is announced posthumously. Marcussen, Glennon RA 15872232, Specialist Four E4, United States Army, Company B, 2nd Battalion, 1st Infantry, 196th Light Infantry Brigade APO 96256 Awarded: Bronze Star Medal with 'V' Device Date action: 09 January 1968 Theater: Republic of Vietnam For heroism in connection with military operation against a hostile force. Specialist Four Marcussen distinguished himself by exceptionally valorous actions on 9 January 1968 in the Republic of Vietnam. On that date, while on a search and destroy mission, his platoon became pinned down by hostile automatic weapons and mortar fire. Specialist Marcussen quickly began to return rapid and effective small arms fire, until he ran out of ammunition. Disregarding his own safety, he braved intense enemy fire to reach the rear of this element and pick up more ammunition. Aware that part of his platoon was pinned down and in need of help, Specialist Marcussen again charged through the bullet- swept area. Upon reaching the rest of the element, he immediately commenced firing, and successfully located and destroyed a machinegun position. He then volunteered to remain in position and provide covering fire for the rest of the element, so they could withdraw to less exposed firing positions. Specialist Marcussen provided fast and accurate fire which enabled them to move back safely. He then tried to rejoin them under their protective fire. As he was maneuvering to the location of his comrades, he was mortally wounded. Specialist Four Marcussenýs courageous actions, unselfish concern for his fellow soldiers, and avid devotion to duty were in keeping with the finest traditions of the military service and reflected great credit upon himself, the Americal Division, and the United States Army. Authority: By direction of the President under the provisions of Executive Order 11046, 24 August 1962. Posted by C. Nielsen
      C. Nielsen <grumpy@gimpworld.com>
      Honolulu, Hi USA - Monday, January 16, 2006 at 02:19:32 (EST)

      To: Ray Bess and Jim Stone: I was with D/4/31 when 2 companies were combined and walked off West in 70. The CO was Capt. Tanis, who had both legs blown off by a mortar round. We took fire from a 51 cal, it was in the afternoon. Were you 2 in this battle? I was a 19 year old SSG Ranger in charge of the 3rd plt. Thank God we made it out alive. I have been living in Saigon for almost 4 years now, teaching ESL and taking vets back to Hiep Duc. Just got married to a Vietnamese girl and will start a family soon. Ranger Bob
      Bob Delzell <bobinsaigon"at"gmail.com>
      Saigon, Vietnam - Sunday, January 15, 2006 at 23:31:36 (EST)

      Hi Grunt "medic" I was A 4/31 May 1967 to May 1968. Wondering,what was your company/platoon and time frame. Bill
      Bill <nanettehallathotmail.com>
      des moines, ia USA - Sunday, January 15, 2006 at 20:35:04 (EST)

      I discovered the Guestbook, and it brought back memories of all the great people I met in Vietnam. I joined Delta Company, 4/3lst, l96th LIB, in late May 1970. Was there when we attempted to leave the "finger" at LZ West, on June 6, 1970, and remember the mortars that day. Later in that year, got a REMF job back at Chu Lai. During time in field was a R.T.O. It is hard for me to remember the names of my friends from back then. I hope life has been good to all. I have been in Houston for 30 years, but originally am from south Georgia. From time to time, we rotated on LZ Siberia, and I remember the good food we got on LZ Siberia, when we were on the hill with the Artillery people.
      Ray Bess <raybess"at"myway.com>
      Houston, Tx USA - Sunday, January 15, 2006 at 15:52:25 (EST)

      Grunt medic, What company were you in? I was with A Co. but was on OP by the river when the action occured. Stoney
      Jim Stone (Stoney) <jstone10(at)msn.com>
      Lexington, Ne USA - Saturday, January 14, 2006 at 22:51:58 (EST)

      Looking for anyone who with Aco 4/31 196th 3rd paltoon to name a few names MAC - BYRD-ELLIS-WILLSON GONZALES;nicknameROADRUNNER. if you guys are out there e-mail me.Ron and me are looking to put the 3rd herd back together we allready found DOC CLARK-WOODY-and CHASE WE would like to find the rest before the next reuion. so lets get it together.JOHN[SWAMPY]
      john webre <swampy70_71@yahoo.com>
      pensacola, fl USA - Saturday, January 14, 2006 at 18:51:33 (EST)

      Co E Recon 1/46 196th 1970. Looking for ssgt Samuel Jackson, Larry K Willams, John Clifford and JB Akins. We are having a reunion 4/2007 in Nashville Tn.
      pat correll <superc53atotbnet.com>
      noble, Il USA - Saturday, January 14, 2006 at 14:15:49 (EST)

      Here's to the memory of those of A and D 3/21 who were KIA January, 5 thru 10 (TET 68), Charlie Tiger took some hits as well and their resupply was delayed several days as the Hueys weren't bullet-proof. After the major 'contact' Alfa and Delta merged and still didn't constitute a viable infantry company. One poor soul of Delta covered himself with Bananna leaves and avoided execution after being wounded in the first day, magots had hatched out by the time he was found. I arrived at Center early 12/67 with 4 other guys, in our bull sessions we surmised that one of us would become a 'statistic'; there were two of us alive after 'TET 68' and I became a WIA the last day of 'official' TET. "Joy to the World"
      'Grunt' Medic
      USA - Saturday, January 14, 2006 at 09:49:43 (EST)

      My Lai, I cringe at the mention of that name. Lt. Calley, pardoned, should have been shot! From Nov."67 untill Sept."68" I humped with Alpha 4/31. Never did I see any murders, many killed, but, they were shooting back. An entire division humilified, by the act of a twisted mind. I'm a life member of the 196th. and the 31st.inf. associations. Screw americal. Pro Patria.
      Ed latini <sargent196infantry"at"msn.com>
      evergreen, Co. USA - Friday, January 13, 2006 at 22:37:51 (EST)

      My Lai, I cringe at the mention of that name. Lt. Calley, pardoned, should have been shot! From Nov."67 untill Sept."68" I humped with Alpha 4/31. Never did I see any murders, many killed, but, they were shooting back. An entire division humilified, by the act of a twisted mind. I'm a life member of the 196th. and the 31st.inf. associations. Screw americal. Pro Patria.
      Ed latini <sargent196infantry"at"msn.com>
      evergreen, Co. USA - Friday, January 13, 2006 at 22:37:11 (EST)

      My Dad severd with the 196th Inf. and wanted to get a hold of anyone, that remembered him, he did memtion a Moylin Chew, he was a CSM I believe 66-67.his address is PO box 602 Dixon MO 65459, John Williamson or e-mail me and I'll get it to him.
      Jim Williamson <66Willie@jobe.net>
      Dixon, MO USA - Friday, January 13, 2006 at 14:19:11 (EST)

      Following the thread of the discussion on this website about Hugh Thompson. I guess the main thing my Viet Nam experience taught me, especially after hearing about some of the recent priosoner abuse in the Iraq prison, is that having someone in a position of "authority" tell you to do something, does not necessarily mean you should do it. Although I never stopped any abuse by other guys in my platoon (who were not inclined in that direction in the 1st place), I was told to do things [for example search the groin area of an obviously pregnant, and feverish, female to make sure (I'm not kidding here) she was not hiding a weapon or explosive] which I refused. My parents did not raise someone who would do that, and I did not need any raining from the Army to know that. Also, and unrelated to the above: I recall in 1970-1 we got some guys from the 25th Div when that unit left the Nam. Riding my bike last night in Arlington, Va (a mile or so from the Cemetery)and near where I live, I noticed for the first time there is a highway here in Arlington named the 25th Division Highway, US 29, I believe it was. Thought the 25th guys might like to know that.
      Doc Crawford <Crawford.Dave@epa.gov>
      Arlington, VA USA - Friday, January 13, 2006 at 12:34:41 (EST)

      Reply to my dear old Field First Sergeant (Co D 1/46) SFC Joe Wolfe: Real leaders never think they are real leaders; too humble and aware of their own shortcomings. They just can't figure out why all these other people keep following them. ... You get my vote, Top! TOM SCHMITZ
      Tom Schmitz <Tom_schmitzATuse.salvationarmy.org>
      Oneida, NY USA - Friday, January 13, 2006 at 11:33:23 (EST)

      My two cents about leadership, My Lai. My experience with leaders is this, They are almost always type "A" people that are leaders in their own mind. Egomaniacs of sorts, although some are well meaning. Without them most of the sheep would be lost, that's the pathetic part. At one time the Army wanted me to be a leader, I really impressed them for some reason during induction tests. They sent a full bird down on two occasions to ask me to go to West Point. Imagine that, me, a leader. I told the man no, my own reasoning was not that I didn't want the status or the opportunity to basically avoid Vietnam, but rather this: No way are people going to get killed becuse of my incompetence.I was not an leader and didn't picture myself as one. Had I been a "leader type" I suppose I could have gotten lots of guys killed with my incompetence. My Lai, there's part of an old saying about " walking in someone elses shoes", I've walked a lot in jungle boots but never in My Lai. Would I have behaved differently? .Thinking thoughts, mind games, delusions, all BS.
      USA - Thursday, January 12, 2006 at 19:53:27 (EST)

      was looking and reading and NORBERT HOLZAPFEL pop out at me from a person @ wilfr5@aol.com........sure would like to find anyone that knew Norbert or was with him when he was KIA... anyone with any info on NORBERT please email @ steves@montanaport.net.....thank you all for your time....steve
      steve southland <steves@montanaport.net>
      Mt USA - Thursday, January 12, 2006 at 18:20:14 (EST)

      WESTFIELD, MA USA - Thursday, January 12, 2006 at 12:58:08 (EST)

      Grunt medic, I can only speak for the units I served with, the1199th LIB and the 196th LIB. The 199th didn't have many shake and bakes but we had so called NCO's with experience. The 199th was organized at Ft. Benning by drawing the officrers and Nco's from units in Europe and State side. When we got to Vietnam that didn't last long, because we started lossing people and the replacements where coming from all sorts of backgrounds. It was up to us who had surived to train them. When I joined that unit A/4/12th Inf I was a E-5 11b and left as a 11b E-6. I returned to Vietnam Sep 1970 and was assigned to Delta Company 1/46th Inf as a Platoon Sgt.. my rank was SSG. After one month I became the Field First Sgt. of Delta. As I recall I only had one other or Maybe it was two SSG in the field. But we had some mighty fine young brave SGT E-5 Shake and Bakes or instant NCO's. They knew had to lead and could read maps. The Lts we had in Delta's was some of the finest Officers I ever served under and they all did their jobs under some very hard conditions. The ones that failed us were at Brigade level and higher all the way to the White House. So when you judge Lts and shake and bakes please don't include the fine soldiers from Delat 1/46th 1970-1971. By the way between tours I was Drill Sgt at Ft. Jackson and had some fine Shake and Bakes in my company. SFC Joseph H. Wolfe, Jr. US Army (Ret)
      Joe Wolfe <hwolfe14atcomcast.net>
      Charleston, SC USA - Thursday, January 12, 2006 at 10:42:21 (EST)

      Was it a Bat OP or a Company OP??
      will whalen <wwwillymon2cs.com>
      Boston, Ma USA - Wednesday, January 11, 2006 at 20:56:58 (EST)

      The 1/46th was initially from the 198th LIB and became OPCON to the 196th while the "Charger's" moved to the DMZ area to assist the 2d Marine Regt in May 68; later they were assigned. If one puts things into perspective, the LT's were no more qualified to LEAD in the 'Bush' than a 'seasoned SP/4 Sqd Leader, in fact less so. OCS and 'Shake & Bake' school DID NOT prepare these folks for what they were about to encounter much less make them leaders of men. Each and every man was only as good as the command structure he served under and gaining the RESPECT of the folks in his charge was the only way to suceed. The 196th was a great LIB to serve with until the 23d ID came on the scene. As far a atrocities are concerned, we (the 196th) had them; the fact that they did not match the magnitude of My Lai does not negate that fact. I personally stopped an incident in my Plt; in direct contravention to the LT's order who himself was a real piece of work, I threatened to go deaf and injure my leg when any of those assigned to do the deed were wounded or otherwise needed medical assist. This is in my yet unpublished manuscript (includes names) and has always been between me and those involved. In regards to My Lai; there should have been heads rolling and careers ruined all the way to the Pentagon. Remember how the constant need for "body count" was emphasized to the point Water Buffalo and pigs were included in the daily tally.
      'Grunt' Medic
      USA - Wednesday, January 11, 2006 at 15:40:41 (EST)

      Brother Chuck " Indianhead " Reed, May God richly bless you for caring and carrying on the memory of our departed Brothers in a positive manner. The Lord Jesus taught an awful lot about forgiving. I have some bad memories about certain people and events in Nam as we all do. I choose not to dwell on those events but instead look to help to form a stronger bond between us Old Vets now as the clock is ticking for us. By keeping in touch our old Vietnam Veteran Brothers, attending Reunions, Helping each other as much as we can and conducting ourselves as Honorable Warriors of old we will leave a proud lasting Legecy of Vietnam Veterans for all of history to see. May God richly bless us all. Vance, Delta - 4/31, 196th.
      Vance A. van Wieren <basecampdelta431"at"i2k.com>
      Fennville, MI USA - Wednesday, January 11, 2006 at 12:03:19 (EST)

      FYI I for one wish that Hugh Thompson would have arrived at My Lai early that day. What happened there will always be what people remember most about the Americal. I think the reason that the Officers from 1/46th was judged so harshly for the massacre that happened at Fire Base Mary Ann, March 28, 1971 was because of what Lt.Calley did at My Lai. The Army was still looking for people to hang. Both of these incidents were a direct results of War. Now as far as wearing your CIB not one Infantryman from any war zone should be ashamed to wear this badge of courage, if you truly earned it WEAR the CIB with proud. All of the brave Infantryman who were in the Americal should not be condemned for the actions of a few who were misguided on one bad day or night. I served with D/1/46th, 196th Oct. 1970- July 1971, got hit early rotation. I do wear my CIB with proud!
      Joe Wolfe <hwolfe14atcomcast.net>
      Charleston, SC USA - Wednesday, January 11, 2006 at 11:53:52 (EST)

      Chuck reed; perhaps there are folks that don't see 'Mr' Thompson in the same light as you do. In fact, I doubt that 50% of the guys using this site know what Thompson did that made him your hero. I covered the My Lai AO for 18 months after 'the incident' with the 11th LIB, having been with the 196th thru 'TET 68'. As is often said "let no good deed go unpunished". I'm sorry the man is gone, but I'll not jump on your band wagon. "out here"
      'Grunt' Medic
      USA - Tuesday, January 10, 2006 at 22:16:04 (EST)

      Tomorrow I will wear my Combat Infantry Badge, which I have worn only once since I returned from Vietnam (at Col. David Hackworth's funeral last year). I will take my colors, my 196th LIB patch, for presentation to the family. And, I will make another stop, required by honor, on the way to my own gravesite. Infrequently all other issues, events pale. Infrequently there is a burial of note to me. There are very, very few men that I humble myself before. Tomorrow I say goodbye to one, Hugh Thompson Jr. at his funeral in Lafayette, La. Hugh was not rich, except in honor. He was not famous, except to those who knew the same ground as he did. He was not influential, except to those who care about America's legacy. Our time on earth is but a blink of God's eye. Hugh Thompson Jr.'s blink includes a tear, because he was truely a son of God and a soldier, which everyone who dons the colors of the USA should strive to understand, to immulate. Indianhead- A Co. 4/31, 196th, Central Highlands RVN 70-71
      Chuck "Indianhead" Reed <chuckreed49@bellsouth.net>
      Hammond, LA USA - Tuesday, January 10, 2006 at 20:57:04 (EST)

      Hello, looking for anyone who knew my father. Jack Steven Grouf Specialist 4 HHC, 4th BN, 31st INF RGT, 196th INF BDE. He was KIA May 5th 1970. Last at Chu Lai. Looking for anything really. Thank you.
      Janamarie Grouf <valencia1129@peoplepc.com>
      Wilkes-Barre, PA USA - Monday, January 09, 2006 at 14:01:50 (EST)

      I am a Vietnam Vet and I am attempting to put together a collection of units crests for all units that served in Vietnam. I am looking for anyone who would be willing to sell an extra one. Short of being able to obtain the actual unit crest, I would like to get a picture of it. Thanks, Roger Pobanz
      Roger D Pobanz <pobanz@comcast.net>
      Gaithersburg, MD USA - Monday, January 09, 2006 at 10:49:25 (EST)

      God Bless Hugh Thompson: a true American hero.
      Doc Crawford <Crawford.Dave@epa.gov>
      Arlington, VA USA - Monday, January 09, 2006 at 07:35:18 (EST)

      Brother Ronnie: I have your message and will delive it to Hugh's family. God bless you, and your Highlands service in '68. Indianhead, 4/31, 196th, Americal, 70-71
      Chuck "Indianhead" Reed <chuckreed49@bellsouth.net>
      Hammond, LA USA - Saturday, January 07, 2006 at 20:55:39 (EST)

      I will attend the funeral of W.O. Hugh Thompson Jr. Wednesday in Lafayette, La. If anyone wants a message delivered to his widow or 2 sons...email me. I'll never forget his heroism at My Lai...never.
      Chuck "Indianhead" Reed <chuckreed49@bellsouth.net>
      Hammond, LA USA - Saturday, January 07, 2006 at 17:18:22 (EST)

      Former members of the 3/21, please, accept this personal invitation to become proud members of the Gimlet Association (21st Infantry) and Brotherhood. I hope that the pride you possess as a former Gimlet will permit you to consider becoming a member of the Gimlet Association and Brotherhood. In November 2005 the Gimlet Association (21st Infantry) mailed our biannual newsletter "The Gimlet" to well over 100 former Gimlets or surviving family members, not to mention the many individual copies that were sent to active duty Gimlets in the 1st Battalion at Schofield Barrack, Hawaii, and 3rd Battalion at Fort Lewis, Washington. The Gimlet Association’s membership and newsletter has come along way in four years. Both membership and the newsletter have exploded in the past two years and continue to grow at an exponential rate. We, Gimlets, past, owe it to the new generation of Gimlets to help them preserve the rich heritage of the 21st Infantry Regiment (Gimlet) and help the new Gimlets preserve the long lineage and all the rich traditions thereof. Growing the Gimlet Association (21st Infantry) is a monumental task, requiring vision, leadership, and new members who want to see the association flourish. We need new members who want to become active in the association and dedicated to grow it into a centerpiece military organization that others will surely want to emulate. So, I ask you to accept my offer to join a fine organization that represents the 21st Infantry Regiment (Gimlet) and become a proud member of the Gimlet Association and Brotherhood. As always: Bore Brother Bore! R. (Mitch) Mitchell, President Gimlet Association (21st Infantry) gimletmail21"at"yahoo.com and gimletinn"at"aol.com
      Mitch <gimletmail21"at"yahoo.com>
      USA - Saturday, January 07, 2006 at 12:09:14 (EST)

      Hey all you guys from AK-Valley, Rice Bowl, Happy Valley, Antenna Valley and Heip Duc....Bravo Co. 4/31st 196 LIB Ole Doc Hodges is alive and just ok...
      Garry (DOC) Hodges <antennaking"at"sbcglobal.net>
      Lees Summit, Mo. USA - Friday, January 06, 2006 at 23:50:19 (EST)

      Hard to believe TET was 39 years ago this month. I recall we just got in-country two days after New Year's Day. Was on bunker duty along the highway at Long Binh I believe when the first rockets hit the ammo dump. Eventually ended up with the commo platoon at the 196th headquarters company on Hill 35, Tam Ky, etc. Hi to all 196th comrades!!
      Neil Gray <ngray@barona.com>
      Lakeside, CA USA - Friday, January 06, 2006 at 17:16:51 (EST)

      We had a great medic. Can't remember his name. D-2-1, 196th 67-68. Is there a Combat Medic web-site? Ron
      Ronnie Payne <ronniepayne@adelphia.net>
      Martinsville, Va USA - Friday, January 06, 2006 at 16:30:05 (EST)

      I am looking for RICHARD W.BYRD. You might remember me JOHN WEBRE Aco 4/31 3rd paltoon 70 to 71.Maybe you might remember this the time we landed in a field and right after we got off the chopper we came under attack you and i were hit you below the eye me in the arm. WE RECIVED THE PURPLE HEART ON 9 JUNE 1971 REMEMBER. If you see this e-mail me
      john webre <swampy70_71@yahoo.com>
      pensacola, fl USA - Friday, January 06, 2006 at 09:18:39 (EST)

      I am trying to find John Dingress from Dingas Mountain W. Va. who served with Gene Richardson who was a medic with Co. B off of LZ Center 69-70. Gene is trying to locate you.
      pat correll <superc53@otbn.com>
      noble, il USA - Thursday, January 05, 2006 at 19:50:25 (EST)

      About HHC-4/31-was a good friend of Medic Sp5 Joel Patrix not sure if he s still alive.
      will whale <wwwillymom2cs.com>
      Boston, Ma USA - Thursday, January 05, 2006 at 19:26:37 (EST)

      Frank, I got your E-mail and responded. I sent you a photo of (Doc). Maybe it will help find his name. Ron
      Ronnie Payne <ronniepayne@adelphia.net>
      Marintinsville , Va USA - Thursday, January 05, 2006 at 18:44:38 (EST)

      At the reunion, during the business meeting it was mentioned that there would be a reunion in Boston for the group of the original 196th that shipped out from Boston Harbor. Does anyone have any information?
      Timothy W. Sands <twsands@earthlink.net>
      East Bridgewater, MA USA - Thursday, January 05, 2006 at 17:10:37 (EST)

      RONNIE PAYNE I WAS THERE RTO FOR CP group Dco-2-1 sent you email one of the worst days of my life
      CROWNPOINT, IN USA - Thursday, January 05, 2006 at 12:20:38 (EST)

      Garyling Wilson if you are out there e-mail me are call me at 1-850-390-3215. you might not rember me JOHN WEBRE WE WHER IN ACO 4/31 3rd paltoon. our medic was DOC.CLARK.
      john webre <swampy70_71"at"yahoo.com>
      pensacola, fl USA - Wednesday, January 04, 2006 at 10:45:29 (EST)

      Looking for comrades from C co and HHC, 4th 31st 196th. 68/69. Spent time in field and on LZ West,Baldy before getting hit and medivaced to Japan.
      Doc Mercer <wemikm@aol.com>
      Lincoln, RI USA - Tuesday, January 03, 2006 at 18:52:28 (EST)

      Set foot in Nom 35 years ago. 2 yr draftee assigned to Recon E 2/1 196th. 25 years old,married with child, drafted out of law school. Life altering experience. 11F 40 MOS and one of he strangest sights was a French convoy that had been ambused. About 10 vehicles were rusting(oxidized orange) on an old road in Quang Tin Prov. Half tracks, trucks and jeeps. We often we by on jacks but stayed away because of booby traps. Too the burned out Chateaus of hugh rice farms were a reminder of the Civil War Planations of the South that were ravaged by War. Shared Memories.
      Bill <mcgee2517aol.com>
      Paducah, ky USA - Tuesday, January 03, 2006 at 10:07:43 (EST)

      Still looking for members of the 3rd paltoon Aco 4/31 196th the year was 70 to 71. We want you to give us a sign. Come on you guys lets get the HERD together for the next reuion in 2007. So far theres me-JOHN- DOC CLARK -CHASE WOODY and RON we need more so lets get on the ball. It be great after all these years to be together again.
      john webre <swampy70_71"at"yahoo.com>
      pensacola, fl USA - Monday, January 02, 2006 at 20:00:22 (EST)

      After a 'hurried' conception, Americal (23d Infantry Division) was born in October of 1967. It took a while to learn to walk and the 196th, having been in VN since 1966 (I believe) led the way. It was just prior to 'TET 68'(late Oct,Nov, early Dec) that the infusion process began; meaning personel from the 11th and 198th Light Infantry Brigade's began infusing into the 196th in exchange for experienced personel FROM the 196th. 3/21st had a dozen or so medics that came to VN with the 198th in October. I'm sure the other 2 Bn's in 196th did the same with the 11th LIB. The reasoning was to eliminate a massive exodus of personel at one time from the NEW units. Not much thought was given as to how this process was to affect the 196th and 'TET 68' was a hell of a time to learn. I knew or met most of the medics that came from the 198th and they were almost to a man were all from Texas. It was my understanding that the 198th was a reserve unit prior to VN or the personel from a reserve unit were activated as the 198th.
      'Grunt Medic'
      USA - Monday, January 02, 2006 at 16:43:22 (EST)

      I think it was much later-but I do remember Nook Mau 122mm!!
      will whalen <wwwillymom2cs.com>
      Boston, ma USA - Monday, January 02, 2006 at 16:41:49 (EST)

      i think we came under americal abiut the time we moved off of the base camp next to {spelling} nook mau in nov 67
      jim gray d 3/21 and hhc196 67/68 <mrtirejpgatmsncom>
      bradenton, fl USA - Monday, January 02, 2006 at 16:19:39 (EST)

      That was when did 196th come under Americal??
      will whalen <wwwillymon2cs.com>
      Boston, ma USA - Monday, January 02, 2006 at 14:05:33 (EST)

      Happy New Year-any stories from Tet 1968 and did we fall under Americal?
      will whalen <wwwillymon2cs.com>
      Boston, Ma USA - Monday, January 02, 2006 at 07:49:57 (EST)

      I was with C battery from boot camp on. I was the mechanic along side Sgt Dunn and Cody. I see a lot of names here that I have wondered about for a long time great site, thanks
      Tom Yoxall <tomshar15@verizon.net>
      Whitesboro, NY USA - Sunday, January 01, 2006 at 19:43:52 (EST)

      to all 3/82 friends-I'm moving to Medicine Park OK. in March.If you plan to go to Ft.Sill for any reason,this site will be on line till then,and would love to visit-have room for Rv parking,or pitching a tent.Don't know if they still do fire power demos,but will let anyone know if they do.Bill Bn.FDC,67-68
      bill russell <Rwill62@sbcglobal.net>
      norman, ok USA - Sunday, January 01, 2006 at 11:08:20 (EST)

      Wishing all of Skeeter's brothers a happy new year. Still looking for friends that were there with him in Vietnam. C 4/31 1967-1968. It was hard this Xmas without him. Hope all the countries can resolve their problems and live in peace so we don't have to sacrifice any men or women. Skeeter had a hard time dealing with Vietnam. I only hope the children in our schools will be taught what a terrible war that was and how difficult some made it when they returned.
      Sandra Calabrese-Menzie <scalabreseatsbcglobal.net>
      New Milford, CT USA - Sunday, January 01, 2006 at 06:18:12 (EST)

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